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The Complete Guide to MLM/Network Marketing Recruiting

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The Complete Guide to MLM/Network Marketing Recruiting

  1. 1. TheCompleteGuideto MLM/NetworkMarketing Recruiting https://www.slideshare.net/BillPanopoulos Bill Panopoulos
  2. 2. What is MLM Recruiting? MLM recruiting is a process where you find people to talk to about your business opportunity and products. If they are open to it, you present your network marketing business opportunity to them to educate them about its benefits. You then follow up with your prospect to answer their questions and support them to achieve their income goals . Recruiting new people into your business is a process that you should do consistently to build your business. Multi-level marketing (MLM) also called network marketing, relationship marketing, direct selling and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from independent distributors selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a compensation commission system, according to every company.
  3. 3. How Important is Recruiting to MLM Success? The question is often asked, “How important is recruiting for MLM success?” The industry really is driven by a volunteer army of distributors, in a sales force that comes and goes. They come and go, not because they’re upset with the company, not necessarily because the company let them down, but because they have other obligations in their lives and companies are competing for their time. • Are they going to be a little league coach? • Did they get a promotion at work? • Are they on a church committee? • People have commitments that pull them in and out of network marketing. So there is a high attrition rate in this business. MLM leaders are always required to have emphasis on recruitment and we have often found that the Leaders that have the ability to recruit are the ones that succeed in the long run and also have the high income levels.
  4. 4. Powerful “MLM Recruiting” Techniques For Massive Growth Do you want to become an MLM recruiting machine? If you are a network marketer and want to succeed in this industry, you must master how to sponsor, build, manage and grow your business. What I mean is, in network marketing you can have as many products from your company as possible, retail and use some and practically have an excellent retail business. However, if you cannot leverage and capture the benefits of network marketing and grow your business, then you cannot succeed or grow in this industry. The power of network marketing is the ability to build your system and be able to move more products and services through the network. To be able to succeed in network marketing, you must master the art of MLM recruiting and convert your prospects into your business. Some people are lucky to get many friends and family and grow their business while there are others who recruit at will and can bring as many individuals as possible.
  5. 5. Let’s discuss the top 9 Powerful “MLM Recruiting” Techniques For Massive Growth.
  6. 6. 1.Make A Decision Make a decision that you will master this and not give up. Make up your mind to learn and develop the skills to be able to recruit. Make up your mind to pass your fear of talking to people and come out of your shell. Your decisions should be bigger than your fears and insecurities. Even if you are an introvert, make up your mind to make it a priority and do it whenever you choose.
  7. 7. 2. Develop A Recruiting Mindset If you joined a network marketing company, it means something drew you to it. It could be the products and services or the compensation plan or to work with the awesome people. It is enough motivation to encourage you to develop an MLM Recruiting mindset to be able to be able to grow this business. You should develop an entrepreneurial mindset and be ready to approach people with your opportunity without fear. Don’t sound apologetic about it. Be brave and know that you are trying to share a great gift with someone. If you ever want to be an entrepreneur and work from home, network marketing is a good way to start. You do not need much to start building your empire gradually hence a great medium to use. Never forget that network marketing is not only selling products and services, it also involves prospecting, recruiting, training, follow-ups, accounting and so much more. You can make it a full-time job if you develop the mindset required and invest your time and energy in it.
  8. 8. 3. Make Friends Successful MLM recruiters and 6 figure earners in network marketing have one thing in common; they make as many friends as possible even before they start being successful in their business. Making friends and building relationships with people is important in network marketing as it helps raise your level of awareness. Join groups and share hobbies or activities with people so you can build relationships with them. You can also achieve this through the various social media platforms or even the bartender at your favorite bar. Making friends does not mean recruiting or prospecting all of them. It only means interacting and sharing great content to make them like, trust or get attracted to you
  9. 9. 4. Develop Positive Daily Habits Strive to develop positive daily habits each day. It could be connecting with at least 1 or 2 people each day in your network. Call them, send a message or comment on their post on social media. Try in any way to let them know you care or exist. Another positive habit could be introducing your business opportunity or products to at least one person in your network every day. Continue building a positive mindset and your personal development. You can achieve through educative webinars or training or read articles or a book that will help in your personal development and expand vision. You have to be a slave to one of these positive habits that will help you become a prolific MLM recruiting star. Progress is perfection, and you will change if you keep these positive daily habits entirely.
