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Find modern classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Egg Chair, Barcelona Chair, Noguchi Table, Womb Chair, Arco Lamp, Le Corbusier Chaise and Eames Office Chairs.

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  1. 1. .COM
  2. 2. What is Bevineliving?Bevineliving is a company made up of individuals with years of experience inthe technology and retail industries, and who have a passion for interiordesign. Always produce the highest quality products Stay as faithful as possible to original designsDeliver products to your home that are exactly as advertised in online galleries Provide the easiest, fastest, and most efficient ordering process possible Welcome to Bevineliving.com The BEST way to buy the BEST modern furniture reproductions online
  3. 3. Womb Chairhttp://www.bevineliving.com/womb-chair.htmlCompare at: CA$1,399.00Bevine Price: CA$899.00
  4. 4. Le Corbusier Chaise Loungehttp://www.bevineliving.com/le-corbusier-chaise-lounge.htmlCompare at: CA$1,499.00Bevine Price: CA$690.00
  5. 5. Barcelona Chair and Ottomanhttp://www.bevineliving.com/barcelona-single-seater-plus-ottoman.htmlCompare at: CA$1,950.00Bevine Price: CA$790.00
  6. 6. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottomanhttp://www.bevineliving.com/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman.htmlCompare at: CA$1,499.00Bevine Price: CA$899.00
  7. 7. www.Bevineliving.com
  8. 8. We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate tocontact us. We enjoy talking about furniture! Contact us your any of the followingmethods:Phone:1-888-998-8213You can contact us through the following email address:support@bevineliving.com Free Local Pick up in Toronto Phone: 1-888-998-8213 Fax: (416) 273-0112 Warehouse Location: Etobicoke, ON