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The ecosystem approach in maritime spatial planning - introduction *

  1. Jan Schmidtbauer Crona The Ecosystem Approach in Maritime Spatial Planning 1
  3. 17 The Ecosystem Approach in MSP is a holistic approach with focus on: • preserving/restoring (structure and functioning of) marine ecosystems; • maintaining ecosystem services to support human needs; • providing spatial solutions for management of human activities in a way that is compatible with achievement of good environmental status and the capacity of marine ecosystems to respond to human- induced changes.
  4. 18 1. Ecosystem Approach in MSP - general checklist 2. Planning support checklists 3. SEA-Checklist
  5. 1. Ecosystem Approach in MSP - general checklist 19 Questions to answer Environmental objective Do spatial solutions support the achievement and/or contribute to maintain good environmental status? Best knowledge and practice How is best knowledge and practice applied in planning? Identification of ecosystem services How have ecosystem services been included in planning? Precaution How is the precautionary principle considered in planning? Alternative development How are alternatives used in planning?
  6. Questions to answer Mitigation How is mitigation applied in planning? Relational understanding How is a holistic systems perspective created in planning? Participation and communication How is participation and communication provided for in planning? Subsidiarity and coherence How is the subsidarity aspect and coherence between levels considered in planning? Adaptation How is adaptation considered in planning? 20
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