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Hmi ce bit content mar 1 15

  1. 1. The Century of the Smart Community Bill Hutcheson Chair, i-CANADA
  2. 2. The Century of the Smart Community
  3. 3. Why the Increased Urgency for Smart Cities? • Competition between rival org.’s • Complexity
  4. 4. What is it? • A Smart City is any community, large or small, central or remote, that enjoys the economic development, job growth and social prosperity that bloom when software applications are used to engage the energy of all sectors of the community. Traffic Healthcare Education Government services Ecology Community Information Social services
  5. 5. What does it look like?
  6. 6. PLACE: Toronto WATERFRONT TORONTO It’s not what’s there (Brownfield waterfront) It’s what you make of it John Campbell President & CEO Waterfront Toronto
  7. 7. INFRASTRUCTURE: St. Louis Loop Media Hub • The Loop Media Hub is a multi-sector economic development collaborative centred on 5G fibre optic development of city core • 90% sociology and 10% infrastructure David Sandel, Founder, Gigabit City Summit
  8. 8. COLLABORATION: RIVERSIDE, CA • SmartRiverside brought leaders together • Project Bridge created digital inclusion • Students are totally online: instant feed-back Ron Loveridge, Mayor, Riverside CA
  9. 9. COLLABORATION (2): ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN Astana Mayor Adilbek Dzhaksybekov with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev
  10. 10. Solutions: LONDON TfL, U.K. Vernon Everitt Managing Director Customer Experience, Marketing and Communications
  11. 11. SOLUTIONS (2) SUWON, KOREA • Focused on development of “human software” Yeom Tae-Young, Mayor of Suwon City
  12. 12. SOLUTIONS (3) BOSTON, MA • Most energy-efficient city in the U.S. • Greenovate community engagement program with interactive modules for tracking, reporting, promote online citizen engagement Marty Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston
  13. 13. LIFE: TAICHUNG, TAIWAN • Merger of two communities brings diversity, art, and economic efficiency. Chih-Chiang Hu, Former Mayor of Taichung
  14. 14. LIFE: VIENNA • “Most Liveable” • Comprehensive policy focused on life in the city “The Viennese Way” • Smart City Wien Framework Strategy: • Best quality of life for all inhabitants of Vienna • Minimize the consumption of resources. • Realize through comprehensive innovation. Michael Häupl, Mayor, Vienna
  15. 15. Looking Ahead: The Progress is in the People • Technology continues to be astounding: e-cars for Transport that require no drivers; high-speed wireless without conventional carriers… • The core element is unchanged: organizing and unifying the people within the city. • Smart Leadership = Smart Community