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  1. BizSQUAREBusiness Intelligence Solutions Multidisciplinary Professional Servic
  2. • BizSQUARE is a fastest growing outsourcing company based in Bangalore, India. • Incorporated in 2012, we are a team of qualified professionals having the experience and knowledge of providing tailor made solutions to enterprises and designing outsourcing strategies for them. • Our team strongly believes in building intangible assets like business intelligence alongside tangible assets and entrepreneurial success like any other success is not about perfection but direction.
  3. What we do Weprovidesinglewindow concept to your businessand undertake contractsfor variousprofessional services. In short, weshall commit to providemulti disciplinary seamless services. Our ServicesOur Services
  4. Success Factors • Our clients value our collaborative approach. Right from inception, BizSQUARE’s founders have emphasized the importance of professional standards and personalized service; and to this day, we continue to reflect this progressive mindset by serving our clients with integrity, delivering high quality, innovative results. • Our ability to easily identify, confront and resolve a variety of issues and concerns for our clients comes from our years of experience across a wide range of industries and geographies, combined with a versatile group of professionals and a multi-disciplinary team. • Our expertise, innovative thinking, networking, direct marketing approach and quick TAT has given us 100% success in all the professional assignments we have taken so far in short span of time.  •We have a stated policy of ensuring high quality services to each client irrespective of its location and size. This is achieved by bringing professional and analytical skills to the assignments, which we have developed through the academic background, training, continuing professional education and engagement expertise.
  5. Outsourcing Vs. In House Hiring Factors Outsourced In- House Cost Variable/Reduced Fixed Work Instant, Productive & uninterrupted Distraction and time lags Staffing Flexibility Just in Time Limited Knowledge Professional working knowledge, expertise Basic or/and Advanced Competencies/skills On Demand Constrained Training Impact None Time and Cost Speed of Change Proactive Reactive Data Security Secured , automatic backups, encrypted, State of art electronic surveillance with zero maintenance fee Vulnerable to loss of data, high maintenance cost Accounting Software Cloud based applications Traditional desktop based software Books of Accounts updating Real Time and Online Manual working
  6.  Host of professional services provided under one name.  We provide sustainable cost and time savings on difficult projects. We are known for prompt attention to client’s request and attention to details.  We maintain excellent quality of services and timeliness of the work.  Commitment of time to understand the clients business which helps us to render a host of services and address some of the important needs of the client. Our client servicing strategy makes it very important to understand the client’s business really well during planning phase of assignment.  Our Partners are reputed with being subject & industry experts and take pride in a work culture that is both client-centric and knowledge driven. WHY US?
  7.  We travel with time & technology. Hence, Cloud based accounting is offered to our clients. Secure, efficient and reliable method for maintaining business and accounting books. Regular backups and safety maintained.  Flexible structuring of services and fees that goes good with clients business and requirements.  Our approach is a top down risk based approach, emphasizing on early and careful planning and keeping basis of entity’s control systems.  We believe in early identification and timely reporting of any key issues and maintain a continuous conversation with clients, thereby ensuring no surprises at the end of the assignment.  Reasonable cost of carrying out assignments at regular basis. Providing value for money and assurance of professional care and due diligence in handling the scope of work.
  8. “Sometimes it takes an expert to point out the obvious” If you like what you just saw and wish to avail our services, please contact us!! It will be an honour for us to be associated with your organisation. 09035 913 932