  10. 10. 5. Always Be Prepared Always prepare yourself with videos or brochure or DVD or articles to share with someone who might be interested in your business to be a successful network marketer or entrepreneur. Carry them all around and be ready to share them where ever you go with your new friends. It could be in your car, wallet, bag, USB key, an app or a file. Whatever it may be, always be ready and have it handy to share when it is needed. These are some habits of master MLM recruiters. They are always prepared to share their business related items when it is necessary. It can be an email after having a conversation with a prospect to enlighten them better about your opportunity or products. Always be prepared at all times.
  11. 11. 6. Tell Good Stories I can assure you that all successful network marketers are good story tellers. You should be able to collect and tell good stories to encourage people to join your business. It could be stories about your up-line, downline, your company, the products or your compensation plan. You should be able to retain and share all the stories involved in your business with your prospects. The more stories you share about your company or business with people, the more you expose your business opportunity to the world and attract more people. MLM Recruiting stars in network marketing are good story tellers, and you should tell good stories to be able to recruit people to your business.
  12. 12. 7. Listen And Ask Question Talking and selling can be challenging, and the only way you can understand your prospects needs and wants is to ask questions. Many marketers do not listen and ask the right question. They are more focused on talking about their compensation plan, products and services and how their company is excellent than asking their prospects the right questions. If you start asking the right questions, you will be able to understand them better and have a better approach to introducing your business opportunity and recruiting them. It is sad that 97% of network marketer do this hence the reason why most fail.
  13. 13. 8. Enthusiasm MLM recruiting stars are always active and enthusiastic. They are always pumped up and carry an active, energetic and bring a positive aura to them. Positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, and people are attracted to those who have these attributes. Think about the enthusiastic people in your life. I know you have a smile on your face now. That is the spirit to have when you are a network marketer so that people feel comfortable around you and have a smile on their faces when they think about you.
  14. 14. 9. Have Big Dreams One of the great attributes of successful entrepreneurs is having a big dream and nurturing them every day. Staying steadfast in spite of the adversities around. Think outrageous and dream of massive success and goals. Have a bigger vision and a bigger game plan. Decide to be faster and stronger and make up your mind to recruit more and grow exponentially. To conclude, some people do not know how to sponsor or get people because they do not know how to lead or manage them. In addition to these eight steps, you must be ready to be a leader. Not everyone is born a leader, but you can learn to be one and start building momentum to be able to recruit many people and lead them.
  15. 15. I hope you got some value from these points!
  16. 16. 60 + 1 Guide to MLM/Network Marketing Recruiting
  17. 17. 1) “Focus ONLY on what the prospect wants, not you.” This is simple and to the point. You are talking to the prospect to see what the prospect is looking for, and wanting in their life. Let your MLM business be the delivery vehicle of their dreams.
  18. 18. 2) “Recruit through their eyes, not yours.” Look through their eyes as far as where they currently are, financially, emotionally, family, socially, and career wise. Start in their world, and then lead them to your world of Network Marketing Success.
  19. 19. 3) “Use the word YOU at least 4 times more than the words me or I. There is nothing more telling than when a Network Marketing distributor uses the words “me” and “I” more than the word “You.” The word “You” psychologically draws the person towards you and lacks ego in your MLM recruiting efforts.
  20. 20. 4) “Paint word pictures as you present.” We think in word pictures, not letters. Paint vivid pictures with your words of the prospect enjoying the life they want, and making the money they desire in their MLM Home Business. Put them in the picture. “Imagine the feeling of you..." "Can you see yourself...? "What would it look like if....?"
