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Mastercard ITS Smart City Hackathon Webex Presentation

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Mastercard ITS Smart City Hackathon Webex Presentation

  1. 1. Mastercard ITS
 Smart City Hack <Melbourne> <2016>
  2. 2. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential Day 1 Schedule 2 December 2, 2015 09:00 09:30 10:00 12:00 Doors open to Attendees Breakfast Opening Ceremony CODING BEGINS 18:00 00:00 Dinner is Served Midnight Snack on the Ten CODE THROUGH THE NIGHT! 11:00 13:00 Tech Breakout Sessions 19:00 Pitch Workshop 11 11:00 12:00 Lunch
  3. 3. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential Day 2 Schedule 3 December 2, 2015 07:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 16:00 Breakfast of Those Who Made It Lunch Hackathon Ends (Submission due on hackathon.io) Winners Announced Demos Begin (Demos only. No slide decks) (If your demo doesn't work, take us through the code—what you did and where you got stuck. It's about showing what you've learned and not about pitching an idea.) ?
  4. 4. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential The Grand Prize! 4 December 2, 2015 $ 10,000 1x Fitbit Flex Per team 6months mentorship by members of the Smart City Hack Best uses of Mastercard & Partner API’s and solves a real consumer pain point with integration across different modes of transport will receive the following:
  5. 5. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential The Challenges and Prizes 5 December 2, 2015 Green Challenge Challenge: Build an intelligent transportation solution to facilitate or encourage the use of sustainable, eco-friendly methods of transport & payments for residents, commuters,tourists, or transportation of goods. Prizes: $3,000 (AUD) for the winning team. 1x Fitbit for each member of the winning team Demand Management Challenge Challenge: Build an intelligent transportation solution that can help cities like Melbourne manage demand for transport services for passenger and freight. Consider a better use of available resources, from empty bus seats to car parks to car seats, to drive local commercial activity. Prizes: $3,000 (AUD) for the winning team. 1x Fitbit for each member of the winning team
  6. 6. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential The Challenges and Prizes 6 December 2, 2015 Future City Challenge Challenge: Build an intelligent transportation solution that can help cities like Melbourne make better use of the wealth of data available. Some idea could include: higher utilization of bike sharing schemes or better management of traffic flows to support improved urban planning, take a look at the Future Melbourne plan for some inspiration. Prizes: $3,000 (AUD) for the winning team. 1x Fitbit for each member of the winning team
  7. 7. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential Judging Criteria 7 December 2, 2015 Fresh Code Enforced Code Review No PowerPoints Team Size Usage of Tech and Data IMPACT DESIGN CREATIVITY EXECUTION 5 points for each criteria ! max score = 25 Must use 1 Mastercard API and 1 Partner Tech
  8. 8. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential Unbelievable judges! 8
  9. 9. Doug Howe, Vice President Enterprise Partnerships Mike Rowe, Vice President Expert Sales Jie Zhang, Leader, Global Product Empowering Smart Cities Mastercard Payments and Data
  10. 10. 10 Transit Buses & Trains Road Tolls & Charges Parking Fees & Fines City Taxis Bike & Car- Share Mastercard Smart Cities Challenge Four Challenges – Seven API’s – One Smart City Use Case
  11. 11. Challenge (http://mastercarditshack.com/#challenges)

  12. 12. MPGS – Mastercard Payment Gateway System – You can use this API for any online payment between a merchant and a consumer. So if your idea involves paying for something online, this API is quick and easy to use. Send – You can use this API to send money to friends and family easily. If your idea involves sending money to friends, maybe dividing the cost of city experience, then this may be the API for you. rePower – You can use this API to Top up a Pre-Paid card. So if your idea involves using a Pre- paid card in your Smart City idea then this provides people with a way to convert cash into a Prepaid mastercard at a Retailer Point of Sale. Want to move money?
  13. 13. Thinking Mobile, Web or Physical Card? Mobile Device – Mobile SDK – This SDK allows you to use your mobile & NFC to pay at the Point Of sale in real time. So if your idea involves making a payment at a physical Retail or Event location then this gives you that real digital Wallet experience. Online / Responsive Web – MPGS – This API set is all about empowering payment check outs, secure storage of card details and processing of stored card details all through a simple set of Web Service API’s. Great for Responsive Web, Hosted Checkouts, Securing Card details and repeat billing Physical – rePower – With this framework you can top up a prepaid card balance at any participating retailer and see the value appear no later than the next business day!
  14. 14. Retail Location Insights – If your idea is looking at how to make cities more efficient, how to shape demand, or measure economic activity the Retail Location Insights is the API for your idea. See how many transaction, what type of Merchant categories and how sales are performing at an aggregated mesh block/ geo location level Market Insights – Looking at some big picture industry trends? Growth in specific sectors and how it can support your story? This could be the API to help you build your case! Location Services – Thinking about that amazing solution that needs to point to the nearest ATM or Contactless enabled merchant store? Where you can top up your rePower enabled card? Where you could purchase a Travel card? These are sorts of capabilities this API can unlock for you 
 How we offer data to…
  15. 15. • Check out http:// mastercarditshack.com/ • Think about a challenge • Take a look at the API’s Summary Any questions? • Mike.rowe@mastercard.com (Business) • Jie.zhang@mastercard.com (Technical)
  16. 16. ITS 2016 Mastercard Smart Cities Hackathon
 Neil Smith – Manager Digital Delivery
  17. 17. Victorian Government - Data www.data.vic.gov.au
  18. 18. General Transit Feed Specification www.data.vic.gov.au
  19. 19. General Transit Feed Specification www.data.vic.gov.au
  20. 20. Timetable API www.data.vic.gov.au API Dev key is required so please download PTV Timetable API and register before the event.
  21. 21. PTV Timetable API www.data.vic.gov.au
  22. 22. ITS 2016 Mastercard Smart Cities Hack
 Roger Clark – Manager Data Services
  23. 23. Available Data
 • VicRoads, Information Access has 56 datasets available through the Victorian government DATA.VIC portal. •These datasets provide data about Road Crash Statistics, Speed signs and Speed zone data, traffic signal volume data, to heavy vehicle permit routes and live travel time data. •The datasets using ARCGIS online can be can be presented in the following formats: API/Tool, CSV, KML, SHP, GEOJSON,ESRIREST
  24. 24. Range of Data
 • Traffic •Volume •Speed • Crash Data •Location of the crash •People involved •Vehicle involved •Road Asset – Condition of the road •Spatial data sets eg Bike paths
  25. 25. Popular Data Sets
 Dataset Title Views Visits Downloads VicRoads Office Locations 907 670 9 Crashes Last Five Years 804 395 235 Crash Stats - Data Extract 581 314 317 VicRoads Country Street Directory Grids 414 255 31 VicRoads Declared Roads 217 64 136 Live travel time data 174 59 0 Traffic Volumes for Freeways and Arterial Roads 148 29 48 Principal Bicycle Network 124 20 46 Traffic Signals 117 21 18 Homogeneous Traffic Volume Network 95 9 1 VicRoads Speed Data by road segment 90 3 64 VicRoads Regions 88 34 19 Higher Mass Limit Routes 85 3 37 Crash Stats 84 52 0 Speed Zone Data 77 32 45 Strategic Cycling Corridor 76 8 22 BlueTooth sites 73 14 0 Victoria's Higher Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) Mass Network 72 5 19 Travel time links 71 24 0 BDouble routes 71 10 31
  26. 26. Number of Views
 Data.vic au No. of Views -500 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2014 2015 2016
  27. 27. Live Data Sets
 •Live travel time data. This dataset is generated by receiving data from BlueTooth receivers at strategically located within SCATS traffic signal controllers. The data is received from BlueTooth transmitters (hands free in cars) and sent to a computer system that uses software to generate travel time for defined links. Thisi information will be able to be view via a Smartphone application. •Emergency Road Closure. The data for Emergency Road Closures is drawn for the Situation Report (SITREP) database that is used to advise internal and external stakeholders of incidents (via email) and to automatically provide a data feed to map and text based information on VicRoads website and other public information applications " •Multiple Variable Electronic Speed Signs Live . This dataset contains near real-time multiple variable electronic speed signs along the VicRoads Freeway Management System
  28. 28. Bluetooth • Currently 300+ Sites • Provide point to point travel time/ Speed • 20 to 30% of devices Active •Travel Time available live via API
  29. 29. Bicycle data -30% -15% 0% 15% 30% Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Imbedded loops 40+ Locations across the metropolitan area collecting continuously since 2006/7. A variety of equipment used . Most sites provide vehicle by vehicle data, therefore individual speeds
