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Blue Shift Gallery Photographer, Jurgen Dabeedin

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There's science behind great art! Find out more about the artist behind the images...

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Blue Shift Gallery Photographer, Jurgen Dabeedin

  1. a very long time ago! This is me!
  2. t me bit abou Here’s a ... but there’s none of this!! woohoo!!
  3. ork This is where I w
  4. I f o n ly ! This is where I really work
  5. I do stuff like this
  6. e this Fro m stuff lik
  7. re Which looks great he
  8. and here
  9. I know, becaus e people tell m e! John. Kent: ‘I have known Jurgen for many years and have bought several pieces from him. He is the best Michael and Belinda. Lincoln: technical photographer I have ‘We’ve found this fantastic scene met, producing stunning photos. that captured a sunset over the sea Great work!’ and mountains in Wales. It's worked so well with our colour scheme and reminds us of warmer days even on Stephen. Italy: the coldest winter night. Stunning!’ 'Jurgen-greetings from Italy. Just to advise that we`re delighted with your picture - see [attached] (which really doesn’t do it justice). Thanks again. S.'
  10. here? So how d id I end up
  11. I g re w up d ur in g ... puter!! ! m y first com ack RAM p e wobbl
  12. i X Un e of these e I en ded up with on ow c olleg at Harr
  13. r 20 years Then I did this fo clunky camera
  14. ( ) M h 1/4 H = c ”object” z p / nce bit I like d the scie
  15. ry bits But hat ed the go
  16. g this So I went back to doin
  17. member of Now I’m an associate posh!
  18. Here’s some oth er stuff about m e Mr Grumpy!
  19. I use to like m mmmm k e b a b .. .
  20. o I’m m ore int Now ...but I still like
  21. Things I love... smashing tunes! Bamboo RIP
  22. I also like recycling knobs from steph’s old drawing board and making stuff
  23. d me... Here’s where you’ll fin www.blueshiftgallery.com poncy shirt and on my website
  24. and here I’m very sociable :)
  25. py? m I hap a ...So 1 => /2 you bet!
  26. d out more? Do you want to fin Give me a call, email me or have a browse.... tel: +44 (0)1707 647591 mail@blueshiftgallery.com www.blueshiftgallery.com
  27. Tweaking, credits and love goes to... Queen Stephanie ducks) and Rubber to NASA, BBC (with thanks