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CHART: Comparing SSL Visibility Solutions

Stop encrypted traffic exploits!

Check out our comparison chart. Learn what the key criteria are and take a side-by-side look at how various features, functions, and technologies stack up. It’s a helpful tool that will shed light on your best options.

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CHART: Comparing SSL Visibility Solutions

  1. 1. WHY SSL ENCRYPTED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT FROM BLUE COAT LEADS THE WAY RELIABILITY Enterprise-class reliability Purpose-built device for SSL decryption/re-encryption Single appliance offering simultaneous inbound/outbound SSL inspection, decryption and re-encryption Designed and produced by a leading security company PERFORMANCE Performance and scalability Manages up to 4 Gbps of SSL traffic Feeds multiple devices simultaneously with a single decrypted traffic stream Unmatched throughput capacity requires no costly performance upgrades POLICIES Rich policy features and enforcement Supports policies based on SSL traffic category Threat categorization with cloud-based Global Intelligence of SSL websites Automatically detects and prevents TLS vulnerabilities like Heartbleed MANAGEMENT Management and interoperability Support for all SSL traffic/apps - beyond HTTPS Highly granular SSL and session logging for actionable intelligence Extended cryptographic cipher and key support (Camellia, ChaCha20, DHE, ECDHE and RSA 8192-bit) Protocol and port agnostic - complete visibility into any protocol running over SSL/TLS Blue Coat Encrypted Traffic Management Solutions Typical Traffic Monitoring & Management Typical Application Delivery Controller / Load Balancer Typical Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) © 2015 2015 Blue Coat Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Blue Coat and the Blue Coat logos are registered trademarks of Blue Coat Systems, Inc. or its affiliates in the U.S. and certain other countries. v.DPS-ETM-COMPARISON-MATRIX-EN-v1i-0215 Blue Coat Systems Inc. www.bluecoat.com Corporate Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA +1.408.220.2200 EMEA Headquarters Hampshire, UK +44.1252.554600 APAC Headquarters Singapore +65.6826.7000 Find out how you can remove the encrypted traffic blind fold at bluecoat.com/uncoverssl.