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Miklosi 2017 trend report

Trend Report
Predictions & Forecasts
January 2017
Page 2
Hello and Happy 2017,
As all of us are fully ensconced in making 2017 a strong growth year for our
respective compa...
Page 3
Table of Contents
Economy page 4
Marketing Trends Forbes 5
Landor 7
Trend Hunter 11
retail 11
embedded VR, condense...
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Miklosi 2017 trend report

  1. 1. 2017 Trend Report A Summary of Predictions & Forecasts Overview January 2017
  2. 2. Page 2 Hello and Happy 2017, As all of us are fully ensconced in making 2017 a strong growth year for our respective companies, a summary of various predictions and forecasts may be a useful resource. So with that in mind, the following Trend Report is a one stop overview. It is intended to be a quick read. Links are provided for those of you who want to deep dive categories. Here’s to a robust year of business. Onward… Best Regards, Bert Bert Miklosi Freelance MarCom Consultant 312.560.2878 | bertmiklosi@me.com | Chicago | Toronto ______________________________________ www.linkedin.com/in/bertmiklosi
  3. 3. Page 3 Table of Contents Economy page 4 Marketing Trends Forbes 5 Landor 7 Trend Hunter 11 retail 11 embedded VR, condensed broadcast 15 Health Care 16 Generational 19 All information gained through public access
  4. 4. Page 4 Economy U.S. Economists See 2017 GDP Growth of + 2.1% The U.S. economic outlook is healthy according to experts. That's because the GDP growth rate will be between the 2 percent to 3 percent ideal range. • U.S. GDP growth  will rise to 2.1 percent in 2017. That's better than the 1.9 percent estimated for 2016 and the same as 2015's growth rate of 2.1 percent. • The  unemployment rate  will drop to 4.5 percent in 2017 and 2018. That's better than the 4.7 percent rate in 2016, and the Fed's 6.7 percent target. Most job growth is in low-paying retail and food service industries. • Inflation will be 1.9 percent in 2017 and 2.0 percent in 2018. Both are higher than 1.5 percent rate in 2016, and the 0.7 percent inflation experienced in 2015. • U.S. manufacturing  is forecast to increase faster than the general economy. Production will grow 3 percent in 2017, and 2.8 percent in 2018. Growth will slow to 2.6 percent in 2019 and 2 percent in 2020. • The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts crude oil prices will average $50/barrel for the first six months of 2017. • FOMC  first raised the  Fed funds rate  to 0.5 percent in December 2015 and  It expects the rate to rise to 1.5 percent in 2017, 2 percent in 2018 and 3 percent in 2019. Canada - Highlights • Canada’s economic growth is forecast to accelerate to 1.9 per cent in 2017. • Improved export activity and increased government spending will partly offset slowing consumer spending and declining residential construction. • Business investment outside the oil and gas sector is showing some signs of recovery. • With economic growth remaining modest in Canada, the Bank of Canada is expected to hold off on any interest rate hikes until 2018, even then the rate of increase will be modest. As Canadian and U.S. interest rates widen, the Canadian dollar will lose ground against the U.S. in 2017, expected to average US $0.745.
