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Visual cv resume timeline michel berthus 1 a4 final v12 2017 10-23 pdf

Career Timeline to date of Michel Berthus

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Visual cv resume timeline michel berthus 1 a4 final v12 2017 10-23 pdf

  1. 1. Michel BERTHUS 6345 Neuheim Switzerland Swiss Work Permit C T-shaped visionary Leader with customer centric and result-oriented approach to success. Unique skill set acquired from 28 years of international experience in multiple B2C and B2B industries, with growing responsibilities across the business Value Chain, from Operations to Strategy. Excels in: • Analyzing and understanding organization’s problems and what is blocking them to grow and innovate to the next level of maturity and performance • Designing company Operating Models and Systems, inspired by fundamental principles and practices from Lean, Quality, Operational Excellence, Exponential and Digital Organizations • Leading global scale-up of Enterprise Strategic Transformation, including Purpose & performance, Process architecture and People (talent building and culture change) BUSINESS STRATEGY TRANSFORMATION LEADER LEAN – QUALITY – OPEX DIGITAL INNOVATION mberthus@gmail.com +41 79 793 6937 michelberthus www.linkedin.com/in/michelberthus PERSONALITY PROFILE KEY SKILLS - COMPETENCIES LANGUAGES IMPORTANT TO ME ENTJ - Intuitive Thinker Complex Problem Solver Critical & Creative Thinker Catalyst for Action & Change Achiever, Strategic, Learner, Ideation, Futuristic (Gallup) Passionate and Engaged Visionary & Goal oriented Bring Clarity out of Chaos Persistent & Agile Inspiring & Collaborative Integrity & Intensity Business Transformation Lean Operating Systems and Models Quality & Continuous Improvement People and Culture Change Agile Program Management Digital & Exponential Innovation French: native English and Dutch: professional proficiency German: elementary proficiency, currently being learned Russian: basic level Interests Travelling, Outdoor, Yoga, Photography, Reading, Exponential Organizations 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ULg (5 years) AvDPhilips Electronics Project / Program Innovation Quality / Improvement Certificate Space Sciences Strategy & Bus Dev. Business Excellence & Innovation Lean Sensei Europe Lean R&D Group VP, Global Head Quality Mgt Projects Director MSc in Engineering Robotics PMO Project Ops Mgr Computer Simulation Project Mgt Office Global Corporate Q Program LEAN Mgt System Operating Models & SystemsTransformation Leader Product & Process Q CC Family Married, three daughters Projects Portfolio Mgt Data Analytics Digital Landmark Achievements Business Programming & Operations Planning Intelligence Russian Space Technologies Quality Function Transformation – 21 QIPs Customer Loyalty NPS 300 Improvement Projects In all functions of Value Chain Climate Survey Honeywell Simulation of Rocket Engines Change Champion Philips Singapore 90 Assessments and Audits International Space University Introduction 1st Flat TV Tribology Compendium Operating System Excellence Awards MSc LEAN Enterprise Project Engineer Quality Continuous Improvement Executive MBA System Modelling Coordinator TA Techspace Aero Techspace Aero Expat at SEP Philips Philips Sgp ISU Buckingham Sales Eff. in 12 countries FESTIP & RECORD projects DFSS Training Quality Function Reengineering Development of a rocket valve ABB Digital Transform. IMD SU DFSS Black Belt Ph. Ash. Hon eLearning Q Culture Survey 10 Lean Leaders workshops Nestle Strategy Deployment Business Excellence Six Sigma / DFSS Global Program Lead LEAN Operations / Enterprise BelgiumCountries NL France NetherlandsBelgium Belgium SingaporeU.K. Switzerland Ph. Sales Effecti veness Agile Culture Change Project Manager Business Process Office Technologies Product Development Engine Health Monitoring Full Vulcan Rocket Engine testing Baikonur International Mars Mission at ISU Techspace Aero ESA AISS MAI Product Life Cycle Mgt 35% CONQ Reduction Strategy Deployment +13K Problem Solvers Lean Manufacturing Platforms Lean Office Opex savings > $1b /year Lean Agile Innovation +350 Coaches Leading 20 Project Mgers in Europe Business Growth & Development PMO building Russia WorldBelgium Coding Sofware Lean Design Q Mgt System Restructuring Switzerland Customer Experience Innovation Improvement F_v12 Change Mgt