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An innovative cloud based sales intelligence platform !

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Bizkonnect works in Actionable Sales Intelligence space. It provides intelligence to sales and marketing people like the List of companies using specific technologies and also assists in personalized campaigns . BizKonnect can be your data partner for cleaning up existing CRM data.

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An innovative cloud based sales intelligence platform !

  1. 1. An innovative cloud based sales intelligence platform ! People do business with someone they trust.The trust comes from connections – People, Corporate and Business Connections.The most effective connection to approach the unknown target prospects is the business connection.Cold calling does not work.Knowing accurate customer pain points will help you in your sales.Company website is its resume. It can be used to understand its business ecosystem.You need to use the latest technologies to get accurate business information. You need to communicate to your prospects that "I understand the problem you are facing, I have a solution for it and I have provided that solution to another company who is of your size, in your geography, in your domain and uses similar technology. I understand you and have solved the problem in a similar ecosystem." You NOW have built the trust and confidence with your prospect by leveraging the Business Connection. BizKonnect helps you to connect with your target decision makers leveraging business connections. We have an ecosystem of all businesses connected with their business connections. We leverage our connected business ecosystem of 20 Million global businesses and provide sales intelligence, analytics and theme campaign solutions to the sales and marketing teams. We provide actionable sales intelligence and help you with the technology users lists, decision makers contact list. Our clients use the contact list to reach to their decision makers. We provide deep sales intelligence like market analysis, heat map, organizational chart, technology map, connection map which help you in the Account Based Marketing. Our theme based personalized campaigning solution is very effective in giving qualified meetings with the decision makers. The assisted service model makes it a virtual sales assistant for your sales executives. With our own company database of 20 Million companies, we are trusted data and campaign partners of global sales and marketing teams. You can request for free samples at https://goo.gl/DzVCs3