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Newspaper Billboard Research

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Newspaper Billboard Research

  1. 1. Newspaper Billboard ResearchThe design of the billboard is simple to highlight the wordsThe font is serif and is large and bold to attract attention.The design in the middle of the words the and times is one commonly seen onthis newspaper so it would be familiar to the readers.The words on the billboard don’t advertise a specific story in the newspaper as thestories and headlines change every day, instead the words just advertise thenewspaper and the name of the newspaper as a whole.The background is black so that the white words will stand out against it.The colour scheme of white and black may also have been used to signify hownewspapers are printed in black and white.The words are central, eye catching and easy to read.
  2. 2. The background of the billboard for this newspaper is also rather simple but itincludes a faded image of the sea and some rocks, to connotate with a holiday ordesire to be by the sea, which would represent the magazine as something to bedesired or wanted.The words are bold, large and eye catching to attract readers.The billboard is trying to appeal to younger readers through the use of words like‘exciting’ and ‘for young minds’The fact they use an image of a young woman also contributes to them trying toappeal to a younger audience.This image of the woman is also the first thing that the audience’s eye will go to(using the Guttenberg principle) and this may interest someone to carry on andread what the billboard is about.They include in smaller but still large font that they there has been a growth inreaders, this is so that the newspaper will appeal to people as they will think theremust be a reason for why more people have been reading it.A picture of the newspaper is also included in the bottom corner as it will be thelast thing the audience see’s (using the Guttenberg principle) and will stay in theirmind for when they see it in on sale somewhere.The coral/red colour of the text makes it stand out against the paler background.
  3. 3. The first thing the eye of the audience would go to on this billboard are the words‘’union county’s most read newspaper” the words are used as they would attract areader into wanting to see why the newspaper is the most read.An image of the newspaper is also used on this billboard and is also the last thingthe person looking at the billboard would see (because of the Guttenbergprinciple) which means the image would be what stays in the audiences mind. The design of the billboard is simple and there is only one background colour(blue) which gives off another simple soothing effect which may influencesomeone to buy the newspaper being advertised as it is being represented asuncomplicated and easy to read.The number ‘250,000’ is included to show how popular the newspaper is toinfluence an audience that it is worth purchasing.The font used is sans serif as it is to the point and simplistic which is used torepresent the newspaper as a whole.The use of the words being white means it stands out against the background.The use of the colours white and blue being used together gives off a professionallook to the audience and this in turn represents the newspaper being professionaland uncomplicated.They advertise home delivery to appeal to the audience as the process of gettingthe newspaper is simple and easier for the buyer.