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Due Diligence Services Case Studies - Latin America

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Doing Business in Latin America - This document is a brief overview of some of the recent due diligence and corporate investigation cases that we have completed. We have kept details to a minimum to preserve the privacy of our clients.

Biz Latin Hub is a leading provider of Due Diligence, Investigation, Market Enter and Back Office Services with offices in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Belize ( we can also provide services in Cuba, Costa Rica and Paraguay) - Please visit us at www.bizlatinhub.com to learn more.

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Due Diligence Services Case Studies - Latin America

  1. 1. Flexible │ Client-Oriented │ Reliable www.bizlatinhub.com DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES Managing your Business Risks in Latin America Partner with the Biz Latin Hub Group to provide tailored and thorough Due Diligence Services on your Partner investments, business partners, suppliers, employees and clients. Our Case Studies
  2. 2. Case Studies 2 | www.bizlatinhub.com security@bizlatinhub.com DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES – CASE STUDIES The Biz Latin Hub Group ( www.bizlatinhub.com ) is a leading provider of Market Entry, Back Office, Due Diligence and Investigation Studies within Latin America. While we keep our client’s information confidential, we have prepared below a brief overview of some due diligence and investigation activities that we have carried out over the past five years. BOLIVIA Over the last three years, we have produced reports on the following: • Mining and Energy sectors in Bolivia • Relations and tensions between Chile and Bolivia • Narco-trafficking in Bolivia • Political intentions of President Evo Morales • Corruption in Bolivia • The role of the Chinese in Bolivia These have been used in several high profile litigations and acquisitions. PERU We provided the client with detailed information on one of their rouge suppliers which led to the recovery of the full amount. ST KITTS We did a full profile of the assets of an individual in the island. CUBA We resolved a missing persons case, the client stated that they had tried five other consultancies before finding us. COSTA RICA We carried out research into the owners of a business in the country. We discovered that they had links to certain individuals who had criminal backgrounds. GUATEMALA We investigated an acquisition in the country and discovered it involved numerous kickbacks. PANAMA We have carried out a number of investigations in Panama looking at a range of companies and individuals. These inquiries typically involved open source research and human source reporting.
  3. 3. Case Studies 3 | www.bizlatinhub.com security@bizlatinhub.com OUR NETWORK We have a Regional presence and can offer our services across the following countries • Mexico • Guatemala • El Salvador • Nicaragua • Costa Rica • Panama • Colombia • Venezuela • Peru • Paraguay • Chile • Argentina • Bolivia • Ecuador • The Guyanas • The Caribbean Islands CONTACT INFORMATION If you are presented with a situation where you need our Due Diligence and Investigation Skills please don’t hesitate to contact us. For every enquire we will analyse your specific case and present you with a tailored solution to your individual needs. For more information please contact us at security@bizlatinhub.com