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An IDC Infographic, sponsored by Blue CoatIdentity and access management;Advanced authentication; Web singlesign-on; Enter...
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IDC - Security : From Pain To Empowerment

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Cette infographie montre comment ont évolué à la fois les perceptions et les réalités de la sécurité en entreprise depuis le début des années 2000.

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IDC - Security : From Pain To Empowerment

  1. 1. An IDC Infographic, sponsored by Blue CoatIdentity and access management;Advanced authentication; Web singlesign-on; Enterprise single sign-on; Legacyauthorization; User provisioning; Personalportable security devices; Softwarelicensing authentication token; Unifiedthreat management; Intrusion detectionand prevention; Virtual private network;Security and vulnerability management;Security information and eventmanagement; Proactive endpoint riskmanagement; Forensics and incidentinvestigation; Security device and systemsmanagement; Vulnerability assessment...$20 million1999 Worldwide PC shipments1999 Worldwide Security Software 2012 Worldwide Security Software$3.8 Billion $19.3 Billion2012 Worldwide PC shipments$371.1 million431576447742000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008$357.4B$6,884BDataLossDB.org incidents2004-2007Worldwide E-CommerceSpending (B2B & B2C) $B800070006000500040003000200010000Which if any of the following is yourcompany currently using/likely to purchaseor implement during the next 12 months?Any potential securityrisks cloud computingor SaaS introduce arefar outweighed by thebenefits.Employees using personalsmartphones at workunderstand the risks, andare aware of security propersecurity practices.45%33%22%AGREEDISAGREENEUTRAL63%23%14%from pain to empowermentAntiviral, Firewall, Encryption, Security AAASecurity submarketstracked by IDC 2013Security submarketstracked by IDC 1999 I LOVE YOUEmergesCode Redcosts top$2BSlammer Worminfects anestimated 150,000to 200,000 serversworldwideHow would you describe yourmobile device environment?63%BYOD37%IT-CONTROLLEDWorldwide cloud revenue ($B)2012 2013 2014 2015 2016659SMARTPHONESHIPMENTS (M) 1,161$29B$67BEmployee Monitoring Solutions: 57%Network Admission Control: 57%Data loss prevention: 62%Complexity of security solutionsIncreasing sophistication of attacksIncreasing volume of threats and/or attacksWeb grows as a top threat sourceTop security challenges facing largeenterprises over the next 12 monthsTop rated enterprise security challenges(a five year comparison)DIFFICULTYSECURINGWEB APPS64%EMPLOYEEUSE OFWEB 2.060%45%45%41%53%61%63%2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Does your organizationhave a formal documentedsecurity policy?Yes65%No35%Yes55% No45%1999 2016Era Before Security Era of Pain Era of Obtrusive Security Era of EmpowermentCloud, mobile andconsumerization disrupt IT.Security empowers business.Web commerce grows;hackers take notice,mischief turns to theftEnterprises lock-downinfrastructures.Breaches mount.Not Much Online Commerce,Not Much thinkingAbout Security