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Using technology to reach your audience

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Using technology to reach your audience

  1. 1. Using Technology to reach your audience Rik Martin
  2. 2. Using the handsets
  3. 3. Where are you now?1. Just use e-mail and Word to do the odd poster2. Have a website and e-mail and use the net to search for info and find funding etc.3. Have a website, facebook and twitter accounts and links to other sites but only check them occasionally.4. Use a wide range of social networks to link to my site, online surveys, e-newsletters go out regularly, A regular blog, keeps people informed and we check out all the latest technologies
  4. 4. Engaging your audienceSome key questions… • Who are your audience? • Where are they? • What do you want to say? • Why will they be interested in your message? • What else are they interested in? • How do I keep them interested once you find them? • Can they talk to you? • Where do you start?
  5. 5. Start here… And here… And here…
  6. 6. How many people have an activefacebook account?1. 500 million2. 1 billion3. 50 million
  7. 7. facebook • 500 million users worldwide • 50% check every day • 70% of users outside USA and in more than 70 languages • average user has 130 friends • people will spend more than 500 billion minutes each month on Facebook • Nearly half of the UK is now on Facebook
  8. 8. Which age group uses facebook in the most in the uk1. 50+ 0%2. 40-49 0%3. 30-39 0%4. 20-29 0%5. 13-19 0%
  9. 9. This may surprise you…
  10. 10. There is much to choose from…
  11. 11. And many ways to use it…
  12. 12. What can technology do? • It can save time - templates, collating info, • It can save money - Reduced postage, • It can improve Impact –design, video, photos • It can help find New Audiences - Young, specialist, • It can improve Record keeping - reduces storage • It can help with consultations • It can be Fun • It is becoming the norm • It should compliment existing strategy - recruitment • It meets expectations of modern audiences • It can do the exact opposite of all above
  13. 13. The downside• It’s not Magic - It won’t go off and do what you want without some effort from you• Takes time to learn and to keep up• Cost – equipment and time• May need good Broadband• May be seen as waste of money by some• Need to keep up with technology• Needs a plan and some forethought• Not everyone has access• Need to continue with existing methods• Finding what can be done and how is not always easy• Raises expectations and may increase activity
  14. 14. How you use technology depends onwhat do you need to do? 1. Keep existing members informed 2. Reach new people and audiences 3. Plan meetings 4. Fundraising 5. Consultation 6. Managing events and projects 7. Promote new activity 8. Recruit volunteers 9. Look Good 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  15. 15. Communication Prismhttp://www.briansolis.com/2008/08/introducing-conversation-prism/
  16. 16. It pays to advertise
  17. 17. Plan Meetings • Online calendars • Doodle • E-mail • Texting alerts • Meetings
  18. 18. Fundraising
  19. 19. Consultation • Paper surveys • Online surveys • Social media • Electronic voting
  20. 20. Be Creative Businesses are making money on Facebook – if charities aren’t its because they are staring at it and saying: “go and make me some money” rather than being imaginative in the way they use it or the applications they develop for it. Charity Marketing Blog
  21. 21. Real examples
  22. 22. Some Novel Waysto engage• Web cams – You’ve all seen Springwatch…• Wii races - Set up an Olympic race between sonic and friends – get families to compete for the best time• Scavenger Hunt using digital cameras• Silent auction – fun charity fundraising event• Video Tours of your project• Geocaching• Set up an online picture gallery – or use a flat screen TV• Provide an information booth• Flashmobs• Make an instructional video
  23. 23. This has made me think about how you might use technology and why?1. Strongly Agree2. Agree3. Disagree4. Strongly Disagree 0% 0% 0% 0% 1 2 3 4
  24. 24. Want to know more? www.Google.co.uk rik@norfolkrcc.org.uk www.norfolkrcc.org.uk