  21. 21. 5) “Use words that they understand, NOT Network Marketing-ease.” Don’t use the words like “downline” or “upline”. A prospect probably will have no clue of what that is. Use words they can understand, and feel comfortable with, like “team", "Support system," and "Leaders."
  22. 22. 6) “Let off the pressure. You are sending a silent signal to your prospect that will kill your business.” When a distributor starts putting pressure on someone, it shows there is pressure built up inside of them. Back it off, or it will turn them off. “I am not sure if this is something that would be right for you or not…” “I am not sure this would be a fit for you…” -great phrases to let off the pressure in MLM Recruiting.
  23. 23. 7) “Double the size of your warm market list INSTANTLY with the One Golden Question.” “Who do I know that they know?” or “Who do you know that they know?” This question works as a multiplier of your names, and has the potential to explode your potential business with more names than you realized you knew.
  24. 24. 8) “Let the prospect tell you what they are looking for, not you tell them.” Many times we have a tendency to tell a prospect what their life could be like, without understanding they may want something different. Ask “If all things were possible, what are you looking to do with your life?” Then listen. They are telling you what you need to know to recruit them into your Network Marketing business.
  25. 25. • 9) “Do your warm market list- 10 names at a time. You will write many more down.” • When you start your warm market list of who you are going to call, many times people get paralyzed with thinking about 100 or 200 names to come up with. Start with 10 and then another 10…then another 10…you get the idea. It is easier psychologically, and less intimidating. You STILL come up with 200 names, but psychologically, you do it with only 10% of the perceived "pressure" to complete a 100 name list.
  26. 26. 10) “Practice and Role Play MLM Recruiting with someone before you ever make the first call.” If you are going to mess up, mess up during practice, and continue to mess up with your sponsor. Practice and get some “experience” before you make the first Live Recruiting call. It will put you light years ahead, and it equips you for the real thing in MLM.
  27. 27. 11) “Let the prospect dominate the conversation.” Ask so many questions, that the prospect dominates the conversation. Find out about their life, interests, family, dreams, and then their future. Let them become the super star of the conversation, and you listen. They are telling you how to recruit them. Encourage them and congratulate them. Keep them in the spotlight and make them feel like a million dollars!
  28. 28. 12) “Keep your body language open.” Many times, we cross our arms, our hands, or legs, because we are nervous and guarded. It sends the wrong silent message to the prospect. It makes them guarded and nervous. Keep your limbs open, and tell the prospect silently you are glad they are there
  29. 29. 13) “On the phone, match their speed of talking. It will make the prospect more comfortable.” When someone is a slow talker, slow down your talking a bit. It they are a speedy talker, ramp yours up a little bit. This “mirrors” them, and draws them towards you quietly. Psychologically, it feels more comfortable to the prospect in your MLM recruiting efforts.
  30. 30. 14) “When calling your warm market, have only one name visible at a time. It is less intimidating, as well as focuses you.” Keep the name you are calling on a card, and have that card only in front of you. And then take notes of the conversation. If you only see one name to call, you will not get overwhelmed with the numbers in front of you. Plus you will totally focused on them. Use your computer as well to do this. It is a powerful way to keep on track.
  31. 31. 15) “In a public Recruiting meeting, look into the eyes of who you are talking to, and don’t talk over their heads. Make it personal and warm.” Many times we have a tendency to focus on the MLM presentation, not the prospect. Keep the prospect “with you” by looking in their eyes when you are talking, no matter the size of the group. And then move on to the next person, and look in their eyes. Touch everyone with your eyes if possible. Hold a conversation, don’t just do a presentation.
