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  1. 1. cmi5: xAPI for LMSs Bill McDonald Sabashiro Beach, LLC cmi5 Working Group Leader
  2. 2. LMSs are Needed More Than Ever… …but not the LMSs we have today.
  3. 3. Overview • What is cmi5 ? • Why is cmi5 important ? • What does cmi5 get you ? • What are the “extra rules” that cmi5 defines ?
  4. 4. What is cmi5 ? • cmi5 is a set of “extra rules” for xAPI • The “extra rules” in cmi5 define “plug-and-play” interoperability between traditional LMS systems and learning content activities • Logical components • LMS – Learning Management System (includes a LRS learning record store) • AU – Assignable Unit (learning content/activity launched by LMS)
  5. 5. Why is cmi5 important ? • It is a BIG improvement over SCORM and AICC ! (Many new features and can map to existing ones) • Profiles like cmi5 are crucial for plug-and-play interoperability. xAPI is not interoperable by itself because it is too broad. • cmi5 is the “training wheels” that the industry needs to adopt and understand xAPI. • The Industry understands the current LMS model • LMS adoption of cmi5 will lead to other xAPI profiles.
  6. 6. Here’s what you get with cmi5 • The benefits of xAPI • Content will plug-and-play with your LMS (no custom xAPI engagements) • Record ANY data you want (and get it back!) – LMS is required to provide a user interface to access all cmi5 sessions recorded in the LRS. • Eliminate Pass/Complete confusion • Eliminate embedded vs. separate window launch issues. • Better support for hosted content/content as a service
  7. 7. So what does that mean ? • Your content can now do really cool things that you can record in the LMS ! • Language training – record voice responses • Detailed custom “telemetry data” of what happened in the content session • Give assignments where learners must take photos or draw pictures • Have your content generate a PDF certificate and send it to the LMS • No more hassles with windowing ! • No more confusion over Passed vs Completed • You can host content in other domains much more easily.
  8. 8. What does this mean for LMSs? • LMSs need to implement an LRS and manage access to that LRS. • LMSs will need to write to the LRS prior to launching content • LMSs will need to change the way they launch content (a URL query string with a content defined window) • LMSs must determine when to void erroneous statements – cmi5 doesn’t allow content to void statements. • LMSs will need to provide a reporting capability that queries the LRS to provide access to all statements, extensions, attachments, etc.
  9. 9. In general, the cmi5 rules are … • Rule #1 – You must conform to xAPI. • Rule #2 – You can do whatever you want in xAPI as long as it does not conflict the cmi5 specification. • Rule #3 – LMS must use the cmi5 defined launch mechanism to a launch cmi5 AU’s. • Rule #4 – All sessions must include the required cmi5 statements. • Rule #5 – LMS is required to support a (XML) course structure to define implied sequence and completion criteria for learning activities in a registration • Rule #6 – The LMS must provide a user interface to access all data recorded.
  10. 10. cmi5 defines the following • Launch Requirements • URL launch line • LRS Authentication • Basic Authentication delivery via “fetch URL” • LRS/LMS Reporting Requirements • (Additional) Statement API requirements • (Additional) State API requirements • (Additional) Agent Profile API requirements • Course Structure • (XML) defines implied sequence, moveOn rules, launch window properties, launch parameters.
  11. 11. Vocabulary Session Verbs • Launched • Initialized • Terminated Status Verbs • Passed • Completed • Waived • Failed • Abandoned • Satisfied
  12. 12. Summary • cmi5 is a set of extra rules that make sure learning content and LMS systems can work together. • cmi5 will greatly enhance the interoperable features for the current LMS model. • cmi5 will serve as an example for other “xAPI profiles” and accelerate more xAPI adoption.
  13. 13. Join Us ! • The cmi5 working group holds weekly web conferences every Friday at 10:30am Eastern/7:30am Pacific. • https://github.com/AICC/CMI-5_Spec_Current/wiki • Follow us on Twitter: • @cmi5spec • #cmi5 • Questions ? • cmi5wg@adlnet.gov