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Brandthroplogie Media - A Consultancy That Harnesses Creativity To Solve Business Problems

  1. BRANDthropologie Media
  2. DEFINITION brand-thruh-pol-uh-gee; noun The study of the issues, trends and content driving business and thought leadership
  3. Targets ranging from Employees to Customers to Wall Street WE are a Creative Consultancy that solves business problems at the collision point of Culture + Commerce
  4. A Chocolate In My Peanut Butter Moment
  5. The Collaborative Purpose Economy
  6. A new inclusive approach to marketing, communications and storytelling becomes imperative as does the importance of conveying an organization’s purpose to all stakeholders A new economic engine where business growth and innovation is fueled by collaboration between the private and public sectors in ways that contribute to the world, as much as the bottom line
  7. What Makes US Different
  8. Embracing A New Definition of Inclusion A collaborative environment that values open participation from individuals with different ideas and perspectives has a positive impact on business. Leadership at such an organization is transparent, communicative and engaging. *Fast Company
  9. Inside-Out: Our Inclusion Lens LGBTQ Faith Age Race Gender
  10. The BRANDthropologie Inclusion Equation Access + Ideas = Purposeful Action
  11. Consistent positive earnings and long-term value to shareholders Purposeful contributions to society at large Building engagement across all key constituencies to drive revenue Ensuring a positive future for generations to come Proactive investment that serves to advance and protect the world The BRANDthropologie Purpose Index TM TM Economic Profitability Social Profitability Engagement Profitability Future Generation Profitability Environmental Profitability
  12. Identify Purpose Ignite Awareness Reputation & Sales Build Cultures Generate New Revenue Innovation & Growth Identify purpose in ways that are authentic and tied to day to day business Consumers don’t buy WHAT you do ---- They buy WHY you do it Employees want to be a part of a Living Brand. This defrays costs associated with awareness, acquisition, retention and loyalty – especially among millennials Create brand programming that can be transformed into revenue generating entities Embracing the sharing economy to deepen collaboration with consumers, customers and employees in ways that create cost efficiencies and build new pathways to innovation and growth Inclusion + Purpose = Brand Value
  13. Communications & Creativity Past and FUTURE
  14. Old Metrics: Transactional, profit-only driven New Metrics: Experiential, inclusive, purpose-driven PAST FUTURE
  15. Conveying WHAT you do: Products & Services WHY you do what you do: Create emotional connection PAST FUTURE
  16. Expenses that drive consumers through the purchase funnel Assets that drive business strategy and profitability PAST FUTURE
  17. Physical or digital Immersive experiences that authentically engage in both the physical AND digital worlds PAST FUTURE
  18. Media relations drive customer acquisition and establish reputation Brand platforms produce client stories "in our words" and are used to push messages to key audiences and elicit calls to action PAST FUTURE
  19. Executive Produce YOUR Brand Executive Produce YOUR Brand
  20. Brand Studio Model Development Production Distribution !  Analysis of purpose index !  Analysis and identification of collision point of commerce and culture !  Content Platform Strategy: Narrative development !  Internal programming Living Brand !  External programming !  Ideation to Co-create narratives in partnership with stakeholders !  Produce programming that yields specific and measurable outcomes !  Produce immersive events that bridge the physical/ digital divide !  Omni-channel distribution capitalizing on Paid, Owned and Earned Media !  Proprietary measurement tools
  21. Embrace the collaborative purpose economy through a storytelling lens Re-imagine brand assets and mission to positively impact corporate value by turning brand narratives into programming that feeds business performance Me | WE
  22. Helping clients drive bottom line performance Helping employees and clients pivot to provide purpose and value to the world’s transformation Me WE
  23. Creating media assets and events that support editorial mission and focus on a select few Creating one-of-a-kind client involved programming that is inclusive and activates brand message to new audiences that benefit many Me WE
  24. Focus on making the best food for clients New internal & external messaging of food as an inspiration with a focus on making memorable experiences Me WE
  25. Focus on reaching $1 billion in revenue and global footprint New brand narrative focused on the living brand of the firm "like what you do and like who you do it with" Me WE
  26. Single-minded focus on the college's academic programs New narrative focused on the College's history and commitment to encourage students to leave the world a better place than it is today Me WE