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Meanwhile, in the real-world …
6. The possibility of quantum computing was first proposed by physicist
Richard Feynman in 1982.
7. In 1994, mathematician Peter Shaw demonstrated how quantum computing
could be used to crack the common encryption standards available then –
many of which are still in use today.
8. DARPA brought online the world’s first operational quantum network in
2003, breaking new ground in the fields of quantum computing as well as
secure communications.
9. The world’s first dedicated quantum computing focused commercial
business – 1Qbit – was established in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2012.
10. IBM launched Q, which offers 5 qubit quantum computing services via cloud
in 2016. Last year it upgraded to 20 qubits of quantum processing power.
11. Organizations which are publicly known to be making use of D-Wave’s
quantum computing infrastructure include Google, NASA and Lockheed

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