  5. 5. Page 5 Marketing Trends Forbes 1. Interactive Content There’s content you can read, and then there’s content you can interact with. The second variety tends to be more popular. For example, BuzzFeed’s “Which City Should You Live In?” quiz has been one of their home-run pieces. Think of ways to get readers to actively participate instead of passively consume. Interactive content can include assessments (such as the classic Cosmo Quiz setup), polls, surveys, infographics, brackets and contests. 2. Influencer Marketing What’s more effective than an ad in selling your product? A lovable social media personality speaking highly about your product to his or her fans and followers. Influencer marketing is on the rise, because people tend to trust recommendations from people they see as thought leaders. The right influencers establish credibility through each social media post or advertisement. When they work with brands, it’s because they genuinely believe in them, and that trust is passed on to consumers. 3. Mobile Video Have you looked at your Facebook feed recently? Chances are that 95% of it is video. And here’s a fun stat: mobile video views grew six times faster than desktop views in 2015. In fact, in Q4 of 2015, mobile video views exceeded desktop views for the first time ever. We now live in an age of mobile video, and it’s time we embraced it. 4. Livestreaming Although we’re still working out the kinks of this technology, it’s clear that livestreaming will continue to push the boundaries. A big step in this direction was Instagram’s integration of a livestream option into its Stories feature. We’re going to see a lot more live broadcasts in 2017. 5. Virtual and augmented reality One of 2016’s biggest highlights was watching a screen-afflicted population carry their mobile devices out into the world to catch, yes, Pokemon. The biggest takeaway from this phenomenon was augmented reality’s ability to drive real business results. This has become a seriously viable option for marketers looking to bring the online into the real world. 6. Short-lived content What gives Snapchat its appeal? The fact that the content disappears. Snapchat’s rampant rise in popularity did a lot more for the world of social media than just give users another platform to choose from. It showed the value of disappearing or short-
  6. 6. Page 6 lived content. This is a key attraction for Generation Z, the cohort famous for having an eight-second attention span, and is why you should be integrating short-lived content into your content strategy. 7. Mobile First Strategy The future is mobile. Internet traffic is now coming more from mobile devices than desktops. If you’re not catering your content, ads and online experience to a mobile user, then you are missing a massive opportunity. And remember: It’s not just about “optimizing” for mobile; it’s also about making sure that piece of content gets integrated with a user’s lifestyle on the go. 8. Personalization Personalization means segmenting your content to reach different types of audience members based on their preferences, habits, etc. The most common form of this strategy is through lists, where certain content gets sent to certain types of users based on which lists they’ve opted into. In a world of too much content and not enough time, personalization is a huge win for brands looking to earn the attention of their consumers. 9. Native Advertising Viewers, followers and consumers are getting wise to the tricks of advertisers, and it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain their attention and earn their trust. Native advertising means integrating your advertising efforts into content that already provides value to readers and viewers. For this reason, it tends to be more effective. Look for ways to weave your products and offerings into a larger narrative, instead of just blasting people with ads. 10. Purpose Driven Marketing One of the most effective ways to extend your story is to give it a feel-good element. Brands that partner with nonprofits or charities, or set up internal programs that “give back” in some way (TOMS shoes comes to mind) have a much stronger presence because their story resonates with the hearts of consumers. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ajagrawal/2016/12/15/17-marketing-trends-to-watch-out-for-2017/ #6585d2e24782
  7. 7. Page 7 Landor Trend Watch: In Sum 2017 will be all about balance—between recreation and responsibility, health and hedonism, web and wilderness. Expect just one constant: Agile brands—those with flexibility and strength—will be best prepared to keep their footing as the ground shifts. Let’s talk digital With all the new technology being developed and implemented every day, how can you decide what your company needs to stay relevant? Here are the digital trends we expect will have the biggest impact on brands in 2017. 1. VR, meet B2B Virtual reality (VR) may still be in its nascence, but it’s getting better, cheaper, and more accessible all the time. Look for VR and augmented reality (AR) to expand beyond immersive headsets and direct-to-consumer games in 2017 2. Say “hey” to chatbots You’re well acquainted with Siri, the Apple chatbot, and you may have met IBM’s Watson and Amazon’s Alexa. But did you know that Sephora, MasterCard, and Taco Bell are using chatbots, too? In 2017, almost every industry will begin streamlining man- machine communications via chatbots. And not just with customers, but internally with
