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Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford signs agreement with Santander Bank

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Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford signs agreement with Santander Bank

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Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford signs agreement with Santander Bank

  1. 1. .Press Release Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford signs agreement with Santander■ The 3-year agreement will provide funding for the College and it will benefit both students and staff of the institution.Oxford, 15 February 2012. Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford and Santander,through its Santander Universities Global Division, have signed an agreement that will setup, among other activities, scholarships for students to study at the College.The agreement was signed by the Principal of the College, Dr. Frances Lannon, and LuisJuste, Director Santander Universities UK at a ceremony held in the Old Library of theCollege. The ceremony was also attended by the Vice-Chancellor of the University ofOxford, Prof. Andrew Hamilton as well as members of the College and representatives ofSantander.Santander will fund through this new partnership scholarships for postgraduate studentsto study at the College, financial support for a visiting fellow to the College from theUniversity of Alcalá in Spain, and a research grant fund with a minimum of 3 awards.Dr. Frances Lannon, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, said: “The mission of LMH is tobenefit society through excellence in teaching and research. We are very grateful toSantander for their visionary support of this mission. Santanders generosity enables theCollege to give graduate scholarships and research grants to outstanding students fromall over the world, and also to develop important research links with academic colleaguesat the University of Alcalá.”Luis Juste, Santander Universities Director in the UK, said: “The University of Oxford isrenowned worldwide for the quality of its education and research. That’s why, atSantander, we are delighted to be able to work with one of its colleges through ‘SantanderUniversities’. Our long-term partnership aims to promote international collaboration andthe exchange of knowledge and to enhance the University’s excellent work and thuscontribute to the development and prosperity of our society"During the event a memorandum of understanding was signed between the University ofAlcalá and Lady Margaret Hall. To mark the beginning of this collaboration, the Chancellorof the Spanish university Professor Fernando Galván gave a speech where he highlightedthe importance of cross-border collaboration between universities as a way to enhancethe quality of education and research.
  2. 2. .The event finished with a scholarship reception where beneficiaries of the fundingprovided by Santander received their diplomas handed out by the Vice-Chancellor.Lady Margaret Hall, the first womens college in Oxford, was founded in 1878. TheCollege is now a flourishing co-educational institution of four hundred undergraduates, ahundred and eighty graduate students, and over forty Tutors and Lecturers.ENDSNotes to EditorsAbout Lady Margaret Hall, University of OxfordLady Margaret Hall (LMH) was founded in 1878, the first of the Colleges for women at OxfordUniversity. It is named in honour of Lady Margaret Beaufort, founder of the Tudor dynasty,mother of King Henry VII and renowned patron of scholarship and learning. The founders ofLMH were inspired by a passion for learning and equality. Their vision was to make itpossible for the first time for women to study at Oxford, with all that meant both for intellectualdevelopment and for access to new career opportunities. This vision has sustained theCollege ever since.A century after its foundation LMH renewed its commitment to equality when it decided toadmit male students and Fellows. Today approximately 600 undergraduate and postgraduatestudents attend the College. It is known for its progressive spirit, its commitment to thehighest standards of teaching and research, and its openness to intellectual change.About Santander UniversitiesThrough its Santander Universities Global Division, Santander has collaborated withuniversities for more than 15 years on a unique global initiative which distinguishes it fromother national and international banks and financial institutions. The bank supports theHigher Education sector in such areas as teaching and research, internationalcooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, entrepreneurial initiatives, studentmobility and innovation. Santander Universities Global Division maintains a stable alliancewith nearly 1,000 academic institutions from America, Asia and Europe. This is a networkwhere universities from all over the world can meet and engage in dialogue. ‘SantanderUniversities’ was introduced in the UK in 2007 and the bank is already collaborating withfifty-five British Universities and Higher Education Institutions, with agreements focused inpromoting international exchange, entrepreneurial activities and the mobility of studentsand researchers within the network.
  3. 3. .Signing agreement with Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford