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Successful sales strategies 4

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In this session:
-We’ll critique your templates and give you feedback on how to improve
-We’ll identify key points to include in your templates, and to guide your messaging
-We’ll share some of our best templates

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Successful sales strategies 4

  1. 1. Successful Sales Strategy Session #4 @PersistIQ
  2. 2. @PersistIQ Today’s Agenda Week 4 (Feb. 24th): Template Critique Session ● We’ll critique your templates and give you feedback on how to improve ● We’ll identify key points to include in your templates, and to guide your messaging ● We’ll share some of our best templates
  3. 3. @PersistIQ Template Critique #1
  4. 4. @PersistIQ
  5. 5. @PersistIQ Subject Line: ● personal email ● highlight a pain point ● Company <> Company/ Name <> Name Body: 1. Personalized Snippet - “Optional” 2. Pain Point 3. Value Prop + Social Proof 4. CTA Keep it Simple
  6. 6. @PersistIQ
  7. 7. @PersistIQ Template Critique #2
  8. 8. @PersistIQ
  9. 9. @PersistIQ
  10. 10. @PersistIQ Template Critique #3
  11. 11. @PersistIQ
  12. 12. @PersistIQ
  13. 13. @PersistIQ Our Best Performing Templates
  14. 14. @PersistIQ
  15. 15. @PersistIQ
  16. 16. @PersistIQ
  17. 17. @PersistIQ Questions & Answers
  18. 18. @PersistIQ How much time should you spend personalizing an email? • Depends if you’re doing account based sales or contact based sales, but the more the better. • When you get a process in place, you should be able to consistently collect and enter info on a single lead in under 10 min. Questions & Answers
  19. 19. @PersistIQ What is the best source for data enrichment to help with personalizing at scale? • Varies depending on industry and company size. • Datanyze and ZoomInfo is great for mid-market SaaS and Tech companies • DiscoverOrg is good for larger enterprise • InsideView is decent for mid market • LinkedIn is generally good all around but where others may lack, it’s good for SMBs and startups Questions & Answers
  20. 20. @PersistIQ How many variables should you use in an email? ● Again, the more the better to make it personal ● However, more important than the number of variables is the content itself- how thoughtful the variables are. Questions & Answers
  21. 21. @PersistIQ How much should you be personalizing follow ups vs. 1st touches? • The 1st follow requires the most personalization, while the second could be a thread to the 1st. • Every single touch should feel personal, whether it’s long or short, whether you’ve spend 5 min. or 30 seconds writing it. Questions & Answers
  22. 22. Week 5 (Mar. 2nd): Open Q&A Sessions ● We’ll answer any and all questions that you have about outbound sales! ● You can send you questions in ahead of time or ask them live on the call Send questions to Brandon@PersistIQ.com with “Sales Strategies Q&A” in the subject line @PersistIQ Next week’s Training @PersistIQ