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  1. COMPANY Grow, Expand, Thrive PROFILE BRANDING DESIGN PRINTING MARKETING SERVICES INFOMARK TC LTD Plessey House, 1st Floor, Uhuru Highway P.O. Box 7118 - 00200, Nairobi Tel: 020 80 90009 / 0771 71 55 33 / 0722 308 987 Email:
  2. COMPANYPROFILE•Page2 COMPANY PROFILE Introduction Infomark TC Ltd is a Nairobi-based design, branding, printing and marketing company that was established in 2008 with the aim of meeting the growing demand for quality brand solutions in Kenya and beyond. We develop customer-specific, user-friendly and affordable solutions, which are informed by the needs of our clients. For us, the success of our customers is our key priority. Mission • To provide unmatched Design, advertising and marketing services to our clients in Kenya and beyond. • To partner with our customers and add value to their business through the provision of cutting-edge solutions. • To deliver our services with a positive approach and highest level of customer service. Vision To be a leader in the provision of design, branding, printing and marketing solutions in Kenya and beyond. Core Values 1. Reliable and timely service. 2. Integrity and professionalism. 3. Innovativeness and creativity. 4. Passion and excellence. “Successful marketing depends on getting the right message to the right people at the right time” COMPANYPROFILE•Page2
  3. Page3• COMPANYPROFILE IN FO M A R K TC LTD • TEL: 020 80 90009 / 0721 675 741 / in fo @ in fo m ark tc .c om IN FO MARK TC LT D • TE L: 02 0 80 90 00 9 / 07 21 67 5 74 1 / info @ info mar m OURSERVICES 1. Design, Publishing and Printing Solutions At Infomark we have the expertise needed to produce high-end designs, and also ensuring that we deliver high quality digital and offset prints. Clients can either submit ready artwork for printing, or work with our designers to come up with a concept, and subsequently develop a refined product, be it a flier, brochure, book or any other publication. We have a highly experienced team of creative designers using state-of-the-art technology. Once a client is satisfied with the designs submitted, physical proofs are prepared, and submitted for approval by the client. We also have an efficient production team, who ensure that a client’s job is done professionally and submitted within agreed timelines. We provide printing solutions for the following products • Books / booklets • Magazines • Company Profiles • Annual Reports • Brochures • Business cards • Posters • Calendars • Fliers • Stickers • Seasonal cards • Banners • T-shirts • Polo shirts • Caps • Carrier/gift bags • Pens • Self-inking stamps • Ceramic items, e.g. cups and plates • Shop signs
  4. COMPANYPROFILE•Page4 We have access to the state-of-the art printing equipment that output high quality work. As Infomark TC, we also partner with large printing firms to leverage on their equipment and expertise so that we can offer the highest possible service to our clients. 2. Branding and Corporate Identity Branding is one of the most effective ways of bringing out your company’s products and services to your clients and ensure that you outsmart competitors. Branding will equip your product or service with instant credibility and value that cannot be achieved in any other way. Some of the strategies we use include professional design of logos/trademarks, corporate colours, generating captivating brand lines, and training your company on relationship with investors, media, competitors, government among others. We design professional logos for web and print use to help establish your brand. We do this with simplicity and versatility in mind to scale and print well. Our clients are provided with initial concepts and subsequent revisions until they are satisfied. Finally we provide them with the right formats for various purposes. 3. Digital Marketing Through digital marketing, we take you to where your clients and potential clients are found – in the online community. We initiate campaigns that will ensure that clients get to know about your services and products, and also develop interest in them. We will help convert such interested clients into viable business opportunities. Some of the services we offer in digital marketing include: • Search engine marketing and optimization • Social media marketing and optimization • Email marketing
  5. Page5• COMPANYPROFILE 4. eBook Conversion Services We are at the forefront in facilitating conversion of books to the electronic/device-ready format. That means, with a smart phone, kindle, iPad and other device, one can access your book. We mainly target publishers, authors, libraries and information centres. We prepare XML, ePub, Mobipocket/kindle and web-ready PDF formats. 5. Website Development We work with our clients to develop logical, easy to navigate and easy to manage websites. Our designers ensure that they integrate choice photography, illustrations, animations, custom graphics and text to bring out the most ideal online presence for our clients. We partner to bring out ideas that will make clients’ websites distinctive, and ensure that they communicate effectively with their stakeholders. We also ensure that we develop great layouts, look and feel, and iterative schemes that will enable easy and enjoyable navigation and web browsing experience for a visitor. We ensure that the websites we design have been optimized for search engines using keywords relevant to our client’s niche market, as well as using site indexes. 6. Asset Tagging We offer durable asset labels and asset tags that are designed to help with asset identification, control and tracking your valuable assets from cradle to grave. We understand that your property management system relies on asset labels that will remain readable for the life of your asset. Asset inventory and control processes are expensive, and the cost extends beyond the price of a label. Should an asset ID label fail, the cost of lost information and re-labeling is high. With Infomark TC, you will receive an asset identification label or tag that lasts the “life of the asset” delivered at a very competitive price. That’s our guarantee! 7. Event Management We offer a complete event management package for workshops, conferences and launch events covering all logistical aspects, design of electronic and printed communication material. We also offer administration of the pre- and post-event. Our branding entails both indoor and outdoor, and our clients have the option of utilizing individual aspects of our events management package.
  6. COMPANYPROFILE•Page6 Why Choose Infomark TC Ltd? We realize that your budget is tight and that you need a respectable return on your investment (ROI) from your marketing initiatives. Competitive Pricing We provide our clients with the highest quality product and service at the most competitive price by charging them fairly and objectively for the product/service rendered. Customized service We look forward to meeting our clients’ needs through gathering sufficient information on their requirements, analyzing them and translating into workable and user-friendly solutions in line with their product and service line, vision, mission and organization culture. Long-term Partnerships We aim to establish log-term partnerships with our clients, taking them as partners whom we can offer competitive solutions. When our clients succeed, we also succeed. Our Staff We have competent and qualified personnel to support our clients in ensuring that the products and services we provide meet the quality standards required. We work with our clients and engage them throughout design processes until the cycle is complete. We work as a team to deliver the highest possible quality service to our clients.
  7. Page7• COMPANYPROFILE Starlink International Travel Services 2000 1 PETER 3:15 Va& S Y S T E M S Jedi P Micropoint Systems T OUR CLIENT PORTFOLIO OUR CLIENT PORTFOLIO Venterp Services Venterp Se Sarah Ng Sales - Corporate Ringroad Park, 1 B6, Ringroad, W P. O. Box 2488-001 Tel: +254 737-5 Mobile: +254 721 Email: info@venterp we offer the best Wayfami Ltd. Our Clientele We are passionate in providing our you with cost-effective marketing and advertising solutions that will ensure that you achieve business success. Our client portfolio features companies such as: 1. Boresha Sacco 2. Africa Hope 3. Barclays Bank of Kenya 4. MicroLAN Africa 5. Sinohydro Corporation Ltd 6. Country Strategic Kenya 7. Kabarak University 8. Manaki Ltd 9. Wayfami Ltd 10. Beth International Ltd 11. Twinkle Time Cleaning Services 12. Robyn Business Systems, among others. “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Jeff Bezos
  8. COMPANYPROFILE•Page8 Our Contacts InfomarkTC Ltd Plessey House, 1st Floor, Uhuru Highway P .O. Box 7118 - 00200, Nairobi Tel: 020 80 90009 / 0771 71 55 33 / 0722 308 987 Email: Web: