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CASBs and Office 365 (with Argyle)

  1. STORYBOARDS Total Data Protection Outside the Firewall securing office 365
  2. STORYBOARDS office 365 is the leading SaaS productivity suite: market share has tripled year over year 2014 2015 google apps office 365 other 16.3% 7.7% 76% 22.8% 25.2%52%
  3. STORYBOARDS enterprises face a security balancing act: maintaining security/control while empowering users ■ cloud data-at-rest concerns ■ restricting data on unmanaged devices ■ detecting credential compromise ■ controlling external sharing
  4. STORYBOARDS office 365 security critical capabilities cloud data-at-rest encryption external sharing controls access contextual access control data leakage prevention user behavior analytics identity unified identity contextual multi-factor authentication mobile protect sensitive cloud data synced / downloaded to managed and unmanaged devices across all cloud apps
  5. STORYBOARDS managed devices application access access control data protection unmanaged devices / byod in the cloud Forward Proxy ActiveSync Proxy Device Profile: Pass ● Email ● Browser ● OneDrive Sync ● Full Access ● User behavior analytics Reverse Proxy + AJAX VM ActiveSync Proxy ● DLP/DRM/encryption ● Device PIN/encryption API Control External Sharing Restricted ● Block risky shares ● Alert on DLP events Device Profile: Fail ● Mobile Email ● Browser ● Contextual multi-factor auth office365 use case: cloud access security brokers
  6. STORYBOARDS secure office 365 + byod challenge ■ Inadequate native O365 security ■ Controlled access from managed & unmanaged devices ■ Limit external sharing ■ Interoperable with existing infrastructure, e.g. Bluecoat, ADFS competition ■ Skyhigh, Netskope, Adallom solution ■ Real-time inline DLP on any device (Citadel) ■ Contextual access control on managed & unmanaged devices (Omni) ■ API control in the cloud ■ Discover data breach & Shadow IT fortune 50 healthcare 30k employees 6
  7. STORYBOARDS secure salesforce + office 365 financial services $6Tn assets 7 ■ Needed complete CASB for enterprise-wide migration to SaaS ■ Encryption of data-at-rest in Salesforce ■ Security for Office365 competition ■ Salesforce Shield, Skyhigh, Ciphercloud, Bluecoat Perspecsys, Netskope, Adallom solution ■ Searchable true encryption of data in Salesforce ■ Preserve cloud/prem app integrations ■ Full control of encryption keys ■ Real-time inline DLP on any device (Citadel) ■ Contextual access control on managed & unmanaged devices (Omni)
  8. STORYBOARDS bitglass mission total data protection outside the firewall est. jan 2013 200+ customers $35m funding 8
  9. STORYBOARDS rich campagna

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