  32. 32. 16) “In a public meeting, use the prospect’s/guest’s name. Introduce yourself to them before the meeting starts, or have them wear name tags.” Nothing keeps the audience focused more than using their names in the Network Marketing recruiting presentation. They will all sit up and take notice and be especially attentive, as you may call on them! It keeps them focused, and listening- for THEIR name to be called and recognized.
  33. 33. 17) “NEVER bring your own problems into a recruiting event or conversation. You are there to solve THE PROSPECT’S problems.” Negatives from you will absolutely shut down a prospect. Many people do it, and why I have no idea. Stay UP, and Optimistic, and always GREAT! The prospect has his/her own challenges, and is looking for solutions, not more problems.
  34. 34. 18) “Always tell them why you are there, or why you are calling.” “The reason I am calling…” is a very professional and clarifying statement. “The reason I brought this up…” is a great statement to transition into more of a recruiting conversation. “The reason I wanted to share this with you is I have run across something that truly is amazing” is a great way to come from the heart.
  35. 35. 19) “Never let any telephone call go past 15 minutes….no matter what.” If it does, you are sending the signal to the prospect that it takes a lot of time and words to work this business. Respect their time, and make yourself more productive. Set another time to talk if they have an interest. Don’t come across as NEEDY and you have a lot of time on your hands. Come across as BUSY, and you have other calls to make.
  36. 36. 20) “Never let an appointment go past 45 minutes….no matter what.” If it does, you are telling the MLM prospect it takes a lot of time and words to work this business. I never had an appointment go past 30 minutes. Even if they wanted to sign up, I always asked for more time. “I would love to fill out the paper work…but I am going to have to have a few more minutes…is that ok?” Value their time, and they will value your presentation.
  37. 37. 21) “When presenting, make sure you understand that they are looking to see how this is going to bring VALUE to their life. It is ALL about VALUE.” Would you buy a pair of shoes if you saw no value in them? Of course not. The prospect will not sign up either without VALUE. “How this brings Value to you is…” “What this means to you and your family is….” “How this will improve your life is…” “The Value to your future would be…” Use “Value Building Phrases” in every presentation.
  38. 38. 22) “Network where people are, not where you feel comfortable going.” There are more prospects in one Networking meeting at the Chamber of Commerce meeting then 10 movies you want to go see. Fish where the whales are, not the minnows. Recruiting minnows are easier and make great wholesale customers, but whales don’t get tossed and lost with every change of the tide.
  39. 39. 23) “Don’t recruit your prospects. Connect them to the Possibilities of your business… and let them recruit themselves.” All recruiting is, is connecting the prospects heart to the Hope and Possibility that they CAN have the life they have always dreamed of, and you will help them get it with your Network Marketing products and company. It is that simple.
  40. 40. 24) “When you follow up, don’t SAY I am following up.” Say, “I am RECONNECTING with you to see what kind of questions you might have, and to see where we need to go from here…” “Tell me what you have liked best about what you have heard so far…”
  41. 41. 25) “Use Connection Questions to keep them connected to you.” “Does this make sense so far?” “Are you with me so far?” “Am I being clear enough for you?” “Have any questions so far?” “This is pretty awesome, isn’t it Mary?” These are great MLM Recruiting Questions to keep them focused on what you are saying.
  42. 42. 26) “When recruiting, make sure your focus is NOT- I want something FROM you. Make sure your focus IS- I have something FOR you.” Powerful focus. When you are talking to a prospect, make sure they are feeling a “Gift” focus, not a “Get” focus. This is one of the most powerful secrets in MLM Network Marketing recruiting.
  43. 43. 27) "It is not about Hype, but about HOPE!“ Many MLM distributors try to HYPE people into joining,. and it is NOT about hype. It is all about HOPE. Hope for a better future, hope for more money, hope for an ENLARGED Lifestyle. . People will be MAGNETIZED to Hope, but turned off by hype. Hype comes from the head, and hope comes from the HEART in MLM and Network Marketing. Market HOPE, and see your recruiting explode.
