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Theatre play for participatory value chain development

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Bioversity researchers and gender fellows Hugo Lamers, Faridah, Termizi, Pearlycia, Shariah and Hafizul perform 'The Spinelss Durian' to farmers and value chain actors as a way to teach about better marketing.

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Theatre play for participatory value chain development

  1. 1. Theatre play for participatory value chain development by Hugo Lamers, Faridah, Termizi, Pearlycia, Shariah and Hafizul Adapted from the Participatory Market Chain Approach
  2. 2. ‘The Spineless Durian’
  3. 3. The audience is ready….., I hope you too!
  4. 4. Two farmers are in the forest harvesting some special fruit…
  5. 5. A collecting trader comes to the forest… Ok, let me see your durians!
  6. 6. The collecting trader bargains hard – A low price is what the farmers get! Nock! Nock! 
  7. 7. The collecting trader sells the fruits to the wholesaler Here, great value fruits!
  8. 8. The wholesaler is not happy and gives a low price again! Grrmpff! @#$BAD#LA %@$&!!!
  9. 9. The wholesaler arrives at the shop in town – the shopkeeper inspects the durians
  10. 10. This is bad quality! Leave your durians here, I will pay you later… only when sold!
  11. 11. A customer arrives Madam, see here my great durians!
  12. 12. The customer inspects the durians Hmmm, it is bad quality!
  13. 13. The shopkeeper asks which type she wants… I would prefer durians without those dangerous spines!
  14. 14. ' The shop keeper calls the wholesaler I could not sell your fruits, but eh…, you ever heard about spineless durians…?
  15. 15. The wholesaler calls the collecting trader …just a question, did you ever see a spineless durian?
  16. 16. The collecting trader meets the farmers …but we have never seen any spineless durian in the forest! What can we do?!
  17. 17. The farmers are puzzled - Then the wholesaler calls Let us come together and discuss! ₪₮₯₰?₪?
  18. 18. …it must be very rare…! …it seems impossible…! …how can we find such a spineless durian…?!
  19. 19. I have an idea says the collecting trader We could try something like this…
  20. 20. The farmers agree and go deep into the forest...
  21. 21. The farmers show the fruit to the shopkeeper …Hmmm, it smells good and is soft. Let’s try it…!
  22. 22. …Welcome to my shop Madam! See here what I have for you…!
  23. 23. Hmmm… yes, it’s nice! But get me next time a blue spineless durian!! I will pay even more!!! Oh No!!
  24. 24. 'The End'
  25. 25. So people - I hope you enjoyed, but what did you learn...
  26. 26. We put three key messages about marketing and value chains in this play, did you capture them...
  27. 27. Find the guidelines and answers at http://tft.atbioversity.net/tiki-index.php?page=PMCA
  28. 28. - Pearlycia Brooke as farmer (Dep. of Agriculture, Sarawak) - Termizi as farmer (Dep. of Agriculture, Sarawak) - Hafizul Bin Husin as collecting trader (Dep. of Agriculture, Putrajaya) - Shariah Binti Umar as wholesaler (Dep. of Agriculture, Sarawak) - Hugo Lamers as shopkeeper (Bioversity International) - Faridah Aini Binti Muhammad as customer (Dep. of Agriculture, Putrajaya) - Bungai village, Bekenu district, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, Nov 2013 http://tft.atbioversity.net/tiki-index.php?page=PMCA
  29. 29. Theatre play for participatory value chain development Hugo Lamers Associate Scientist socio-economics and marketing Bioversity International h.lamers@cgiar.org In collaboration with Department of Agriculture in Malaysia http://tft.atbioversity.net/tiki-index.php?page=PMCA
  30. 30. www.bioversityinternational.org Thank you