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Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Belize for Offshore Companies

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Belize is one of Latin America’s preferred jurisdictions for incorporating an offshore company. It’s stable currency and pro-investment governmental policies make it an attractive location for foreigners to move their money to.

To have success in the formation of your company in Belize, it is crucial you stay on top of the legal and fiscal changes in the country. If you are looking for a company that can properly audit your business in Belize or correctly advise you on the tax requirements in the country, then Biz Latin Hub can help you. If you simply need some resources and information on the most pertinent accounting and tax information in Belize, then check out our presentation made by our accounting experts below. We know this presentation will help you to successfully set up and maintain your company in Belize.

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Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Belize for Offshore Companies

  1. 1. Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Belize for Offshore Companies www.bizlatinhub.com
  2. 2. Current Fiscal Advantages in Belize www.bizlatinhub.com Only has 1 Double Taxation agreement in-force. Can create International Business Companies which are exempt from all taxes in Belize. #1Ranked country in Latin America & Caribbean for Paying Taxes. Fast and easy IBC registration in Belize makes it accesible for foreigners to form businesses. Belize Trade and Investment Development Service fosters foreign investment.
  3. 3. www.bizlatinhub.com Accounting & Tax Requirements in Belize Value Added Tax Rate Corporate Company Tax Rate Dividend Tax Rate Limited Liability Company Tax Rate Branch Tax Rate 0% 0% 0% Exempted from all local taxes 0% Requirement to file Monthly Taxes Requirement to file Annual Taxes Reporting to what Accounting Standard Requirement to invoice through the National Tax Authority No No Not Applicable No Key Information: The above information applies for an ”offshore” company, meaning the company does not have a commercial interest within Belize
  4. 4. www.bizlatinhub.com Accounting and Taxation Services Accounting Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables and Treasury Reporting Tax Planning and Declarations Payroll Services Audit Services We keep your books and accounting registries in compliance with local laws and regulations. We provide complete and comprehensive support services for these key areas. We can adapt reports to your specific needs, in multiple currency formats and complying with international and local accountancy standards. Planning and presentation of taxes before the local tax authorities. Calculation, presentation and payment. We provide bespoke, and tailored audit services to meet legal, financial and compliance requirements.
  5. 5. We Can Help! www.bizlatinhub.com Biz Latin Hub is a market leader in helping local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Latin America and has multi-lingual services that are Reliable, Tailored and Responsive Commercial Representation Company Formation Immigration Services Accounting and Taxation Services Other Services Legal Services
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  7. 7. More Information on Forming an Offshore company in Belize www.bizlatinhub.com Why Choose Belize for an Offshore Company Incorporation How to Protect Assets Through a Company Incorporation in Belize or Panama What is the Process to Incorporate an Offshore Company in Belize?