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[Education] Bonita Live Tour 2019 - Business Process Automation

One of our customers in Education, Old Dominion University, tells you about their digital transformation: why they were hungry for a BPM solution, how Bonita served up what they were looking for, the results that have left them satisfied, and of course - what’s next!

- Interview of Natalie Metzger & Todd Dergenski from Old Dominion University (Education). Old Dominion has a very large number of students and staff and therefore a large volume of data with a complex matrix organisation. Their digital transformation project lead them to full automation of account requests for better service and user experience.
- Q&A

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[Education] Bonita Live Tour 2019 - Business Process Automation

  1. 1. Natalie Metzger, Middleware Software engineer & Todd Dergenski, AISO
  2. 2. Implementing digital process automation at Old Dominion University...
  3. 3. Old Dominion University application (developed with Bonita)
  4. 4. What’s next for the company?
  5. 5. Any advice for digital transformation projects?
  6. 6. Overview of Bonita platform and the brand new Cloud version
  7. 7. Open and Extensible Digital Business Platform for development teams
  8. 8. • Community of 140,000+ members including seasoned Bonita experts • Online marketplace with 500+ reusable connectors, processes and apps • Developer community site to share contributions, best practices, Q&A and ideas • Free download, learning materials, documentation and dedicated Quick Start Center • Open and extensible architecture with extension points and frameworks for developers Open source is in our DNA
  9. 9. Best of both worlds: customizable without custom costs Low-code Iterative development Development and innovation teams Complex enterprise needs Graphical tooling + Extension points Custom Custom Code Long development Software developers Specific enterprise needs Custom developments Out-of-the-box No code Rapid development Citizen developers Standard enterprise needs Graphical tooling
  10. 10. Bonita’s extensible framework: connect widely and customize freely Process Data U.I. Out of the box Connectors Broaden range of connectors Extension point Business Data Model Out of the box Rest APIs Optimize data query capability Extension point UI Designer Out of the box Widgets Enrich spectrum of User Interfaces Extension point • Offers development and deployment framework for extensions to ensure consistency • Relies on standard development tools: - Maven - JUnit - Jenkins Bonita developer’s tool kit • Reuse extensions across any app • New extensions shared in open source community • Inclusion of extensions in Bonita standard features Reusable extensions Oracle, Salesforce, SAP… Internal IT Systems – REST, SOAP
  11. 11. Bonita application structure in a nutshell Bonita PlatformProcesses Data User interface Set of artefacts
  12. 12. Bonita add-ons : DevOps and AI enhance continuous delivery & improvement Framework for continuous integration of Living Apps for developers Solution for cloud environment provisioning (integrated with AWS) for system admins Provisioning management to configure, deploy and upgrade Bonita platforms • Cloud ready : Fully integrated with Amazon AWS stack services • Environment agnostic : can be deployed on-premise • Bonita official Docker image • Resource management through Ansible • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Enhancing human intelligence with machine learning Bonitasoft AI “process mining” algorithms analyze processes and predict certain behaviors to recommend changes (such as reassignment to another person or step) Predict based on a specific goal Recommend improvement actions Act Short loop: Task reallocation, form update, connector replacement, next best action Long loop: Process or UI redesign, UI performance analysis Measure impact of corrective actions Bonita Living Apps Purpose: Better integrate Bonita into modern development environments Purpose: Help developers improve interfaces and processes by detecting existing inefficiencies
  13. 13. Bonita Cloud For fast, scalable, and cost-effective business applications.
  14. 14. Bonita Cloud Offering Infrastructure/Bonita apps hosted on AWS Runtimes ready to use by Customer (managed by Bonitasoft) and up to date - Monitoring and SLA guarantee by Bonitasoft - Migration/upgrade managed by Bonitasoft Continuous Delivery capabilities Scalability capabilities SLA for platform and for support
  15. 15. Visit us online bonitasoft.com Join our community community.bonitasoft.com Download bonitasoft.com/downloads Follow us on twitter @bonitasoft Thank you! The recording will be available soon.