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  1. Placement year at University of Sheffield August 2021 – August 2022 Benjamin Walker
  2. Introduction to placement • University of Sheffield • Department of infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease (IICD) • Bateson Centre • Elks Lab • Lab Technician
  3. How I applied • Started by finding the advertisement on Unihub • Applied to the job with a CV and cover letter • Then was given an online interview • An offer was sent a few weeks later
  4. Bateson Centre • Found within Firth Court • One of the world leading Centre for using innovative models • Main research models used are zebrafish and drosophilae
  5. Elks Lab • Uses vivo imaging to understand immune response to infections • One of the main areas is hypoxia signaling during tuberculosis infection • The model that the lab uses are zebrafish • The models are made using mycobacterium marinum
  6. Lab technician • Looking after 2 labs one is a category 2 lab • Making sure embryos don’t go past 5 days post fertilization • Screening fish (I114/PHD3) • Streaking mycobacterium marinum (cherry/crimson/wasabi)
  7. Additional activity's • Lab and department meeting • Cake and science • Journal club • Department Research In Progress (DRIP) • Seminar
  8. Reflection • Working with animals within a lab setting • Working in a category 2 lab • Knowing how a lab functions and how to look after it • Working with master and PHD students • Working with academics
  9. Thanks for listening Thanks for Dr Phil Elks and Amy Lewis Any Questions?