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Classroom Concierge Report

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Classroom Concierge Report

  1. 1. Riley Cavanagh, Kurtis Cowan, Ben Billesdon&TyeInwood
  2. 2.  The task assigned to our group was to choose a social media channel of choice and be the class concierge. We would post important things that would happen throughout our classes such as assignment due dates, interesting topics that came up in conversation, links study notes, etc. The purpose of being a class concierge was to use a variety of different social media channels per group to keep classmates and teachers up to par with what is going on within each course. Whenever something important came up throughout the class, we would use our social media channels to feed that information back to our classmates. Each group member is responsible for his or her social media channel and they are responsible for relaying important information to everyone else by using that channel. Each team member was responsible for that social media outlet for one week.
  3. 3.  My Klout score is 48 and I am influential in three main topics. The three topics I am the most influential in are Kingston, Food and Drinks. On Kred, I have a total of 2,561 points. My top communities include Marketing, Advertising and Students.
  4. 4.  The channel I chose for my concierge week was Pinterest. This social media channel was chosen because I wanted to know more about it and learn how to use it. I am new to Pinterest and I figured it would be a good way to learn how it works. Everyone in our class that has Pinterest is following the IMC@SLC account therefore the message would be spread efficiently. The account contained a board for each of our classes. Everything that was pinned throughout my concierge week went directly onto the corresponding board for that class. The boards were filled with important or interesting information that could be of interest of my classmates.
  5. 5.  When pinning things to the boards, I stated the date and a caption describing the photo I pinned. This way my classmates are able to tell which date things were posted and what is an important take away from that class. I started my concierge week as soon as our team took over, and ended the day the other team started. Every day, I pinned something to the corresponding board in order to have at least one key take away or important note for everyone to be able to look back on.
  6. 6.  One thing I could have done better is attempt to find relevant information for whatever project or assignment we were working on that week that could help everyone out. Whether this piece of information gave people ideas on how to proceed with an assignment or not, it could have been something I could have added. Another simple element I could have done better would be to attempt to pin more course take away and information that was presented throughout the class. This would include anything interesting that was brought up throughout class discussion or something the teacher was discussing
  7. 7.  The channel choice I made was Google+ because the other three members in my group chose Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I felt that Google+ was a wise choice of channel because a week or two prior everyone in class had to create a Google+ account, therefore I knew I could reach everyone. Google+ allowed me to create and share a “circle” of everybody in the class. This meant that when others accessed Google+ they could easily find information within the circle I created.
  8. 8.  I was the first concierge to choose Google+ so I cannot compare what I did with anyone else via Google+. I will compare the number of posts that I published in comparison with my group members. Ben – 12 Kurtis - 10 Riley – 8 Tye – 6
  9. 9.  Kred ◦ Influence Points = 7,565 ◦ Top Communities = Students, Marketing & Fitness Klout ◦ Rating of 51/100 ◦ Influential topics include: Golf, social media and sports teams and clubs
  10. 10.  Posts delivered in timely matter Different content supplied (written, pictures and links) Organized content according to class Informative Some followers gave me a +1, meaning that the message meant something to them
  11. 11.  Not enough detail in some posts Don’t know if I used Google+ as effectively as possible Didn’t create enough conversation Note enough updates to inform the class
  12. 12. Here are some of the posted I delivered to the class.
  13. 13.  I chose Twitter as my channel choice because I have a higher influence on Twitter than any other channel I could have chosen. Twitter also creates a more direct link to my classmates because about half of my followers is made up of classmates and professors. I also prefer Twitter because it is concise and at the beginning of the year I was the most prolific tweeter for males in our class.
  14. 14.  Kred I have an Total Influence of 1,754 and my top three communities are Marketing, Students and Advertising Klout During our week as concierge my Klout score fluctuated between 40 and 41 My Influential topics are Business, Comedy and Entertainment
  15. 15.  Posted Everyday Posted updates and reminders about classes and assignments Concise Used the hash tag to make the tweets easy to find. #conceirge4theweek Retweed by the class to get the most exposure.
  16. 16.  I could have tweeted before and after classes Set up a schedule with regular times a day I would tweet Mention professors so students could contact them easily if they needed
  17. 17.  My channel of choice was the social media platform Facebook. I decided to go with Facebook for my week at being a concierge because Facebook was the one social networking site that as a class were connected on the most, with everyone being in the same group on Facebook and active Facebook users. Using Facebook allowed for easy updates to share and knowing that everyone connected would get an update via their phone while on the go or wherever they may be. Facebook aside from twitter was the one media that people responded to the fastest and were more likely to respond over because of its easy nature.
  18. 18.  Kred Influence total – 1, 182 ◦ Top three communities  Tech  Publishing  Education Klout score - 40 ◦ Top three influences  Photography  Social media  media
  19. 19.  My updates would not be as frequent as our Twitter concierge but my updates would be updates on the important issues in class such as big reminders for project due dates. Also a few updates would lead to small class discussion.
  20. 20.  My biggest weakness would be that I did not post as much as pervious Facebook concierges with fewer but of the same importance of updates. I could have given more frequent updates and little reminders as well as more discussion pieces for the class.