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BLOCKCHAIN & DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY Innovation, Operation and Legal & Regulatory Implications

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“Blockchain” is THE buzz-word for the financial industry right now and the
regulatory challenges are myriad depending on the particular use and
application of the technology. As more traditional financial companies
are turning their attention to the blockchain, regulators across the globe
are doing the same. That’s why it is essential that in-house counsel
and compliance professionals, as well as their outside counsel, stay
current on the latest ways that the blockchain technology is being looked
at, all the potential applications it can be used for, and what legal and
regulatory implications the different applications will potentially create

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BLOCKCHAIN & DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY Innovation, Operation and Legal & Regulatory Implications

  1. 1. Register Now | 888-224-2480 | AmericanConference.com/Blockchain 1Register Now | 888-224-2480 | AmericanConference.com/Blockchain Our unparalleled faculty will provide you with expert advice and key insights on: • The current state of blockchain and answers to all the questions you’ve had but never asked • The public vs. private debate on blockchain, and the future of permissioned vs. permissionless distributed ledgers • Blockchain technology in the world of payments and financial transfers: where are we now and what is on the horizon? • Self-executing “smart” contracts on the blockchain • Property registers and intellectual property – managing registers of assets on the blockchain • The impact of blockchain on securities transactions • Other alternative uses of blockchain technology (beyond bitcoin): examples of action and their potential operational, legal and regulatory ramifications – notarizations, voting systems, crowd funding, identity verification and beyond • What’s Wall Street doing with blockchains? From NASDAQ to the R3 Consortium: exploring the latest activity of these big players and how they are trying to work together towards mainstream blockchain implementation • Consumer protection on the blockchain • Anti-money laundering on the blockchain • International developments: how other nations are looking at this technology outside of the U.S., and structuring products for international customers Sponsored by: Featuring speakers from: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission FDIC Office of Inspector General FBI – Criminal Investigative Division U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York Alabama Securities Commission Idaho Department of Finance Ohio Division of Securities Blockchain University American Express Company Deutsche Bank Master Card World Economics Forum USA Consumers’ Research Blockchain Clearing Corp. Washington and Lee University School of Law Verizon Wireless Inc. Electronic Transactions Association BitMint, LLC D+H Bitfinex BBVA Compass Ouroboros LLP Silicon Valley Bank Harvard – Berkman Center for Internet & Society Coinapult MIT Media Lab New York Law School Crypto Facilities Circle Internet Financial Global ID Framework Hub Culture UniTeller Financial Services R3CEV LLC Co-Chairs: J. Dax Hansen Perkins Coie LLP Emily H. Goodman Binick American Express Company American Conference Institute, the creator of the renowned forums on Emerging Payment Systems and Prepaid Card Compliance, now brings you its National Forum on: BLOCKCHAIN & DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY Innovation, Operation and Legal & Regulatory Implications April 13 – 14, 2016 | The Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue | New York, NY Earn CLE Credits Earn CPE Credits
  2. 2. Join the Conversation ACI Financial Services @ACILegal / #ACIBlockchain2 • In-House and Compliance Professionals Within the Areas of Financial Products, Payments, Retailers, Startups, Banks, Card Networks,Telecom Companies,Technology/ Internet Companies, including: » CEOs » CCOs » COOs » Managing Directors » Senior Vice Presidents » Global Product Managers » General Counsel » Payments Counsel » Compliance Counsel » Risk Officers/Managers » AML Officers » Privacy Officers » Data Security Officers » Analysts » Consultants » Service Providers • Private Practice Attorneys Specializing in: » International Financial Services Regulatory Compliance » International Banking Law » Payment Systems » Mobile Payments » AML » Privacy/Data Security • Regulatory and Enforcement Officials “Blockchain” is THE buzz-word for the financial industry right now and the regulatory challenges are myriad depending on the particular use and application of the technology. As more traditional financial companies are turning their attention to the blockchain, regulators across the globe are doing the same. That’s why it is essential that in-house counsel and compliance professionals, as well as their outside counsel, stay current on the latest ways that the blockchain technology is being looked at, all the potential applications it can be used for, and what legal and regulatory implications the different applications will potentially create. Building on the incredible success of our Prepaid Card Compliance and Emerging Payment Systems series of conferences, and in response to demand from the market, American Conference Institute has developed its premiere National Forum on BLOCKCHAIN & DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY: Innovation, Operation and Legal & Regulatory Implications. The first conference of its kind, it will bring together an unparalleled faculty of in-house counsel and compliance professionals, senior executives from industry-leading companies, high-level regulatory and enforcement officials, and top outside counsel who will provide you with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the legal, compliance, technical, operational and business hurdles arising from these new technologies. Register now by calling 1-888-224-2480 or by faxing your registration form to 1-877-927-1563. You can also register online at www.AmericanConference.com/Blockchain BE A PART OF THE NATION’S PREMIERE FORUM ON BLOCKCHAIN & DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY. ENSURE THAT YOU ARE PREPARED FOR THE OPERATIONAL, LEGAL, REGULATORY AND COMPLIANCE ISSUES THAT CAN ARISE AND GAIN CRITICAL INSIGHT AND STRATEGIC KNOWLEDGE NEEDED IN THIS NEW AND EMERGING AREA. This year marks 30 years since the inception of C5 Group. It is time for a brand, logo and language in keeping with the dynamic strides we have made as a company. It is time for a brand that will take us forward for the next 30 years. C5 Group, comprising of American Conference Institute, The Canadian Institute and C5 in Europe, will unite under one central brand image, appropriately a globe. See how bringing together the power of people and the power of information can accelerate your growth and success. Our new brand look and language will be fully revealed soon. Stay tuned for more exciting changes 30 years expanding across the globe 30 years building a network of industry leaders 30 years hosting more than 6,000 conferences ACIAmerican Conference Institute Business Information in a Global Context WHO YOU WILL MEET With more than 300 conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, American Conference Institute (ACI) provides a diverse portfolio devoted to providing business intelligence to senior decision makers who need to respond to challenges spanning various industries in the US and around the world. As a member of our sponsorship faculty, your organization will be deemed as a partner. We will work closely with your organization to create the perfect business development solution catered exclusively to the needs of your practice group, business line or corporation. For more information about this program or our global portfolio of events, please contact: Wendy Tyler Director of Sales, American Conference Institute Tel: 212-352-3220 x5242 w.tyler@AmericanConference.com GLOBAL SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
  3. 3. Register Now | 888-224-2480 | AmericanConference.com/Blockchain 3 DAY 1 | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2016 7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:00 Co-Chairs’Welcoming Remarks J. Dax Hansen Partner Perkins Coie LLP Emily H. Goodman Binick VP & Senior Counsel American Express Company 8:05 Blockchain “Not So 101” – The Current State of Blockchain and Answers to All the Questions You’ve Had But Never Asked Robert Schwentker President Blockchain University Nathaniel Karp Chief Economist BBVA Compass Gene Neyer Head of Product, Global Payments D+H Graham Warner Head of Product Development and Digital, Americas Deutsche Bank • What exactly is the blockchain/distributed ledger technology? How does it work? Key players? • Why do we care and why is it so important right now? What problems could it solve? • Where does bitcoin end and blockchain begin? And where do they overlap? • What are the different types of business people are doing in this area? • How are a growing number of organizations starting to use blockchain technology to build infrastructures to support decentralized applications? • What are the potential applications of the blockchain technology and the emerging areas where we may see legal implications? 9:05 Regulatory Panel: Federal and State Regulators Speak Out on the Current Regulatory and Compliance Environment for Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain, and What To Expect From Regulators in the Future Jessica B. Magee Assistant Regional Director U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Division of Enforcement Fort Worth Regional Office Adriana Rojas Associate Counsel FDIC Office of Inspector General Una Dean Assistant U.S. Attorney United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York Joseph Borg Director Alabama Securities Commission Jim Burns, MBA, CFE, CAMS, CRCP Securities Bureau Chief Idaho Dept. of Finance D. Michael Quinn Chief Legal Counsel Division of Securities, State of Ohio Moderator: Marco A. Santori Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP Bitcoin Foundation – Chairman, Regulatory Affairs Committee • The regulatory challenges are myriad depending on the use of the blockchain technology – hear regulatory perspectives on what challenges they foresee and how they might be addressed • What is the current regulatory and compliance environment for cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain, and what do we expect from regulators in the future? • What worries them (about the different potential blockchain applications)? • What sort of protections do we need to obtain a global solution? • State money transmitter licensing issues • How would this need to be regulated to ensure that it’s safe and widely adopted by consumers • Federal vs. state regulatory activity – (current and on the horizon) 10:40 Morning Coffee Break 10:50 The Public vs. Private Debate on Blockchain, and the Future of Permissioned vs. Permissionless Distributed Ledgers Peter Luce Principal Ouroboros LLP Blockchain | Payments | FinTech Gabriel Sukenik Chief Executive Officer Coinapult Michael Bombace Bank Secrecy Act Manager Ripple • Exploring the rising debate in crypto-circles of whether the real future of blockchain(s) lies in public or private networks
  4. 4. Join the Conversation ACI Financial Services @ACILegal / #ACIBlockchain4 • What exactly are the options at hand, and what are the practical differences between the two styles of blockchain? • What are the fundamental values of blockchains in a fully private context? What are the fundamental values in a fully public context? • Examining and weighing the elements of trust and innovation in the debate over permissioned vs. permissionless distributed ledgers • Assessing the values of consortium blockchains • What solutions are optimal for what industries and uses? • Will the future of this really be so black and white? 11:35 Blockchain Technology in the World of Payments and Financial Transfers: Where are We Now and What is on the Horizon? Tahnee Singh Director Product Management American Express Company Ronald Schwartzman Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel UniTeller Financial Services, Inc. Professor Gideon Samid, PhD, PE Chief Technology Officer BitMint, LLC Judith A. Lee Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Ed Wilson Venable LLP Moderator: Jason Oxman Chief Executive Officer Electronic Transactions Association • How are banks currently using bitcoin’s underlying (blockchain) technology in the world of digital currencies and payments (including international payments)? • As the decentralized ledger of the blockchain can also be used to rapidly and cheaply transfer currencies around the world, how will this impact: - Global remittances - Cross-border currency exchanges - Inter-bank transfers - Personal transfers between accounts • While there has already been increased attention to the legal issues raised by financial transactions using virtual currencies, how does the legal landscape get even more complex in the above areas when discussing the implications of blockchain technology? • How will the addition of intermediaries and more distributed control further confuse the distinction between what constitutes a currency, property and a commodity? • How are the major banks currently experimenting with and assessing blockchain technology for use in their own operations in areas such as international money transfers? • What are the functional, operational, legal and regulatory implications of the implementation of blockchain in this area? 12:55 Networking Lunch for Speakers and Delegates 1:55 Self-Executing “Smart” Contracts on the Blockchain Houman Shadab Professor at New York Law School Co-Director – Center for Business and Financial Law Advisor – Augur Project; Crypto Facilities Patrick Murck Fellow – Berkman Center for Internet & Society Harvard Christopher T. Brown Christopher T. Brown, Attorney at Law, PLLC • Exploring the more advanced uses of blockchain technology which center around “smart contracts” (i.e. self-executing computer programs that automatically fulfill the terms of a programmed arrangement) • Examining the different types of potential smart contracts and the different types of smart contract platforms • The potential of smart contracts to streamline complex back office processes carried out by banks • The future of contracts being embedded in software instruments – what are the potential implications of this? • What significant challenges would these smart contracts create for existing contract law? What are the myriad of legal issues that this could trigger?: - Voiding a smart contract in the case of duress, mistake or misrepresentation - The potential for a self-executing contract to make specific enforcement remedies obsolete - Privacy concerns; and beyond • How could smart contracts actually lead to changes in the legal industry? • The potential need for lawyers to become familiar with creating and advising on blockchain contracts; the potential for lawyers to need to learn coding – what is on the horizon? • When is a smart contract an investment contract and regulated as a security under US law?
