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Manage your office forms, documents and projects with sharepoint intranet

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In this presentation will show you how SharePoint can be used to better organize and manage critical parts of your business and be the only place you need to go for your daily work.

What You Will Learn:
• How to use SharePoint to better manage your office forms, documents, projects, and corporate communications
• Which add-ons and Office 365 tools to use with SharePoint
• How SharePoint can be used with other business systems (e.g., ERP, CRM)
• How SharePoint can be your single, go-to workplace solution.

Contact info:
Website: https://www.bizportals365.com
Email: bizinfo@bizportals.com

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Manage your office forms, documents and projects with sharepoint intranet

  1. 1. BetterManage YourOffice Forms, Documents, and Projects on SharePoint Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions
  2. 2. Agenda 2 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions 1) Introductions 2) Using SharePoint to better manage yourbusiness • Office forms, documents, projects, & existing business systems 3) Using SharePoint to bring it all together into one workplace solution(demo) 4) Q&A
  3. 3. Microsoft Gold Partner for15+ Years Focus Office 365 Users SmallandMedium- SizedBusinesses Enterprise (teams anddepartments) Expertise Intranet/business portals SharePoint Office 365 Microsoft platforms Who WeAre: BizPortals Solutions FullService Product / Development Implementation Office 365Services 3 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions
  4. 4. Better manage your business on SharePoint: Office Forms 4 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions  Digitize your forms with commonly used, pre-built electronic forms  Automate multi-stage workflow for easyreview andapprovals  Integrate with Outlook forreal-time notifications and quick access  Customize forms basedon your needs  HaveaManager’s dashboard and work area for team forms  Useful Office 365 tools: Outlook, Flow, Forms(in future)
  5. 5. Better manage your business on SharePoint: Documents 5 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions  Check-in,check-out documents with revision control for collaboration  Categorize/tag documents and content to organize and target audience  Usepowerful searchwith metadatato easily find any content  Integrate with OneDrivefor aunified view of personal and work docs  Customize document views and lists forquick and easyaccess  Useful Office 365 tools: OneDrive,Delve
  6. 6. Better manage your business on SharePoint: Projects 6 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions  Useteam sites and admin controls for cross-team project execution  Manage project portfolio w/ dashboard views and powerful search  Createand customize lists for comprehensivetask and issue management  Incorporate and view project calendars andmilestones  Integrate project discussionswithin project/team sites with Yammer  Useful Office 365 tools: Planner,Yammer
  7. 7. Better manage your business on SharePoint: Business Systems 7 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions  Integrate with ERP,CRM,Sales,QMS,etc.  Bring in data, reports, andworkflows  Integrate with PowerBI to visualize and derive action from data  Useful Office 365 tools:PowerBI
  8. 8. 9 One comprehensive workplace solution on SharePoint
  9. 9. Benefits of a ready-to-go SharePoint solution 9 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions  Simplicity  Powerful Ecosystem& Solution  CostSavings  Quick Implementation  Built for Future
  10. 10. Steps to better manage your business with SharePoint 10 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions 1) Think about your business and employeeneeds 2) Align needs with SharePoint features and Office365 tools 3) Use SharePoint as your one go-to solution, hub, & launchpad
  11. 11. A simple way to organize, connect, and manage critical parts of yourbusiness all on the Office 365platform.  Revs up SharePoint into a productivityhub  Provides more than just collaboration tools – Projects, HR, Forms, and more  Integrates with Office 365 tools and business applications  Built for SMBs – simple, concise, and secure Bring your business and Office 365 together. 11 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions The BizPortals 365 Product
  12. 12. The BizPortals 365 Product 12 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions  Single, easy-to-use, accessfrom anywhere workplacesolution  Integrates functionality acrosstools, but keepscomplexity behind thescene  Go-to productivity tool that automates and reduces busywork  Ready-to-gosolution to minimize IT,setup, and maintenancecost  Asmart investment that scalesand gets more out of your SharePoint & Office365
  13. 13. Let us know how we can help 13 Copyright © 2015–2017 BizPortalsSolutions Contact info: https://www.bizportals365.com bizinfo@bizportals.com