  44. 44. 28) When you do a presentation, BE IN the presentation, not AT the presentation.“ When you present, make sure that you are not just at the presentation. So many people present their products and they are on "automatic pilot." BE IN the presentation, with emotion, conviction, and energy. There is nothing worse than sitting in a presentation and not feeling it from the distributor.
  45. 45. 29) " Let the prospect ask the questions, but only at the right time.“ So many prospects have so many questions, and they all will pull you off track of your home business presentation. When a prospect has a question, simply say, "Thank you for asking that....I would love to answer it, and will answer all your questions in a just a second...and it goes to show you are thinking!"!"
  46. 46. 30)"Be focused. Be THERE, and not somewhere else in your mind.“ People can actually tell when you are going through the motions, and not really into what you are saying. Three rules in MLM Recruiting: Be There. Be Present. Be With the Person. Not with your thoughts of something else.
  47. 47. 31)) “Ask a question every minute or so. Keep Drawing Them into Your MLM Recruiting Conversation.“ Questions are the Magnet. Keep asking them. "Are you with me?" "Am I making sense?" "Do you see what I am talking about?" "What would happen to your life if that happens?" "How would this impact your family?
  48. 48. 32) “Use their name at least 3 times the first 3 minutes.“ Don't over do it, but the sweetest sound you can say to a prospect is their name. Say it 3 times in 3 minutes as a rule, and you will keep their attention 3 times as long as you normally would. Use it throughout the conversation. "Does that make sense Mary?
  49. 49. 33) "When on the telephone, use words that paint a picture, and are emotional.“ Use words that paint a vivid picture. Use action oriented words. Use words and phrases that are emotional. "Family. Freedom. Breakthrough. Wealth. Vacation Property. Joy. Deserve. Worth it. In Control. Total Success. Enlarged Lifestyle.
  50. 50. 34) “Never underestimate the Power of the Three Golden Words in MLM Recruiting.“ There are three words that are GOLDEN in Recruiting, and life. They carry a Connection Magnet with them. "I Totally Understand". Those words are powerful when talking about any life situation that comes up, and use them often, as they will create a MAGNETISM in your personality.
  51. 51. 35) "Use the word TRUTH when Recruiting, as that will anchor in their heart, and understanding.“ "When I was first looking at Network Marketing, I was looking for only the truth of the matter, as it was important to me...and I would think it would be for you?" The word "Truth" is a powerful word, as you bring the reality of the matter right out in the open and lay it out, dispelling any doubts in their mind from the very beginning.
  52. 52. 36) "Never play "Verbal Judo" in MLM Recruiting. If someone disagrees with you, thank them for it. It is their right to disagree.“ "Thank you for bringing that up. I appreciate your insight. Help me understand why you said that.... tell me more." This will do more to draw the real objection out then arguing with them. Verbal Judo always has one winner. And it is never you.
  53. 53. 37) "Never CHASE a Prospect. You are not a dog. You MUST develop the Leadership Mindset in Network Marketing Recruiting. People do not follow companies, products or compensation plans. “ People follow PEOPLE with STRENGTH. If you are chasing the prospect, you are displaying weakness. MLM Leaders give the prospect enough time to start moving towards them-- usually 10-14 days- and after that, they keep in touch regularly, but move on.
  54. 54. 38) " When using the telephone, make sure that you are more animated than normal. It will display energy, and magnetism.“ The telephone is a great communication tool, but it will never replace face to face interaction. Let people FEEL your words, and make sure that you come across as confident and someone that is going places, and taking people with you.
  55. 55. 39) "The prospect is thinking one thing: How will this ENLARGE my Lifestyle?“ Most people in life, are looking to Enlarge their income. ALL people are looking to Enlarge thewir lifestyle. Find out what kind they want. "Tell me about the kind of lifestyle you have often dreamed of..."
