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Ferrero spa.

  1. Introduction Italy's Ferrero SpA {Società per Azioni} (joint-stock company) is one of the giants of the world's confectionery industry. It was started by Pietro Ferrero in 1946 and made his family one of the richest families in the Italy. Ferrero is the world's largest consumer of hazelnuts, buying up 25% of global production in 2014. Pietro Ferrero September 2, 1898 – March 2, 1949
  2. HISTORY In 1946, Pietro Ferrero invented a cream of hazelnuts and cocoa, derived from Gianduja and called it "Giandujot", or Pasta Gianduja, and was succeeded by a spreadable version Supercrema. With assistance from his brother Giovanni, Pietro Ferrero created his new company to produce and market the initial product. Following his work, Pietro was succeeded by his son Michele Ferrero as chief executive. Michele and his wife Maria Franca relaunched his father's recipe as Nutella, which was first sold in 1964. After World War II, they opened production sites and offices abroad and Nutella eventually became the world's leading chocolate-nut spread brand.
  3. Company Profile Industry : Food Founded : 1946 by Pietro Ferrero Headquarters: Alba, Piedmond, Italy. Key people: Giovanni Ferrero, Acting Chairman,CEO Products : Confectionery. Revenue : € 8.1 billion (The year ended 31 August 2013) Number of employees : 22,298 (FY 2011-2012) Website :
  4. Products of Ferrero
  5. Ferrero Headquarter, Pino Torinese, Italy
  6. Key People of the Company CEO and Vicepresident Giovanni Ferrero Michele Ferrero (April 26, 1925 – February 14, 2015) Pietro Ferrero Jr. (11 September, 1963 – 18 April, 2011)
  7. Reputation Institute ranks Ferrero as the most reputable company on the planet right now. The company’s pulse score, a 0 to 100 reputation rating, has moved from 83.52 last year up to 85.17. Not only does that bring Ferrero up from fourth place last year to first, but it puts it more than a full point ahead of second ranked IKEA. A difference of more than 0.5 is considered significant.
  9. Mission  High quality, crafted precision, product freshness, careful selection of the finest raw materials, respect and consideration for customers.  Ferrero also means caring about hygiene, the environment, social issues and the local communities where the company is present, as well as its own human resources.  Ferrero’s relationship with its consumers is based on longstanding and mutual trust, built up over the years with expertise, experience, understanding and intuition. This is a measure of Ferrero’s interest in consumer needs, and this is a key factor of the company’s success.
  10. America Argentina Brazil Colombia Ecuador Mexico Puerto Rico United States Asia China Hong Kong India Japan Republic of Korea Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan United Arab Emirates Oceania Australia New Zealand Africa Cameroon South Africa Ferrero in The World
  11. Presented By :- Vaibhav B. And Subhasish G. (MBA in Marketing) Thank You

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  1. The initial product came in solid loaves wrapped in aluminium foil, which had to be sliced with a knife