  5. 5. Register Now | 888-224-2480 | AmericanConference.com/Blockchain 5 2:55 Property Registers and Intellectual Property – Managing Registers of Assets on the Blockchain Ryan J. Straus Riddell Williams P.S. Lance Koonce Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Joshua Fairfield Washington and Lee University School of Law • Application of blockchain technology as a means of supplementing or replacing systems of recordation of ownership (such as property title registries) • A discussion of blockchain as a tool for storing, verifying and tracking changes in ownership of an asset without the use of a centralized third party • What are the potential business, legal and regulatory implications of this? • What are the potential fraud prevention benefits? • Examining blockchain as a means of tracking ownership and licensing of intellectual property on a decentralized ledger (patents, copyright, trademarks and more): How is this being looked at and by who? In what different ways could this play out? • How would the use of blockchain technology in the context of IP require a doctrinal and legislative shift? (e.g. in rem title rights versus in personam contractual rights) • How could blockchain systems change intellectual property law as applied to digital products? (e.g. doctrine of first sale in copyright) • What privacy concerns could be triggered by the use of blockchain as a system of recording, verifying and managing registers of assets / property? • What will be the functional, operational and regulatory ramifications of implementing the blockchain in this area? 3:40 Afternoon Break 3:50 The Impact of Blockchain on Securities Transactions R. Jesse McWaters Project Lead – Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services World Economic Forum USA Adam T. Ettinger Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP • A discussion of the potential development of blockchain technology for use in the securities markets • The potentially disruptive impact of the blockchain technology on the existing securities transaction ecosystem – what are the implications? • What would the securities transaction lifestyle look like on the blockchain as compared to today? • What is the optimal design of a system based on distributed ledger and blockchain to cover securities lifestyle processing? Would it replicate the settlement instruction lifecycle, or eliminate some steps along the way? Would real-time delivery versus payment be achieved? • What would be the impact on the current range of intermediaries in the securities transaction lifecycle (e.g. custodian banks, CSDs, etc.?) • Where are the opportunities for other kinds of participants to become part of the securities transaction lifecycle if using blockchain? • What are the implications of having one part of the transaction lifecycle on blockchain (e.g. settlement), while others may not be on the blockchain (e.g. trade execution)? • What are the cost and risk implications of securities transactions on blockchain? • What technology requirements need to be in place for global securities transaction processing using blockchain? How does this compare to what exists today? • How is the development and use of blockchain technology likely to increasingly implicate securities laws? 4:35 Other Alternative Uses of Blockchain Technology (Beyond Bitcoin): Examples of Action and Their Potential Operational, Legal and Regulatory Ramifications – Notarizations, Voting Systems, Crowd Funding, Identity Verification and Beyond Sarab Sokhey Executive Advisor Verizon Wireless Inc. Greg Kidd Advisor – Ripple Labs Co-Founder – Global ID Framework Stan Stalnaker Founding Director Hub Culture Mark Thibodeaux Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP Keith J. Barnett Troutman Sanders LLP • Exploring other potential applications of blockchain technology outside of bitcoin - Notarizations - Voting systems - Crowd funding - Identity verification • Start-ups and projects worth following • What are the operational, legal and regulatory implications of these alternate use cases? 6:05 Conference Adjourns
  6. 6. Join the Conversation ACI Financial Services @ACILegal / #ACIBlockchain6 DAY 2 | THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 2016 7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:00 What’s Wall Street Doing With Blockchains? From NASDAQ to the R3 Consortium: Exploring the Latest Activity of These Big Players and How They Are Trying to Work Together Towards Mainstream Blockchain Implementation Jacob Farber General Counsel R3CEV LLC Ryan Singer CEO Blockchain Clearing Corp. J. Dax Hansen Perkins Coie LLP • A discussion of Wall Street’s embrace of the implementation of blockchain technology • How is the Nasdaq implementing the technology internally? • What are some of the ways the big banks are implementing distributed technology within their own walls? • Exploring the latest activity of the R3 Consortium: - How are they working together to develop an industry standard for utilizing the blockchain technology to interact across financial institutions and with other organizations? - What are some of the applicable use cases there? - Evidence that things are actually happening within this space 9:00 Consumer Protection on the Blockchain Joseph Colangelo Executive Director Consumers’ Research Emily H. Goodman Binick VP & Senior Counsel American Express Company John Beccia General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Circle Internet Financial David Beam K&L Gates LLP Donald J. Mosher Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP • With all of the difficulties that virtual currencies pose for law enforcement - what does consumer protection on the blockchain look like? • Exploring how law enforcement will need to innovate in response to the new technology of blockchain • What protections will need to be put in place to protect consumers utilizing the technology? • New consumer protections coming from the CFPB • How do we fit these new blockchain technologies into existing consumer protection regimes? • What unique challenges does the blockchain create for law enforcement? How should they be addressed? • What advantages does the blockchain provide for law enforcement? 10:25 Morning Coffee Break 10:30 Anti-Money Laundering on the Blockchain Catherine “Alden” Pelker Analyst, Money Laundering Intelligence Unit FBI – Criminal Investigative Division Howard R. Fields SVP/Group Head – AML, Trade Sanctions and Export Controls Compliance Counsel MasterCard Luka Müller-Studer, LLM Partner MME Legal & Compliance Juan B. Llanos Experienced Fintech/Compliance Executive and Advisor Multiple Startups Mark Moore Assistant General Counsel Silicon Valley Bank • How can this technology have systems in place to make sure it’s not exploited by the bad guys? • Exploring the AML risks associated with use of the blockchain technology • Anonymity vs. pseudo-anonymity • How would the regulators deal with the Travel Rule from an AML perspective? 11:55 International Developments: How Other Nations Are Looking At This Technology Outside of the U.S., and Structuring Products for International Customers Stuart Hoegner General Counsel Bitfinex Judith Rinearson Bryan Cave LLP Jacqueline Shinfield Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP © American Conference Institute, 2015
  7. 7. Register Now | 888-224-2480 | AmericanConference.com/Blockchain 7 ACI certifies that the activity has been approved for CLE credit by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board. ACI certifies that this activity has been approved for CLE credit by the State Bar of California. You are required to bring your state bar number to complete the appropriate state forms during the conference. CLE credits are processed in 4-8 weeks after a conference is held. ACI has a dedicated team which processes requests for state approval. Please note that event accreditation varies by state and ACI will make every effort to process your request. Questions about CLE credits for your state? Visit our online CLE Help Center at www.americanconference.com/CLE CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION CREDITS American Conference Institute (ACI) will apply for Continuing Professional Education credits for all conference attendees who request credit. There are no pre-requisites and advance preparation is not required to attend this conference. Course objective: The legal system for Blockchain Technology with an emphasis on its relationship to business. ACI is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN, 37219-2417 or by visiting the web site: www.nasba.org. To request credit, please check the appropriate box on the Registration form. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION CREDITS ABOUT THE VENUE: Over a century ago, this luxury hotel in New York City’s Midtown area helped transform the neighborhood into one of Manhattan’s most desirable areas. Today, this Midtown Manhattan hotel’s new, modernized look makes it a centerpiece of the city’s NoMad (North of Madison Square Park) neighborhood located north of the Flatiron building and south of Herald Square. At The Carlton Hotel in New York City, guests seeking an extraordinary urban getaway will be pleasantly surprised by its seamless integration of old-world charm and modern flare. American Conference Institute is pleased to offer our delegates a limited number of hotel rooms at a preferential rate. Please contact the hotel directly at 212-532-4100 and mention "ACI April pogram" or code A64A64E to receive this rate.You can also book online at: http://tinyurl.com/Blockchain2016 Earn CLE Credits 12:50 “In the Trenches” Case Study: Using the Lessons Learned from the Prepaid Card Industry, for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Organizations to Fight Financial Crime in All Phases of Product Evolution Kirsten Trusko President IRC Advisory former President Network Branded Prepaid Card Association James Dean President & CEO TrueCourse Advisory Services, LLC Co-chair Law Enforcement Alliance Program NBPCA/NCFTA Kenn Kern Assistant District Attorney New York County District Attorney's Office • There are lessons learned (good and bad) from the prepaid card industry on what to do and distinctly what NOT to do as an emerging financial product that are directly relatable to what Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Organizations are currently facing. This session will help these emerging financial services industries accelerate through some of the harder steps of industry evolution, including working with investors, media, legislators, regulators, and on dealing with money laundering and terrorism financing issues. Blockchain attendees will leave the session with concrete steps on how to grow faster and more profitably and avoid the growing pains and land mines that can not only impact revenues but also stop/slow business in its tracks. 2:00 Conference Ends
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American Conference Institute, the creator of the renowned forums on Emerging Payment Systems and Prepaid Card Compliance, now brings you its National Forum on: BLOCKCHAIN & DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY Innovation, Operation and Legal & Regulatory Implications April 13 – 14, 2016 | The Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue | New York, NY