  56. 56. 40) "Make sure that there are NO distractions when you are talking to the prospect about your Network Marketing Home Business.“ Remember this: If the prospect is distracted, they are not focused on your message. "Would you like to wait a couple of minutes before I go on?" If the distractions continue, make another appointment.
  57. 57. 41) "Use several testimonials during your MLM Recruiting talk. They bring life to your message.“ If you do not yet have a testimonial, borrow your sponsor's. Find out three really HOT testimonials as far as the business, and share them with your prospect to emotionally connect to your message.
  58. 58. 42) "Use the phrase' If this is right for you' during your talk. It will draw them towards you psychologically.“ "And this company has such a great track record to set a new person as well as you at ease when they come into the business...of course, only if this is right for you."
  59. 59. 43) "Trash the word OPPORTUNITY. It is a Red Flag word today.“ Use the word Vehicle, or Business. Our society looks at the word "opportunity'" today as "Uh oh...not another one of those".
  60. 60. 44)" The first thing you MUST do is get the Prospect COMFORTABLE. Talk about THEM.“ If the prospect is not comfortable with you, they will NOT be comfortable with your message. Talk ONLY about them the first 5 minutes.
  61. 61. 45) "Find out what is the MOST Valuable thing in a person's life, then wrap the presentation around it.“ Family usually is. "How this will impact your family is.....How this will increase the time you have with your family is... This business will help you bring that dream into reality in your life..."
  62. 62. 46) "Always be FORWARD FOCUSED in your MLM Recruiting. That is where most people are interested in... moving forward in a more powerful life.“ People want to KNOW there is a real chance in life, to live the life they dream of. Don't dwell on how things are in a person's life. Focus on how things SHOULD be, and WILL be. Be the Knight in Shining Armor.
  63. 63. 47) " ALWAYS set the Next Move while you are talking to them. LEAD them, give them the next step in the process, be the pied piper.“ "At this point, what a lot of folks like to do is....get on a three way...attend a conference call....look at some tools...I have an idea...let's do THIS...." Then explain the Next Move.
  64. 64. 48) "It's NOT what you say, but what people are FEELING when you say it.“ Words are important in MLM Recruiting, but emotions are more important. How can anyone get excited over something you are not? How can anyone believe in something that you don't? How can anybody follow you, if you are not strong enough in faith to follow? How can anyone be touched by your message, if you are not?
  65. 65. 48) "MLM Recruiting is a Follow Me game." You are asking someone to follow your lead about an unknown product, an unknown company, and into an unknown future. That requires some SERIOUS Leadership. Be serious about YOUR Leadership in Recruiting.
  66. 66. 50) "People don't follow what you say, or what you do, but WHO YOU ARE." MLM Recruiting is about WHO YOU ARE, and who the prospect wants to be. Be REAL, and be Yourself. Don't morph into your upline. Your warm market will be turned off by that. Yes, you should be BECOMING who you are planning on being...but still be REAL.
  67. 67. 51) “Don’t Barrage Your Friends and Family” Nothing will annoy your family and cost you friends more than constantly pestering them about your business. There's nothing wrong with letting them know what you're doing and seeing if they have an interest, but if the answer is "no," let it go..
  68. 68. 52) “Identify Your Target Market” One of the biggest mistakes new MLMers make is looking at everyone (including friends and family ) as a potential customer or recruit. This is one area where the MLM industry gets it wrong. Like any other business, you're going to have greater success and efficiency if you identify your target market and focus your marketing efforts at them. Someone who doesn't care about vitamins or health and wellness isn't a good person to pester about your business.
  69. 69. 53) “Make an Effort to Share Your Product//Business Plan Everyday” Many MLM sponsors will have you focus on recruiting new business builders; however, your income, in legitimate MLM, comes from the sales of products or services. Further, customers who love the products or services can be more easily converted into new business builders. Just like any other business (home-based or otherwise), getting the word out about your product or service can benefit your target market is the key to generating new customers and recruits. Some ideas include sharing a product sample, inviting a neighbor to host a product party, or starting a website or social media account.