  8. 8. Page 8 employees. Companies will use chatbots to offer information on everything from health benefits and retirement planning to job training and travel. Successful brands will design chatbots that are both differentiated and humanized. Elements like a bot’s name, gender, appearance, and voice all influence consumers’ perceptions of a brand, so managers will need to consider which qualities to project. And because the bot represents the brand, consistency is imperative. 3. Let’s get phygital, phygital  We’re officially experiencing a Matrix moment: The physical and digital worlds are colliding. Consider the wildfire phenomenon Pokémon Go, which reportedly earned $1.6 million per day in the United States at its zenith. While participants are playing a virtual game on their phones, they’re also interacting with the real world and other gamers in their vicinity. With the boundaries between our physical and digital lives blurring, businesses have unprecedented opportunities to create brand experiences that work online, offline, and somewhere in between. Lowe’s is crossing that line with a new app that allows shoppers to virtually mock up furnishings, fixtures, and even flooring customized for their homes. The freedom to experiment digitally allows consumers to make more informed decisions, while also
  9. 9. Page 9 strengthening their relationship with the brand. https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=2iPH5ZoTWs4 4. Nature is nurture Tweeting, snapping, s h a r i n g , t e x t i n g . Sometimes it feels like our whole lives are under a digital microscope.Where can people turn for space, silence, and simplicity? Increasingly, to the great outdoors. Apps like AllTrails, MapMyRun, GoSkyWatch Planetarium, and My Altitude are making hidden corners of the world more accessible. Not only do they tap into a spirit of adventure, they also help people find the balance and stillness they yearn for. Look for other brands to bring the outdoor experience into the city by hosting urban events at parks, lakes, or open spaces. In 2017, more companies will tie their strategic initiatives to benefiting the environment. Not just outdoorsy brands like REI and Patagonia, but smaller players such as Tentree or Tinlid Hat Company, which plant trees for every product sold. 5. Getting customers in the mood The digital revolution has enabled us to customize everything from the interface we shop on to the products we buy and even the ads we see. But when it comes to physical stores, this level of personalization has yet to materialize. With 85–95 percent of consumer decisions occurring on a subconscious level, retailers know the importance of setting the right tone for shoppers. Abercrombie & Fitch recently overhauled its entire retail experience—lowering music and raising lighting while decreasing scent—just to keep customers lingering in its stores. Brick-and-mortar retailers have a massive opportunity to follow the lead of their online counterparts in customizing experiences. Heat sensors, motion detectors, and facial readers can monitor walking speed, body temperature, expressions, and time spent at given displays. With this wealth of information, retailers can modify playlists, change digital signage, or rotate displays in response to shoppers’ moods. This creates a major competitive advantage, making shoppers feel more comfortable—and more inclined to buy.
  10. 10. Page 10 6. Let them eat cake! After decades of swinging from indulgence to austerity, the food pendulum is coming to rest at center. The new focus in 2017: nutritious eating that also allows for treats and splurges. Food brands across the board are already offering smaller sizes, from Coca- Cola’s 7.5-ounce mini cans to McDonald’s Mac Jr. Mars Food now labels some of its pasta sauces and rich foods as appropriate for “occasional” consumption. 7. Minimal to the max Simplified packaging is on the rise for 2017. Following years of neon colors, bling-y a c c e n t s , m e t a l l i c f o i l s , a n d multicolored prints, subtlety will be the new standard of excellence. Labels will also carry less information to ease product recognition and aid purchase decisions.This trend is already beginning to emerge. Renowned Spanish winemaker Ramon Bilbao launched his new rosé, LaLomba, with elegant labeling and sophisticated illustrations. Kashi followed suit with a streamlined cereal package in just three colors— green, brown, and white. Expect this minimalist approach to influence other areas of design: simplified logos, concise user interfaces, select color palettes. Consumers stand to benefit when their shopping experience is clean, calm, and uncluttered.
