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Purchase order - Econex

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4 Steps to make purchase order in Econex ERP

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Purchase order - Econex

  1. 1. Procurement Teams Choice
  2. 2.  Streamlined process from initiating a Purchase Request to issuance of a Purchase Order.  Track whether the amount spent is budgeted / unbudgeted.  Savings / overruns to the budget.  Live updates on total spent per item.  Confidentiality.  User access configuration. User / approvers can be given access to the required project, companies, departments, asset / OPEX category.  Interface to other software's used within the organisation.  Customised Reports (export to excel / pdf).
  3. 3. Requesting Department to Raise a Purchase Request thru Econex Procurement Module. This Purchase Request thru the system workflow gets routed to the procurement department. Procurement Department based on the Purchase Request received sources for the vendor, does the quote comparison, evaluates technical and financial aspects of the product & vendor and forward the same to the requesting department. Requesting department validate the quote comparisons received along with the technical and financial aspects and gives to go ahead to raise the Purchase Order. Purchase Order flows in Econex thru the defined approval matrix based on the approval amount limits. Email alerts are sent to the approver and the initiator or as configured. Flexibility to the approvers to forward the request to get additional info or additional approval from a person not in the defined approval matrix. Purchase Request Source Quotation & Negotiation Purchase Order (PO) PO Approval
  4. 4. Initiator • Monitor / track progress of request online. • View anywhere / anytime. Procurement Department • Historic data. Helps price comparison and negotiation with vendor. Management • Track budgeted / unbudgeted spending. • Accessibility anywhere. Vendor • Email notification from system. • Upload documents online. Procurement Module