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Intrinsically Safe Documentation for Bartol Mag-Probe



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This document is a downloadable letter from the manufacturer of the Mag-Probe - HSI Sensing. HSI Sensing is ISO 9001 and AS9100c Certified by TUV. You may use this document as verification of the intrinsically safe manufacturing process of the Mag-Probe.

Intrinsically Safe Documentation for Bartol Mag-Probe

  1. 1. The Mag Probe Sept 1, 2016 The Non-Contact Bartol Mag-Probe is a Magnetic Field Detector that will help you test Electrical Solenoid Valves, Relays and Coils in seconds. This Magnetic Field Detector is manufactured with components designed to last a long time and are designed with intrinsically safe performance in mind. The components are epoxy sealed inside a durable plastic housing featuring a hermetically sealed sensing device. There are no exposed contacts capable of generating a spark and the electrical signal operates on only 6 volts DC and is very current limited. David Posey Chief Technology Officer HSI Sensing, Chickasha, OK Phone: 405.224.4046 Fax: 405.224.9423 3100 Norge Rd. Chickasha, OK 73018 Email: info@hsisensing.com Web: www.hsisensing.com