  11. 11. Page 11 Trend Hunter RETAIL Shoppable)Media) Retailers)offer)purchasing)op2ons)in)entertainment)pieces)for)convenience Implica2ons)8)As)consumers')schedules)become)more)conflicted)and)brick)and)mortar)retail)engagement)decreases,)more)convenient,)addic2ve)ways)to)shop)are)needed.) Shoppable)media)elevates)the)availability)of)products)and)increases)opportunity)for)brand)interac2on)in)a)way)that)is)fast)and)fun.)More)importantly,)these)interac2ons)are) organic)and)un8intrusive;)two)things)especially)dear)to)today's)youth)genera2on. 5.9 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 7)Ideas)+)55)Related)Examples) TrendHunter.com/id/327205) Copyright)©)TrendHunter.com.)All)Rights)Reserved) Shoppable)ConstrucHon)Barriers Kate)Spade's)'Coming)Soon')Wall)is)an)Interac2ve)Retail)PlaJorm Shoppable)AthleHc)Videos In)Partnership)with)Smartzer,)Puma)Makes)It) Possible)to)Shop)a)Video Virtual)Shopping)Displays eBay's)Christmas)Displays)Let)Customers)Buy) From)Real8Life)Windows Social) Screenshot) Coupons) Short)Shoppable) Videos) Shoppable) Comedic)TV) Episodes) Shoppable) Music)Videos) Zero%Waste*Grocer* New$grocery$retailers$en0ce$consumers$with$zero5waste$business$models Implica0ons$5$As$vested$grocery$brands$work$to$redesign$business$models$in$order$to$cut$back$on$food$waste,$many$new$zero5waste$retailers$have$begun$to$enter$the$ market.$Facing$less$barriers$to$innova0on,$such$emerging$supermarket$concepts$succeed$in$offering$consumers$the$customiza0on$they$desire$with$an$immediacy$that$is$ difficult$for$established$brands$to$deliver.$In$addi0on$to$highligh0ng$the$desire$to$support$sustainable$brands,$this$shiD$speaks$to$the$evolving$nature$of$the$rela0onship$ between$retailers$and$consumers$to$include$more$collabora0on. 6.7 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 5*Ideas*+*41*Related*Examples* TrendHunter.com/id/317844* Copyright*©*TrendHunter.com.*All*Rights*Reserved* Recipe%Based*Grocery*Stores This$Store$Will$Allow$Shoppers$to$Buy$Recipe$Kits$and$Ingredients Waste%Reducing*Supermarkets This$Danish$Supermarket$Only$Sells$Expired$ Food Zero%Waste*Grocery*Stores The$Fillery$is$a$Sustainable$Supermarket$for$the$ Eco5Conscious Zero*Waste*Markets Vancouver$to$Lead$with$Canada's$First$Zero5 Waste$Grocery$Store Waste%Free*Grocer*Concepts Lagom$is$Market$Concept$Based$on$Using$"Just$ the$Right$Amount"
  12. 12. Page 12 Retail'Kinship' Consumers)search)for)retail)concepts)that)encourage)personal)growth Implica6ons)7)Des6na6on)retail)concepts)are)quickly)gaining)trac6on)as)consumers)con6nue)to)search)for)communal)shopping)experiences.)More)than)just)a)spot)to)"hang) out,")these)loca6ons)are)evolving)to)be)a)shared)experience)where)consumers)can)also)learn)and)discover)more)about)the)products)at)hand.)This)type)of)collabora6ve) rela6onship)between)store)representa6ves)and)customers)suggests)that)community)experiences)can)double)as)experiences)of)personal)growth.) 6.0 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 4'Ideas'+'35'Related'Examples' TrendHunter.com/id/310220' Copyright'©'TrendHunter.com.'All'Rights'Reserved' Design'Community'Showrooms The)Provide)Showroom)in)Vancouver)Combines)Modernity)with)Classicism Communal'Retail'Shops 'Cornerstore')Houses)Its)Retail)and)Tex6le) Produc6on)in)One)Space Organic'Community'Stores Dubai's)Biorganic)Health)Food)Shop)Doubles)as) a)Social)Hub TasteKFocused'Cheese'Shops This)Store)Encourages)Customers)to)Sample) Products)Before)They)Buy Workshop(Retail( Retailers)create)workshop)areas)for)heightened)customer)involvement Implica9ons):)Realizing)the)need)for)greater)customiza9on,)retailers)are)rolling)out)mini)in:store)workshops)and)sta9ons)to)ins9gate)interac9on.)Designa9ng)specific)sec9ons) of)the)retail)space)to)allow)for)customiza9on,)product)tes9ng)or)educa9onal)experiences,)brands)are)seeking)to)revamp)the)retail)landscape)into)a)place)that)is)more)user: friendly)and)personalized)to)consumer)preferences. 