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Introduction to Business on Pinterest

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. It's a social networking and social publishing site based on photo or video.

Each photo or video is called a "pin." Pins can be grouped into "boards", which are sets of pins focused on a specific topic. Pinterest can be accessed by adding the "pin it" button to the desktop bookmark bar, "pin it" buttons added to personal website or blog pages, and the Pinterest iPhone application.

Here's Bovee & Thill's Business in Action on Pinterest. Each item pinned to a board can then be clicked on to open into a larger picture of the item as well which includes a comment section that allows visitors to create discussions. Each pin can also be liked and/or re-pinned to a board on the visitor's Pinterest profile.

Initially, Pinterest was used for digital scrapbooking as people shared pictures which included almost anything from recipes to cute animals. As Pinterest became more popular, the sharing became more organized ,and creativity began to reveal some amazing things you can do on this site.

The versatility of Pinterest became clear and as new features were incorporated, the platform only became more powerful. Businesses have now incorporating and distributing brand images messages on Pinterest.

For an example of how Pinterest is used, visit Bovee & Thill's Teaching Introduction to Business, and scroll down the right-hand column until you reach the link provided. This link will take you to Busines in Action on Pinterest, a Virtual Pinboard. Visit today for interesting inforgraphics, photos, and videos. To find other boards of interest to you on Pinterest, use the search box in the upper-left-hand corner of any webpage.

After you watch the video, please click the links below for other videos and important links to the web.

Teaching Introduction to Business on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/courtland_bovee/bovee-thill-s-business-in-action-on-pint...

Teaching Introduction to Business website with a wealth of classroom materials for instructors: http://introtobusiness.businesscommunicationnetwork.com

Teaching Business (the site you're on now): http://www.youtube.com/TeachingBusiness

Introduction to Business Online Magazine: http://www.scoop.it/t/business-in-action-online-magazine-supplement

This video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUKTNadHgDI

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