  70. 70. 54) “Sponsor, Don’t Recruit” One of the benefits of MLM is the ability to bring in new business builders and profit from the sales they make in their business. While some see this as "using" others, the reality is that you're being rewarded for helping others succeed. But for them to succeed, you need to see your role not as racking up as many recruits as possible, but in being a leader and trainer. The focus then is on the success of those you help in the business, not on you. That means you need to take time to train them, answer questions, celebrate their successes, and be a support when things are tough.
  71. 71. 55) “Set a Goal for Parties or Presentations” MLM is a person-to-person to business. While many people don't like that aspect, especially in the digital age, the reality is that it's the personal touch that sells the products and business, and retains customers and business builders. Based on your compensation plan and goals, determine how many people you need to show your products or business to reach your goals in the time you want. Doing so will ensure you grow your business rather than just sustain it.
  72. 72. 56) “Listen and Sell the Solution” Many companies provide scripts to help you sell the product or service. While these can be helpful in teaching you about your product and dealing with objections, sales is all about being a solution to what a customer needs. By qualifying your contact first, and then listening to their needs, you can tailor your pitch so that you're the solution to their problem.
  73. 73. 57) “Learn How to Market” MLMers often stick to the three-foot rule (everyone within 3-feet of you is a prospect) and other traditional marketing tactics. But direct sales is like any other business. It can and should be marketed in a variety of ways that takes into consideration your target market, what it needs, how you can help it, and where it can be found. To that end, you can use a variety of marketing tools including a website ,email,​ and social media to increase product sales and interest in your business.
  74. 74. 58) “Stand Out from Other Distributors” One of the challenges of MLM is convincing prospects to buy or join with you as opposed to the other reps that live in the neighborhood or they know online. You're selling the same stuff as thousands of others, meaning consumers have a choice. So you need to do something that makes you unique compared to everyone else. Give people a reason to choose you over other reps.
  75. 75. 59) "Remember the Golden Rule of the Presentation. It is NOT about the Presentation, but about Transformation- how your business will transform the prospect's life!“ MLM Recruiting is about being a Walking, Talking Transformer. You are a CHANGE Agent, just like people who sell houses are Real Estate agents.
  76. 76. 60) "ALWAYS thank the prospect for their time. no matter what. This is just professionalism.“ Gratitude can play a long way into creating Success in your life. "I want to truly thank you for your time.... I have enjoyed talking to you so much."
  77. 77. 60+1) The Last word they should hear as you finish the conversation, is THEIR NAME. "I have enjoyed this, and I will talk to you next Thursday. Bye Shirley.“ "This has been wonderful. I look forward to talking again with you Mary." "You truly are a great person to chat with. I have enjoyed this. I look forward to chatting again Tim." Their name is the sweetest sound to them. make sure it is the last thing they hear in your MLM Network Marketing Recruiting.
  78. 78. BONUS TIP:
  79. 79. There are 2 things that you must understand about recruiting business professionals into Network Marketing and MLM:
  80. 80. 1) They have their own CULTURE, and they stay within that culture. They have a culture of professionalism for the most part, and integrity.
  81. 81. 2) They are used to a particular language and verbiage, that they expect, and you must speak at least some of that language in your conversation with them.
  82. 82. Here are just a few of the ways you can approach small business professionals and here are some KEY words and Phrases: 1)"Secondary revenue source" 2)"Introducing into the business community" 3) "Run across an idea" 4) " I am a small business owner like you" 5) "I Need your input(insight)" 6) "Increase your revenue stream" 7) "Expand your potential market base" 8) "Increase market value of your contacts" 9) " I am new in the business community, and introducing myself" 10) "I have an idea that I would like to run past you on increasing revenues." 11) " Revenue Option" 12) " Market Expansion Tool" 13) "An idea that has impact on the bottom line" 14) " A value based idea that can improve revenues" 15) " From one professional to Another."