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Bl Matthews CV

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Bl Matthews CV

  1. 1. B RADFORD M ATTHEWS EdvardMunchsVei 19F 3770Kragerø, Norway +47 97 111 928 Matthews@CHANGEase.com O R G AN I Z AT I O N AL & L E A DE R SH I P D EV E L O PM E N T – I N T ER N A TI O N AL Maximizing Organizational, Team & Individual Impact Achieving Organizational Transformation & Change Diverse Industry & Functional Experience – Consulting Services, IT HW/SW, Telecom, Energy, Healthcare, Financial Services, Real Estate, Publishing, Non-Profit, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, HR, ManufacturingVisionary, innovative, and inspiring executive and consultant with a 20+ year career that reflects achievements inspearheading organizational and leadership development strategies, processes, and programs that resolve criticalbusiness performance challenges, and enhance overall organization effectiveness and vitality. Global citizen withproven success interfacing multi-culturally in over 20 countries, understanding that ‘localization’ is more than languagetranslation. Acknowledged as intelligent, creative, insightful, and maintaining highest degrees of honesty and integrity. Organizational Effectiveness, Development & Culture Assessment Change Management & Sustainability Leadership & Talent Development Vision-Driven Strategy Development & Implementation 3600 Assessment & Coaching Facilitation Design & Delivery – Onsite & Virtual Assessment Tools & Metrics Management of OD & Learning Operations Courseware Design & Delivery Workshops, Seminars, Webshops& Webinars Web 2.0 Collaborative Engagement Technologies S E L E CT E D T ES TI M O N I AL S “Brad is a genuine expert in organization dynamics and effectiveness.” “Brad Matthews is a bright and passionate workforce development consultant and engaging trainer…Brad and his team engaged, coached and respectfully challenged learners to prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing global business environment.” “Brad is one of the select few consultants with the skills, integrity, and emotional intelligence needed to facilitate large organization transformations.” “Brad is an excellent communicator and certainly "walked his talk" when he applied the methodologies he was teaching in our Leading Change workshop.”P R O F ES SI O N A L E XP E RI E N C ECHANGEASE INC. (www.CHANGEase.com), Bainbridge Island, WA, USA 1987-PresentFormerly known as Change Technologies, Inc. (1995-2002) and Pyramid Consulting Group (1987-1995).President / Principal Consultant (1987-Present)Started, built, and manages global boutique consultancy offering organizational and leadership developmentconsulting and training services in 27 countries (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific) and 8 languages (English, German,French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Simplified Chinese, Japanese). Manages client relationships and referral-basedbusiness development efforts. P&L management responsibility. Product & Service Development.Provides clients with training (courseware design and delivery), assessment (organizational effectiveness and culture, leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness) and consulting and coaching (analyses, guidance, facilitation). Business Globalization & Revenue Growth.Globalized consulting business in 4 months and grew revenues from $250K to $1.2M within 3 years. Team Recruiting & Training. Recruited, trained, evaluated and managed an international team of 20 seasoned consultants and trainers to provide localized delivery of globally consistent workshop content.
  2. 2. Bradford Matthews Page 2 Matthews@CHANGEase.comCHANGEASE INC. – Continued: Resource Acquisition. Contracted with vendors and developed/acquired powerful, research-based, proprietary and 3rd party consulting, assessment, facilitation and training resources. Savings – Training & Development. Initiated and organized a group buying and professional development consortium of Directors of Training & Development from major hospitals in Greater Boston – saving budgeted dollars by reducing vendor pricing for services/materials and sharing more cost-effective best practicesKey Clients: Cisco Systems, Statoil, Hewlett Packard, Hyperion, Genencor, Agilent Technologies, BSR (Business SocialResponsibility), Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Macworld Magazine, PC World Magazine, Wired Magazine, KaiserPermanente, Sun Microsystems, Tandem Computer, Port of Los Angeles, Toshiba Medical Systems, Silicon Graphics,Citibank, Boeing, Chevron, Arco, Ford, Charles Schwab, United Auto Workers & General Motors, Royal Insurance, etc.Client Project Highlights: Business Transformation, Finance – Cisco System.Reporting to CFO, guided strategy development and execution for business transformation of global Finance organization. Ensured fast start to 6 major transformation initiatives. Facilitated Vision-Into-Action planning by CFO and CFO executive staff. Facilitated the start-up integration of the Finance Transformation Office, guiding business modeling, strategic visioning and operational planning, team building, culture development, monitoring and management of measured results, etc. International Leadership Development – Statoil.Working through