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How To Do SEO ? SEO for beginners

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SEO is often perceived in a negative way, in this slide, I've tried to explain why people should care about SEO, what it is, and how it works with using simple words.

1. Why should you care about SEO ?
2. What is SEO ?
3. How do search engines work ?
4. How people are searching ?
5. How SEO’s do SEO ?
6. From SEO to SXO
7. Content marketing
8. Case studies

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How To Do SEO ? SEO for beginners

  1. 1. Benjamindubuc.com What is SEO?Introduction to SEO By Benjamin Dubuc benjamindubuc.com | benj.dubuc@gmail.com
  2. 2. Benjamindubuc.com 1. Why should you care about SEO ? 2. What is SEO ? 3. How do search engines work ? 4. How people are searching ? 5. How SEO’s do SEO ? 6. From SEO to SXO 7. Content marketing 8. Case studies Summary
  3. 3. Benjamindubuc.com What is SEO?Why should you care about SEO?
  4. 4. Benjamindubuc.com SEO drives revenue  Improve visibility by increasing rankings  Get highly qualified leads  Improve user experience Drives revenue
  5. 5. Benjamindubuc.com SEO increase profit SEO has an impact on every channel as the purpose of it is to improve user experience and drive qualified leads.  Better quality score in SEM (lower CPA)  Leads more relevant for remarketing Increase ROI
  6. 6. Benjamindubuc.com And as an Inbound Marketing channel SEO generate leads 24/7
  7. 7. Benjamindubuc.com In moments of need, people turn to their phones and search. To meet these needs, people are at least twice as likely to use search than other online or offline sources such as store visits or social media. Google have found that… Google
  8. 8. Benjamindubuc.com Of consumers start their buying process with a search engine50% Google Why should you care about SEO?
  9. 9. Benjamindubuc.com of all the clicks go to the first 5 organic results70% MOZ Why should you care about SEO?
  10. 10. Benjamindubuc.com of consumers use Search Engine to look for local businesses.78% Google Why should you care about SEO?
  11. 11. Benjamindubuc.com of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation57% NewsCred Why should you care about SEO?
  12. 12. Benjamindubuc.com Organic Search leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to 1.7% for outbound marketing leads. HubSpot Why should you care about SEO?
  13. 13. Benjamindubuc.com Custora Organic search is the Ecommerce leading channel. Why should you care about SEO?
  14. 14. Benjamindubuc.com of ecommerce orders are driving from Organic22% Why should you care about SEO? Custora
  15. 15. Benjamindubuc.com What is SEO? What is SEO?
  16. 16. Benjamindubuc.com “Search engine optimisation is the practice of making a webpage more likely to rank well, by improving its accessibility, quality and authority.” What is SEO?
  17. 17. Benjamindubuc.com 4 pillars of SEO SEO=(Technology x Content x Authority x User Experience)
  18. 18. Benjamindubuc.com Where is SEO sitting in the mix marketing ? In the marketing mix, SEO is fitting in the section Place.
  19. 19. Benjamindubuc.com SEO is a competitive advantage Where is the best spot for your business ?
  20. 20. Benjamindubuc.com 25% of search users click on PPC ads 75% search users click on organic results Organic results generate significant traffic *Data from AWR
  21. 21. Benjamindubuc.com Higher rankings mean more clicks CTR tails off the lower down the rankings the website is Example keyword:  Mortgages Search volume:  40,500 (monthly) Halifax Rank #3  9.05% ‘Share of Voice’ (SoV = total keyword volume * total CTR)  3,665 search users clicking through to Halifax.com
  22. 22. Benjamindubuc.com How Do Search Engines Work?
  23. 23. Benjamindubuc.com Google ranking process Google crawl the web Google’s algorithm give a score to each page Google attribute a ranking for a page according to a dedicated keyword Most relevant Less relevant
  24. 24. Benjamindubuc.com Google serves SERPs based on user intent
  25. 25. Benjamindubuc.com Google determines rankings through its Algorithms and machine learning 250+ factors 500+ Changes per year + Hummingbird for Semantic + Rank Brain (Machine Learning)
  26. 26. Benjamindubuc.com Google’s Algorithm evolution Mobile first 14/15/16 RankBrain Penguin 3 Interstitials
  27. 27. Benjamindubuc.com Googlebot Crawls the web
  28. 28. Benjamindubuc.com How people are searching?
  29. 29. Benjamindubuc.com Understand user intent Google groups queries with 4 different type of intents. I-WANT-TO-DO I-WANT-TO-KNOW I-WANT-TO-GO I-WANT-TO-BUY