7.9 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 6(Ideas(+(54(Related(Examples( TrendHunter.com/id/328119( Copyright(©(TrendHunter.com.(All(Rights(Reserved( HighJTech(Beauty(Bars The)Skinfood)Concept)Shop)Features)Tech:Integrated)Displays ExperienLal(Coffee(BouLques Nespresso's)Flagship)Coffee)Store)Encourages) Tas9ng)and)Discovery Handbag(PersonalizaLon(Kiosks Coach)Has)Debuted)a)'CraLsmanship)Bar') Flagship)Retail)Concept ShopJinJShop(Retail(Hubs The)Aritaum)Mega)Shop)Spotlights)Self:Care) Brands)with)Dis9nct)Sta9ons HighJTech( Maternity( Stores( InJStore(CoJ Working( StaLons(
  13. 13. Page 13 Des$na$on(Retail( Retail'loca*ons'adapt'to'more'than'just'a'place'for'product'consump*on Implica*ons'7'As'consumers'seek'out'more'experien*al'aspects'in'their'day7to7day'rou*ne,'retailers'are'taking'note'and're7defining'how'the'tradi*onal'shopping'space'is' structured.'Integra*ng'unexpected'experiences'like'health'studios'and'spas,'retailers'are'looking'to'change'the'way'retail'spaces'are'perceived,'and'turn'tradi*onal' shopping'spaces'into'more'of'a'des*na*on'for'experien*al'ac*vi*es'and'relaxa*on. 6.2 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 4(Ideas(+(35(Related(Examples( TrendHunter.com/id/328118( Copyright(©(TrendHunter.com.(All(Rights(Reserved( Luxe(Immersive(Homeware(Flagships The'Porcelanosa'Flagship'in'NYC'is'an'Interac*ve'Experience Hybrid(Wellness(Studios ETHOS'is'a'Fitness'Bou*que'That'Challenges,' Comforts'and'Nourishes Korean(Beauty(Brand(Flagships The'Sulwhasoo'Flagship'Store'Features'an'In7 House'Spa Department(Store(Fitness(Studios The'YUNG'CLUB'is'a'Pop7Up'Gym'Located' Inside'Selfridges Narra$ve'Flagship' Large&brands&offer&unique&ameni1es&in2store&to&establish&personality Implica1ons&2&As&brick2and2mortar&retailers&work&to&en1ce&consumers&into&stores,&many&established&brands&are&moving&to&incorporate&unexpected&offerings&in&the&form&of& personaliza1on&kiosks&and&other&ameni1es.&OEen&integrated&into&a&brand's&foremost&flagship&bou1que,&such&experience2focused&incen1ves&serve&to&funnel&consumers&into&a& physical&store,&where&they&can&beHer&grasp&both&product&func1on&and&brand&history.&This&shiE&suggests&the&power&of&flagship&stores&in&ar1cula1ng&a&brand&experience&and& showcases&the&poten1al&of&such&interac1ons&as&a&crucial&"brand&touchpoint." 7.0 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 7'Ideas'+'63'Related'Examples' TrendHunter.com/id/316066' Copyright'©'TrendHunter.com.'All'Rights'Reserved' Community'Hub'Supermarkets This&Award2Winning&Whole&Foods&Aus1n&Loca1on&is&Retail&Playground Minimalist'Design'Emporiums The&New&MUJI&FiEh&Avenue&Store&Has&a& Custom&Scent&Lab Gamified'Athle$c'Retailers This&Decathlon&Connect&in&Munich&Features& Digital&Ameni1es Upscale'Watch' Bou$ques' VR'Convenience' Stores' Korean'Beauty' Brand'Flagships' Luxe'InVStore' Facial' Treatments'
