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Microsoft Office 365 Presentation

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A look at why you should move to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 Presentation

  1. 1. Business- class Email HD Video Conferencing File Sharing Plus Anywhere Access Simple IT Management Financially- backed SLA Technical Support Office Desktop Apps Office Mobile Office Web Apps
  2. 2. o Microsoft & Partner o Keep the control you want o All services work together o No servers to set up HD Video Conferencing Business- Class Email File Sharing Anywhere Access Simple IT Management Financially- Backed SLA Technical Support Full Office HD Video Conferencing o Office is always up-to-date o Use Office on 5 devices/user o Everything you need in one place, across all devices o Sync files to devices for offline viewing and editing
  3. 3. One single, scalable admin experience Business Core needs Enterprise Advanced needs CombineANY of these plans in a single Office 365 account. Business planshave 300 seat cap, perplan. Enterprise planshave noseat cap. other services (i.e. Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, Kiosk, Project, Visio, CRM, etc.)