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Mind-Bending Quantum Facts
17. Quantum computing requires extremely cold temperatures, as sub-atomic
particles must be as close as possible to a stationary state to be measured. The
cores of D-Wave quantum computers operate at -460 degrees f, or -273 degrees
c, which is 0.02 degrees away from absolute zero.
18. Quantum computing is often described as “natural”. This is because although we
don’t completely understand them, the mechanisms underpinning the real world
(which have evolved through nature) clearly operate at a sub-atomic level. By
simulating this with computers, we come a huge step closer to being able to
simulate the natural world.
19. At a quantum level, science fiction appears to become reality. Particles can travel
backwards or forwards in time and teleport (quantum tunnelling) between two
20. One possible explanation for why quantum computers work involves parallel
universes. It has been theorized that qubits are able to exist in two states
simultaneously because we are observing them in multiple universes

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