  14. 14. Page 14 Social'Store'Entertainment' Retail'concepts'incorporate'elements'that'reflect'the'Gen'Z'lifestyle Implica7ons'8'In'order'to'capture'the'a;en7on'of'youthful'consumers'in'a'space'they'frequent'such'as'the'mall,'many'brands'are'emerging'with'in8store'concepts'that' illuminate'their'social'media'habits'and'reinterpret'these'behaviors'to'be;er'inform'the'retail'experience'as'a'source'of'entertainment.'This'progression'reinforces'the'fact' that'Gen'Z'feels'more'comfortable'communica7ng'digitally'and'suggests'that'addi7onally,'young'consumers'are'expec7ng'over8the8top'ameni7es'that'will'enhance'their' offline'and'online'experiences. 8.6 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 5'Ideas'+'45'Related'Examples' TrendHunter.com/id/321672' Copyright'©'TrendHunter.com.'All'Rights'Reserved' InHStore'Selfie'Contests Joe'Fresh'Embraces'Social'Media'to'Focus'on'Word8of8Mouth'Promo7on Content'Creator'Shops The'New'YouTube'Store'in'London'is'a'Physical' Place'to'Buy'YouTuber'Merch Digital'Flagship'Beauty'Stores The'New'NYX'New'Jersey'Store'Has'an' Interac7ve'Makeup'Sta7on Fast'Casual'Snapchat'Filters An'IHOP'Snapchat'Partnership'Will'See'In8 Restaurant'Geofilters Mall'Skydiving'Simulators Warner'Bros'Used'Virtual'Reality'Skydiving'to' Promote''Point'Break' Redress&Retail& Consumers)ba,le)the)guilt)of)o3en)unsustainable)tech)with)green)tech)retail Implica9ons):)According)to)the)EPA,)70%)of)metal)in)landfills)comes)from)smartphones,)a)fact)that)the)increasingly)eco:conscious,)yet)tech:savvy)consumer)is)at)odds)with.) To)increase)sustainability)of)purchasing)technology,)tech)brands)are)revamping)their)brick)and)mortar)loca9ons)to)be)more)eco:conscious.)This)speaks)to)the)desire)of)the) average)consumer)to)not)live)life)en9rely)eco:consciously,)but)to)"9p)the)scales")whenever)possible. 6.3 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 4&Ideas&+&36&Related&Examples& TrendHunter.com/id/319827& Copyright&©&TrendHunter.com.&All&Rights&Reserved& Organic&Tech&Shops This)Jony)Ive)Apple)Store)Represents)a)Shi3)in)Tech)Retail)Decor EcoJFriendly&Tech&Shops Panasonic's)Ex:Store)Has)Its)Own)Sustainable) Power)Unit Earth&Day&Retail&Makeovers The)Apple)Earth)Day)2016)Celebra9ons)Include) Green)Uniforms Solar&Beacon&Devices The)'EKOOR')Solar)Proximity)Beacons)Enable) Light:Powered)Digital)Marke9ng
  15. 15. Page 15 Embedded&VR& Brands'ac)vate'virtual'reality'users'with'headset3embedded'packaging Implica)ons'3'As'consumers'become'more'familiar'with'branded'content'for'entertainment'purposes,'many'brands'are'dissemina)ng'virtual'reality'technology'by'providing' packaging'that'can'be'repurposed'as'DIY'VR'headsets.'Also'linked'to'maker'culture'and'the'so3called'"IKEA'effect,"'which'sees'consumers'place'higher'value'on'things'they' have'assembled'themselves,'this'progression'illuminates'the'opportunity'for'brands'to'cul)vate'and'retain'a'clearly'defined'audience'through'the'new'adver)sing'medium. 7.3 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 4&Ideas&+&36&Related&Examples& TrendHunter.com/id/319057& Copyright&©&TrendHunter.com.&All&Rights&Reserved& Recycled&Virtual&Reality&Viewers Coca3Cola'Provides'3'Hands3On'Op)ons'for'Eco3Conscious'Techies Kids&Meal&VR&Packaging McDonald’s'Sweden'Creates'a'Happy'Meal'Box' VR'Headset VR&Beauty&SubscripQons These'Birchbox'VR'Headsets'Will'Be'Included' in'Birchbox'Man'Orders VR&Cereal&Boxes Nutri3Grain's'BOLT'Cereal'Box'Lets'People' Experience'Virtual'Reality Condensed'Broadcast' Consumers)prefer)short)bursts)of)newsworthy)informa3on,)not)excessive)content Implica3ons);)News)outlets)appeal)to)mul3tasking)consumers)using)mediums)that)offer)short)clips)or)summarized)stories.)Consumers)gather)global,)local)and)cultural)news) through)these)condensed)formats)in)order)to)meet)the)demands)of)on;the;go)lifestyles.)Brands)cater)to)tech;savvy)consumers)who)have)low)aDen3on)spans)(Gen)Z)and)Gen) Y))by)providing)digital)plaJorms)that)deliver)maximum)content)with)minimum)context. 