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Multi Shades

EXCLUSIVE! All new combination shades!

Our NEW range of combination shades take the best of traditional venetian blinds, roller blinds and sheers, and wraps them up and gives them to you with exclusively developed fabrics, creating a timeless, mysterious, style that appeals to your senses.

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Multi Shades

  1. 1. Bespoke Shades Multi Shades
  2. 2. Multi Shades Sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind when choosing soft furnishings for a room and it can be hard to get the right balance when trying to match furnishings to the decor of your room. It can be possible to end up with everything looking too mismatched, but also looking too well matched and monochrome. One thing some people struggle with is window coverings.
  3. 3. Multi Shades The choice of materials when it comes to curtains can be overwhelming. You can choose from heavy brocades and velvets to light cotton prints and sheer fabrics. Do you want your window coverings to be a feature, or simply practical? When choosing curtains you like it can be hard to settle for the right balance between curtains that bring out the best features in your room and curtains that over power the overall look of your room. Sometimes heavily patterned material can swamp your window and even your room, especially if your room isn’t big enough to carry the look off.
  4. 4. Multi Shades The other option you can go for instead of curtains is blinds. Blinds are practical and simple and take up a lot less room than curtains. If you like the idea of having fabric to cover your window you can go for a roller blind or roman blind , or else you can look at venetian blinds made from slats.
  5. 5. Multi Shades However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional blind designs, as new designs allow you to combine aspects of several different blind designs into one ideal blind. For instance you might like the idea of a multi shade blind .
  6. 6. Multi Shades Multi shade blinds combine a venetian blind and a roller blind into one practical and stylish window cover. Slats made from fabric of two different shades are hung together to create a Venetian blind design. These slats can slide over each other to create different shades of colour, and to allow smaller and larger amounts of light into your room. But they don’t only work with the venetian blind mechanism; multi shades blinds can also be rolled away just like a roller blind.
  7. 7. Multi Shades A multi shades blind is perfect for anyone who can’t decide between a venetian blind or a roller blind , and would like to incorporate several shades of colour into their blind to create a modern and stylish feature, as well as having the option to roll it away completely.
  8. 8. Silhouette Blinds If you wish to find out more on Multi Shades as well as information about Bespoke Shades, go to www.bespokeshades.co.uk 01636 700 654 08000832209 [email_address]