  30. 30. Benjamindubuc.com I-WANT-TO-DO
  31. 31. Benjamindubuc.com I-WANT-TO-KNOW
  32. 32. Benjamindubuc.com I-WANT-TO-GO
  33. 33. Benjamindubuc.com I-WANT-TO-GO
  34. 34. Benjamindubuc.com 31% Location 28% Hours 58% Prices 27% Reviews 27% Availability What consumers look for when searching for local businesses Google Consumers searches for local information
  35. 35. Benjamindubuc.com How SEO’s do SEO
  36. 36. Benjamindubuc.com It’s not an exact science but it’s not black magic What my mum thinks I do What my friends think I do What my boss think I do What my clients think I do What I think I do What I really do
  37. 37. Benjamindubuc.com Making a website Google friendly Make sure a website is crawlable, meets Google requirements, and offers a good user experience.
  38. 38. Benjamindubuc.com SEO Fundamentals  Content  Technology  Architecture  Trust  Social  Personal User Experience Authority OnsiteOffsite
  39. 39. Benjamindubuc.com Typical SEO Project structure Keyword Research Technical Audit & Recommendations Content Audit & Recommendations Content Gap Analysis Ongoing SEO
  40. 40. Benjamindubuc.com Keyword Research Keyword Research Understanding what your customers are already searching for across every stage of engagement.
  41. 41. Benjamindubuc.com Technical Audit & Recommendations Technical Audit & Recommendations Optimizing technical aspects of your site so that you appear when they’re actively looking for what you sell/do. All the technical stuff that developers don’t do. Page Speed Accessibility Indexation Canonical tags Breadcrumbs Redirects …
  42. 42. Benjamindubuc.com Content Audit & Recommendations Content Audit & Recommendations There is no sense having a website dedicated to talking about Assisted Living when everyone in NZ searches for Retirement Homes. Meta titles Keywords use Targeted content Internal Architecture Microdata SOV analysis Semantic …
  43. 43. Benjamindubuc.com Ongoing SEO Ongoing SEO Content creation, distribution. Google constantly changes its algorithm, your competitors change their sites, you change yours. They all affect rankings. Content Marketing
  44. 44. Benjamindubuc.com From SEO to SXO Search Engine Optimization VS Search Experience Optimization
  45. 45. Benjamindubuc.com Good content will We have the product or/ and useful information that you are looking for. If it’s not you will be penalized People link to/ like/ share my page & mention my brand 1) Answer a user query 3) Match user intent 4) Get authority/ Engage 2) Be original You can book/ buy/ watch on this page.
  46. 46. Benjamindubuc.com Content Marketing
  47. 47. Benjamindubuc.com What is Content Marketing? “Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”
  48. 48. Benjamindubuc.com Content Marketing is not new In 1895 John Deere Launches Customer Magazine Called “The Furrow” In 1900 Michelin Develops “The Michelin Guides” In 1982 Hasbro Partners with Marvel to create “GI JOE Comic Book”
  49. 49. Benjamindubuc.com Content Marketing nowadays  Blogpost  Infographic  Video (“How to…”)  Quiz  Conference  Podcast  Guide  Ebook  Column  Webinar  … Content is holistic; it’s anything we can read, watch, see, or hear. Webinar Webinar Product review Infographic
  50. 50. Benjamindubuc.com Case studies
  51. 51. Benjamindubuc.com Eg. Wiley SEO Tactics • Onsite SEO • Content Marketing Wiley Captures $1,860,000+ Annually Using SEO tactics for Organic Search Gains Austin Kane, SEO Strategist of Wiley overcomes severe algo penalty and competitive threats, increases traffic by over 6 million additional page views per month Brightedge Austin Kane, SEO Strategist
  52. 52. Benjamindubuc.com Eg. MyProtein.com The product listings are super-informative and include most of the necessary information to make the sale right then and there:  Customer reviews are in plain sight.  Includes symbols to let you know whether the product is vegan or gluten-free.  Key selling features are listed in checklist form.  Coupon deals are included in the product listing.  The price lets you know how much you save.
  53. 53. Benjamindubuc.com Eg. The Network SEO Tactics • Competitors keyword analysis • Content Marketing The Network Increases Organic Traffic by 226% Pia Adolphsen sees 41,600 visitor increase to the site and 50,500 visitor increase to the expanded blog Brightedge Pia Adolphsen
  54. 54. Benjamindubuc.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/DbBenj Join me on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/benjamindubuc Send me an email: benj.dubuc@gmail.com Thank You !