5.6 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 5'Ideas'+'39'Related'Examples' TrendHunter.com/id/322843' Copyright'©'TrendHunter.com.'All'Rights'Reserved' Summarized'News'Apps Pipes)Provides)Straight;Forward)News)by)Describing)an)Ar3cle's)4)Main) Points Curated'Morning'News'Apps The)'Refinery29)This)AM')App)Features) Curated)News)Stories Livestreamed'Morning'Shows DigitasLBi's)'Rise)and)Shine')is)a)Livestreamed) Facebook)"Feed)Show" TimeMSensiNve'News'Apps The)'Few)Minutes')App)Helps)Users)Sort) Through)the)News)More)Quickly Exclusive'GameMShowcasing'Deals Snapchat)and)BuzzFeed)Will)Be)Able)to)Show) the)Olympics)in)Rio
  16. 16. Page 16 Health Care Industry Trends
  17. 17. Page 17 Connected(Physician( Doctors'self+educate'by'linking'into'knowledge+sharing'pla8orms Implica<ons'+'As'consumers'begin'to'take'more'responsibility'for'their'health'and'wellness,'medical'professionals'are'embracing'socially'minded'pla8orms'that'encourage' self+educa<on'and'explora<on'of'peer+to+peer'shared'data.'Linked'to'the'fast'accelera<ng'nature'of'consumer'expecta<ons'around'healthcare'service,'this'shiC' demonstrates'the'need'for'physicians'and'researchers'to'curate'their'own'set'of'digital'tools'that'help'make'sense'of'the'bevy'of'data'emerging'from'new'technologies. 3.9 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 5(Ideas(+(41(Related(Examples( TrendHunter.com/id/320059( Copyright(©(TrendHunter.com.(All(Rights(Reserved( PaHentITracking(Apps The''Cureatr''App'Helps'Physicians'Keep'Track'of'Hospital'Pa<ents DoctorIPublished(Photo(Apps This'Instagram+Mimicking'App'Lets'Doctors' Share'Medical'Informa<on Personalized(Drug(PrescripHons( PlaNorms Geneix'is'a'DNA'Data+Determined'Drug'Service' for'Doctors Healthcare(Developer(Tools The'New'CareKit'Tool'Helps'Researchers'Track' and'Monitor'Their'Pa<ents Crowdsourced(Fever(Research(Apps The'Feverprints'App'Helps'Doctors'Collect' Fever'Data Consumers want more nutritional advice, especially from their healthcare resources
  18. 18. Page 18 http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/2017-trend-report http://www.pwc.com/us/en/health-industries.html Quan%fied)Self-Care) Consumers)collect)informa0on)about)their)personal)care)habits Implica0ons)6)No)longer)sa0sfied)with)merely)applying)products,)consumers)now)wish)to)check)the)status)of)their)skin,)body)and)health)throughout)the)day.)Going)one)step) beyond)diagnos0cs,)this)shiA)indicates)a)consumer)desire)to)be)constantly)updated)on)their)progress.)The)digital)revolu0on)has)ul0mately)created)a)consumer)who)relies)on) data)to)cul0vate)the)most)targeted)personal)rou0nes. 7.7 Score: Popularity Activity Freshness DEMOGRAPHICS 6)Ideas)+)47)Related)Examples) TrendHunter.com/id/310168) Copyright)©)TrendHunter.com.)All)Rights)Reserved) Simplis%c)Fitness)Trackers The)Withings)Go)Fitness)Tracker)Displays)a)Sleek)and)Minimal)Design Sophis%cated)Steel)Ac%vity)Trackers These)Watches)Have)a)Luxurious)Style)That)is) Also)Affordable Skin)Moisture)Detectors 'Mlizhi')is)a)Device)That)is)Used)to)Detect)Skin) Moisture)Levels Ultrasonic)Skin)Infusers This)JeNu)Product)Helps)to)Maximize)the) Abspor0on)of)Skincare)Products Skin)Analysis) Apps) Skin-Analyzing) Smartphone) Apps)
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