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The Event Professionals of Tomorrow Study

  1. THE 2016 EVENT PROFESSIONALS OF TOMORROW STUDY The Latest Event Planning Trends Organizers Must Know To Take Their Events To The Next Level
  2. #1 Event Marketing #2 Social Media bizzabo@behance #3 Budgeting The Event #5 The Event Planner Timeline #7 Defining Event Success #9 How Event Planners Keep Up With Trends 0101 BIZZABO #4 The State Of Event Technology #6 Biggest Trends In Event Planning #8 Event Planning Pain Points And Challenges #10 The Dream Event Planner Tool #11 Recommendations And Conclusion #12 About Bizzabo The full survey includes:
  3. 0102 BIZZABO In December 2015, Bizzabo launched a global survey to learn about upcoming trends within the event planning industry. The “Event Professionals of Tomorrow” survey sought to gather information regarding event planning best practices through direct insight from event professionals. About
  4. 0103 BIZZABO The “Event Professionals of Tomorrow” survey shed insight onto three particular facets of the event planning process: Event Marketing, Event Technology, Event Success. Here is a sneak peek of our full survey which can be downloaded here. Defining Event Success Budgeting The Event Social MediaEvent Marketing 1 2 3 4
  5. 0104 BIZZABO 1 2 3 Our Findings ✦ Email marketing is still king: 85% of survey respondents chose an email marketing campaign to promote their event. Event Marketing
  6. 0105 BIZZABO 1 2 3 Our Findings ✦ Over 45% of respondents said that email marketing has the biggest impact on actually increasing registrations. Event Marketing
  7. 0106 BIZZABO = Insights This statistic indicates that event organizers aren’t up to speed with new technologies or that they are simply choosing the easiest promotional tool to reach a wide audience. It also shows that email marketing actually has a high yield. Event Marketing
  8. 0107 BIZZABO 1 2 3 Event marketing and event success go hand in hand. Without thoughtful attention to event marketing, your event will simply not receive the traction needed to obtain registrations. 1 2 What does this mean for event planners? Event Marketing Event marketing also provides the mechanism for event organizers to create a brand and reputation for their event.
  9. 0108 BIZZABO 1 2 3 ✦ 82% of respondents chose social media as a component of their event marketing campaign. Our Findings Social Media ✦ Facebook and Twitter are leading social media marketing tools.
  10. 0109 BIZZABO 1 2 3 Our Findings Social Media ✦ However, Pinterest and Snapchat are heavily underutilized.
  11. 0110 BIZZABO = Insights ✦ Instagram is quickly becoming another popular social media platform. With over 300 million monthly active users, Instagram is a great platform to market your event brand. ✦ The data also illuminates that event planners are starting to choose ways to maximize their event marketing potential, through email and social media. Social Media
  12. 0111 BIZZABO = Insights ✦ 82% of respondents noted that they use “word of mouth” as a marketing channel to promote their event, yet only 12% consider “word of mouth” as having the biggest impact in increasing registrations. ✦ We believe this correlation indicates that event organizers are hesitant to abandon traditional marketing tactics even though they realize they aren’t effective. Social Media
  13. 0112 BIZZABO 1 2 3 The ways in which SnapChat and Pinterest could be utilized to promote events are broad. Two use cases are SnapChat’s “live stories” feature and Pinterest’s advanced mobile app. 1 How can event planners better utilize Social Media? Social Media
  14. 0113 BIZZABO 1 2 3 Customization and the ability to breakdown the different types of prospects depending on their engagement level, interests, location and so on, allows organizers to achieve much greater results with content specific emails. 2 How can event planners better utilize Social Media? Social Media
  15. 0114 BIZZABO = Our Findings ✦ 36% of planners spend most of their budget on the venue, and 34% spend most on catering. Budgeting The Event
  16. 0115 BIZZABO = Insights The high prices of venues and catering takes up a lot of the budgeting that could be designated for other important facets of the event planning process. Budgeting The Event
  17. 0116 BIZZABO = One way an event technology platform can help organizers obtain high quality and high paying sponsors, through features like event apps that can provide ads and a location for sponsor’s promotional content. Planners can then designate these funds to acquiring higher quality speakers, which according to our survey, only about 10% of organizers spend most of their budget on. How can organizers use event technology to expand their revenue? Budgeting The Event
  18. 0117 BIZZABO 1 2 3 Our Findings ✦ With 84% of respondents choosing attendee satisfaction as the measure of event success, measuring satisfaction is much more difficult than measuring other definitions of event success. Defining Event Success
  19. 0118 BIZZABO = Insights Contrary to common belief, attendee satisfaction leads the way as the determinate of event success, rather than revenue or ticket sales - by a vast difference of 28%. Defining Event Success
  20. 0119 BIZZABO = Insights This realization seems to clash with the statistics on event technology. With 58% percent choosing to invest or set aside a budget of less than 10% for event software solutions, event planners are not fully aware of the benefits of event technology. Defining Event Success
  21. 0120 BIZZABO 1 2 3 A major benefit of event technology is that is makes event success measurable and understandable to event organizers. Event technology also augments event success for attendees in terms of engagement, particularly by maximizing networking opportunities through event apps and social media integration. How can event planners measure event success better? Defining Event Success
  22. Social Media Biggest Trends In Event Planning Budgeting The Event Defining Event Success Event Marketing The Event Planner Timeline 0121 BIZZABO The State Of Event Technology Event Planning Pain Points And Challenges The Dream Event Planner Tool How Event Planners Keep Up With Trends Recommendations And Conclusion About Bizzabo The survey includes: Want to receive the full survey?
  23. BIZZABO Brought to you by Bizzabo Helping organizers around the world plan better events with an all-in-one event success platform The study was made possible with the help of our great partners: * Based on a 500 event planner survey led by Bizzabo in December 2015