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Sarobi Flood (Updated 8 Aug 13)

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Sarobi Flood (Updated 8 Aug 13)

  1. 1. Sarobi District, Kabul Province “In the region's worst natural disaster this year, flooding caused by monsoon rains killed 35 people, including women and children, in the worst-hit district of Sarobi.” ABC News, 6 August 2013 http://bit.ly/132tDFv Sarobi Relief
  2. 2. Where is Sarobi? Sarobi Relief
  3. 3. Getting There is Not Easy Sarobi Relief
  4. 4. Looks OK From a Distance Sarobi Relief
  5. 5. Up Close “In Kabul's Surobi district, police chief Shaghasi Ahmadi said 34 people were killed. . . . He said 22 of the bodies from Surobi were later found downstream in Laghman. Surobi . . . is also rife with Taliban activity.“ Associated Press, 4 August 2013 http://bit.ly/15ZGx7O Sarobi Relief
  6. 6. Streets are Closed Sarobi Relief
  7. 7. Homes are Destroyed Sarobi Relief Sarobi floods sweep away dozens of people, houses. Frontier Post, 3 August 2013 http://bit.ly/13qdbtt
  8. 8. One Water Pump Remains Sarobi Relief
  9. 9. Rubble is Everywhere Sarobi Relief
  10. 10. Everything is Wet Sarobi Relief
  11. 11. There is No Power Sarobi Relief
  12. 12. Men Wander in Groups Sarobi Relief “Officials said 34 died in the Sarobi district alone.” Updated News, 4 August 2013 http://bit.ly/11Tmip1
  13. 13. Children Aren’t Playing Sarobi Relief
  14. 14. Girl’s School Destroyed Sarobi Relief
  15. 15. Girl’s School Destroyed 400 Students Sarobi Relief
  16. 16. Girl’s School Destroyed Records are washed from the Administrator’s Office Sarobi Relief
  17. 17. Searching the River Bed Sarobi Relief
  18. 18. Aid is Limited Sarobi Relief
  19. 19. Scouts were Impacted Sarobi Scoutmaster Abdul Kahalil’s home and meeting place are destroyed Sarobi Relief
  20. 20. Afghan Scouts Put Service First Sarobi Scoutmaster Abdul Kahlil Chief Scout Exec. Tamim Hamkar & Sarobi SPL Abdul Hay Natl. Training Commissioner “Mustafa”, SPL Abdul Hay & SM Abdul Kahlil Sarobi Relief
  21. 21. Afghan Scout Relief will Focus on the Girl’s School • Fundraiser -- $2,000+ • Classroom Supplies (white boards, markers, fans, portable tables) • School Supplies (paper, pencils) • First Aid supplies • Clothes, towels, blankets • Outdoor Toys (balls, dolls) Sarobi Relief
  22. 22. Help Afghan Scouts Help Sarobi • Donate via 501(c)3 www.Give2Asia.org/PARSA • Donate via PayPal www.AfghanScouts.org • Cash deliveries and Gifts in Kind – English: Keith Blackey Keith@Blackey.net – Dari and Pashto: Tamim Hamkar hamkar_asa@yahoo.com Sarobi Relief
  23. 23. Afghan Scouts Sarobi Relief Implementation Team L to R: Tamim Hamkar, Nat’l Scout Exec.; Keith Blackey, Scout Adviser: “Aziz”, Driver; “Mustafa”, Nat’l Scout Training Commissioner; Mohsen Aref, Scout Social Worker; Abdul Kahlil, Sarobi Scoutmaster. Sarobi Relief
  24. 24. Sarobi Relief