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How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Improve Engagement, Retention, and Revenue

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Get a jump start on your Marketing Automation campaigns with these three Marketing Automation examples: Onboarding Program, Engagement Program, and Retention Program. To ensure success, make sure you have the right Marketing Automation platform and an experienced team to streamline and simplify the process.

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How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Improve Engagement, Retention, and Revenue

  1. 1. Marketing Automation Programs to Improve Revenue Today’s customers are always on and connected across every channel - both online and offline. Reaching potential and existing customers across these ever-changing touch- points can feel challenging and overwhelming. The good news...the right Marketing Automation strategy, platform, creative and expert team can help you acquire, engage and retain customers to improve marketing ROI and create long-term value. 1. Onboarding Program An effective customer onboarding program can help establish a customer-first approach. It should consist of multiple outreach efforts to ensure customers fully understand your products/services, access the resources that will enable them to see results, stay satisfied, and reassure them that you have their best interests in mind. After the first sale or transaction, send a sequence of automated emails at various intervals. Get to know your customers better by collecting useful data to ensure going forward you remain relevant and top of mind. Educate new contacts with content and resources about other products/services that would be pertinent to them. And remember that onboarding doesn’t just pertain to customers. It’s also crucial for business partners and employees. In addition, it’s important to have an onboarding process in place for existing customers that may upgrade or make a new purchase. After every additional purchase, send automated confirmations and educational messaging that ensures optimal usage of the new product/service. Example BersonDeanStevens.com 877.447.0134 Reminder email sent with promotion. Thank you message sent with promotion. Thank you email sent. Invitation to review their experience. Positive customer review. Thank you message sent. Negative customer review. Triggered email to resolve and open service case. Welcome email with ‘We’d like to get to know you better. Complete your profile.’ message. Unopened message. Reminder email sent. Profile completed. Segments, based on profiles and behaviors, are created to send relevant, personalized messages. Profile completed and new purchase made. When onboarding customers, employees, and partners, deliver relevant content based upon each individual’s experience. Continued
  2. 2. 2. Engagement Program A successful marketing strategy requires continuous engagement with your brand. Every customer has a unique set of preferences that determines how and if they interact with your brand. To avoid becoming stagnant, keep the relationship fresh and interesting. Refine your data over time to deliver personalized messages and keep customers captivated. Set up a regular customer newsletter with relevant content that ensures loyalty and further piques their interest in your brand. Instead of sending mass emails to all customers, segment prospects and customers based on their interests and behaviors and develop different automated programs to provide timely and relevant messages on company updates, education, and product solutions. Example: 3. Retention Program Just as important as balancing customer engagement is recognizing when members of your audience are at risk of leaving. Pay attention to your customers’ behaviors, determine where they lose interest, and respond accordingly. How disengaged customers are handled could be the key to winning brand advocates. Keep your contact lists cleansed, and ensure your exit communications leave the door open for them to return. BersonDeanStevens.com 877.447.0134 Newsletter sent with 1st promotion. Redemption. No redemption. 2nd promotion sent. Social ads with abandoned items. Browser closed, no redemption. Thank you message sent. Email sent with abandoned items. Redemption. Thank you message sent. 2nd newsletter with SMS offer. SMS sign up. Thank you, confirmation message sent. Marketing Automation helps us efficiently create and launch emails, landing pages, and social media to effectively target and capture customers. — RPS, Inc. Continued
  3. 3. Aligning customer marketing and Marketing Automation strategies can be challenging and time consuming. The right Marketing Automation platform and experienced external resource will streamline and simplify the process, ensuring that your Marketing Automa- tion strategy is on-point, on-budget, implemented properly and optimized for success. To learn how to leverage Marketing Automation to generate more revenue, contact Lori Berson at 877.447.0134, x111 or lberson@BersonDeanStevens.com. 3. Retention Program (Continued) Example Use Social Media Social media plays a major role in retention and engagement. To save time, plan and automate posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter in advance, measure their interaction to stimulate engagement, and provide customer service. Create Customer Loyalty Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is easier said than done. Effective marketing strategies help customers successfully adopt your products/services and reassure them that you are able to address their evolving interests and mitigate their pain points. Cultivate loyalty among your customers so they are willing and eager to advocate your organization among their peers. BersonDeanStevens.com 877.447.0134 ... ‘We’ve missed you. Tell us your preferences.” email sent. Preferences updated. No repsonse. Reminder sent. Preferences updated. Thank you message sent. Thank you message sent. New offer/resource sent to preferred channel. Unsubcribed. Confirmation sent. 75% of organizations benefit from having in-house resources collaborate with outsourced specialists to optimize marketing effectiveness. ­— Ascend2 Research Continued
  4. 4. BersonDeanStevens has been a recognized brand strategy and marketing leader for over 25 years, including a decade in Marketing Automation. We work in partnership with you to differentiate your brand and achieve your business goals. TRUSTED BY BersonDeanStevens.com 877.447.0134 About BersonDeanStevens, Inc.