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6 essentials for secure BYOD in healthcare

  1. webinar feb 1 2017 6 essentials for secure BYOD in healthcare
  2. STORYBOAR the traditional approach to security is inadequate
  3. STORYBOAR 1: end-user adoption employees are rejecting MDM and MAM ■ Employees are resisting IT “big brother” ■ 38% of IT professionals don’t participate in their own BYOD programs ■ 57% of employees refuse MDM/MAM for BYOD Bitglass BYOD Security Survey 2015
  4. STORYBOAR ■ Impedes user privacy ■ Complex solution deployment and management ■ Lack of data visibility or protection ■ User privacy issues ■ Prevents use of native apps (mail/calendar) ■ 3rd party / cloud apps non-functional ■ Challenging deployments manage the device wrap the app secure the data 1: end-user adoption data-centric protection is the future ■ Protection of user privacy and experience ■ Any device, any app ■ Full data control and visibility for IT ■ Deploys in minutes, no mdm mam casb
  5. STORYBOAR 2: HIPAA compliance ■ access control ■ transmission security ■ audit and visibility ■ data integrity
  6. STORYBOAR 3: agentless BYOD access ■ Secure access from any unmanaged device without agents ■ Users are automatically routed through the proxy via SSO ■ Full data control and visibility for IT ■ Control data access with context and content-aware DLP
  7. STORYBOAR 3: agentless BYOD access “By 2018, more than half of all bring your own device (BYOD) users that currently have an MDM agent will be managed by an agentless solution” Rob Smith, John Girard, and Dionisio Zumerle, “How to Live With Unmanaged Devices,” August 2015.
  8. STORYBOAR 4: data leakage prevention ■ Apply granular DLP to sensitive data ■ Distinguish between users, managed and unmanaged devices, access locations ■ Modify sharing permissions and quarantine sensitive files (e.g. PHI) before sharing
  9. STORYBOAR 5: device-centric controls ■ Maintain device pin/passcode requirements ■ Wipe corporate data from deprovisioned devices ■ Disk encryption
  10. STORYBOAR 6: easy management and deployment ■ Security must be adopted by end users ○ Independent physicians common in healthcare ■ Policies should work across applications
  11. STORYBOAR recap: 6 essentials for BYOD security in healthcare ■ End-user adoption ■ HIPAA compliance ■ Agentless solution that works on unmanaged devices ■ DLP ■ Device-centric controls ■ Easy management and deployment
  12. STORYBOAR challenge ■ Ensure OneDrive usage is HIPAA-compliant ■ Prevent leakage of PII and PHI ■ Maintain end user privacy ■ Enforce data security policies on managed and unmanaged devices solution ■ Real-time inline data protection on any device ■ Block downloads of PHI and PII to unmanaged devices ■ Agentless BYOD with selective wipe ■ Ability to support future enterprise-wide SaaS deployments 200K users secure office 365 + byod major US hospital system
  13. STORYBOAR our mission total data protection outside the firewall 13 #1 CASB real-time data protection founded 2013 tier 1 funding award-winning tech leader 3 patents, 3 pending
  14. resources: more info about byod and healthcare ■ research: healthcare breach report ■ case study: healthcare firm secures cloud and mobile ■ infographic: cloud adoption in healthcare
  15. STORYBOAR @bitglass

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  1. The old approach to the problem is to secure the infrastructure. Historically this has been where the spend for large organizations has been. Secure your network, put agents on every trusted device to manage the device etc. Fact is that the "trusted device" approach makes you more vulnerable to breaches since users take their devices home for the weekend, and come back infected on monday. Malware Mondays! Issues with this approach - cumbersome. expensive to administer since you have to manage every device and network. And usability is poor too, especially when it comes to mdm One of the big problems with this architecture -- unmanaged devices accessing the cloud directly. No visibility or control for IT teams. Complex to deploy/ Poor user experience/ Data-sync proliferation/ BYOD blindspot
  2. in: CA, NY, MA, IL, N Bitglass’ mission is total data protection outside the firewall - from cloud to device, and anywhere on the internet. Our award winning company was founded in January 2013, is backed by Tier 1 VCs, including NEA and Norwest Venture Partners, and we have more than 250 enterprise customers. #1 casb for inline data protection 250+ customers 100-200k user range, 20k average 98.4% renewal rate