Right Management (Nordic Region), facilitated and co-adapted the highly regarded Business Leadership Development program for senior managers and executives of this global Fortune 50 company. Primary contributions included engendering a ‘global mindset’ and shifting participants from being leaders ‘in’ Statoil to being global leaders ‘of’ Statoil. Leading Change / Facing Change – Hewlett Packard. Won and managed multi-million dollar, multi-year, sole source, global contract with Hewlett-Packard Company. Designed and delivered localized workshops on Leading Change and Facing Change in 27 countries and 8 languages – accelerating strategic change initiatives and achieving greater personal and team resilience. Revenue & Headcount Growth –IT Consulting Services Organization. Facilitated 3X growth in revenues and headcount in 9 months while maintaining profit margins. Multibillion-Dollar Savings. Delivered up to $3B savings per year by reducing excess production based on improved market-sizing, better timed for corporate decision-making. Leadership Programs. Designed and delivered leadership development programs that fostered a 34% increase in leaders’ ability and willingness to do what is necessary to gain benefits and mitigate risks of change initiatives. Change Leadership Models/Training & Multimillion-Dollar Savings. Designed and implemented change leadership models and training that captured hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for global client’s real estate and workplace services organization. Virtual Training& Expense/Time Savings. Saved client hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses and travel-time related losses in productivity and revenue production by redesigning established training programs to be virtually delivered using Web 2.0 technologies. High Performance Culture. 3600 assessment and development of global high tech organizations resulting in higher business performance and improved employee satisfaction metrics. President’s Awards. Transferred skills/perspectives used by 2 client organizations to win their Fortune 50 company’s President’s Awards based on revenue, profitability, and customer/employee satisfaction improvements. Research. Statistically linked Fortune 50 company’s organizational culture profile with its employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, gross margins, and market share metrics.
  3. 3. Bradford Matthews Page 3 Matthews@CHANGEase.comDATA GENERAL CORPORATION, Westborough, MA 1984-1985Global Fortune 500 manufacturer that has since been acquired.Manager, Management & Organizational DevelopmentProvided management and organizational development services to manufacturing, R&D, marketing, and finance andadministration divisions.Supervised 2-person team. Reported to Vice President of Manufacturing.• Turnover Reduction.Led design and delivery of career development programs and system linked to 62% reduction in turnover for 700 program participants compared to non-participants Online Employee Survey & Leadership Communication Strategies.Coordinated deployment of corporate on-line employee attitude survey and designed/delivered related leadership communication strategies.• Cooperation Improvement.Surveyed managerial influence strategies used in R&D organization and implemented changes that improved cooperation and performance across functions and sites. Training Programs. Designed and/or delivered corporate and third-party training programs in leadership, non- discrimination, influence, and stress management.Previous Experience: Management Development Manager – SALEM HOSPITAL, Salem, MA. Established internalManagement Development function for organization with 200 management personnel. Created and implemented OD-based assessment of leaders’ development needs, designed 30+ programs, and led 100+ classes; 90% of programparticipants reported greater commitment and ability. Coordinated Quality Circles Program and trained QC leaders.E D U C AT I O N Ed.M., Organizational Behavior / Higher Education Administration – Harvard University, Cambridge, MA B.A., Social History – Wesleyan University, Middletown CTC E RTI F I C ATI O N S ( S E L E CT E D ) Human Resource Strategy Development Program – Marshal School of Management, University of Southern California / Society for Human Resource Management Organizational Culture & Climate Assessment and Development Tools – Human Synergistics International (www.humansynergistics.com) Leadership and Organizational Assessment & Development Tools – Human Insight (www.human-insight.com) Leadership Assessment & Development Tools – Hogan Assessments (www.hoganassessments.com)P U BL I C A TI O N S Bradford Matthews, Adaptive Partnering for Survival and Growth,The Partner periodical, London UK, May 2009. Examines role of strategic partnering/collaboration in response to challenges to organizational growth. Paul Ferrini, Bradford Matthews, June Foster and Jean Workman, The Interdependent Community: Collaborative Planning for Handicapped Youth, TERC Publications, Cambridge MA USA. An award-winning guidebook for multi- organization collaborative action planning.A F F I L I A TI O N S International Leadership Association Leadership 2.0 Human-Insight Certified Consultants Organization Change Practitioners Enterprise 2.0 Professionals Change Consulting