  30. 30. Other available Traffic Data • 7,000+ Rural sections of road • Collected every 2 to 3 years • Individual vehicle speed • Mean & 85th percentile • 10+ years of history • Vehicles classified based on axle configuration
  31. 31. City of Melbourne
 Open Data Platform Will McIntosh
  32. 32. City of Melbourne Data Almost 100 datasets in total 20 datasets in Transport & Movement Hosted on Socrata Platform Cloud based visualisation and analysis tools SODA API REST API. Libraries for PHP, Javascript, Python, R, Ruby, Java, Apple iOS, Google Android The Data platform
  33. 33. Getting Started Find a dataset data.melbourne.vic.gov.au Access the JSON endpoint data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/resource/qnjw-wgaj.json Developer tools & Examples dev.socrata.com/consumers/getting-started.html Need custom views? Get account at data.melbourne.vic.gov.au/signup {}
  34. 34. Thank you Will McIntosh Open Data Lead City of Melbourne will.mcintosh@melbourne.vic.gov.au Steve Bennett Senior Open Data Specialist City of Melbourne steve.bennett@melbourne.vic.gov.au @stevage1 opendata@melbourne.vic.gov.au
  35. 35. © 2016 Intelematics Australia - Connected Mobility Intelematics Australia ITS 2016 Mastercard Smart Cities Hackathon Phillip Lyng
  36. 36. Intelematics Australia Incorporated in 1999 • 16 years delivering OEM telematics programs 
 Around 160 people across 3 countries • Intelematics Australia (IAU) – HQ Melbourne • Intelematics North America (INA) – HQ Los Angeles • Intelematics Europe (IEU) – HQ London Out-posted staff in key customer locations • Quality management • 24 x 7 telematics call centre in Adelaide – 30 agents Independent service provider – supporting many competing electronics, mobility, and automotive brands Intelematics is the region’s largest provider, by market share, of Connected Vehicle services to the passenger vehicle segment in Australia, New Zealand and North America. 36
  37. 37. Created by Intelematics Sourced, Value Added & Managed by Intelematics Offered by Intelematics - sourced via 3rd party suppliers SUNA Traffic & Content SUNA provides a portfolio of industry leading motoring-centric information 37 Local Search SUNA Traffic Customised Content SUNA Parking SUNA Fuel Safety Cameras Weather Traveller Information Flights Events News Stocks Music / Radio
  38. 38. Parking The SUNA Parking service includes location-referenced dynamic parking data, defined by a set of fields including: brand, address, contact details, operating times, retail pricing, discount offers and location data. Build dynamic driver assistance services. Fuel The SUNA Fuel service delivers service station and fuel price data, defined by a set of fields including: brand, address, contact details, fuel types and optional reported fuel prices that update throughout the day. All data is location-referenced allowing for use in navigation or display on a map. Weather The SUNA Weather service delivers comprehensive weather data 
 related to current conditions, multi-day forecasts and rain radar images where available. Extensive coverage of cities and towns allow the most relevant location- based information to be retrieved. Traffic The SUNA Traffic Channel delivers comprehensive congestion and incident data to in-car navigation systems and mobile devices, covering the major road networks of each capital city and a number of regional centres within Australia and New Zealand. 38 SUNA Motoring Content
  39. 39. Parkopedia Intelematics Parking Service Wilson
 Parking Secure
 Parking Parking Editor Intelematics Parking Data Service
  40. 40. { “carparks": [ { “parkingOperator": "RACV", “parkingId": "racv_chancerylane", “parkingName": "RACV City Club", “address": "New Chancery Lane ", “suburb": "Melbourne", “stateOfAus": "VIC", “latitude": "-37.815998", “longitude": "144.95995", “attractionsNearby": "RACV Club, City, Shops, Bars", “instructions": “misc info .. maybe a link to their website” "openingHours": [ … ] “images": [ … ], “rates": [ … ], “simpleRates": [ … ] } ] } Web Service Feed in JSON
  41. 41. Steven Moloney Product Manager Intelematics Australia Pty Ltd 250 Swan Street Richmond Vic 3121 +61 3 8415 9061 Steven.Moloney@intelematics.com www.intelematics.com www.sunatraffic.com 41 Phillip Lyng Developer Intelematics Australia Pty Ltd 250 Swan Street Richmond Vic 3121 +61 3 8415 9045 Phillip.Lyng@intelematics.com For further information
  42. 42. ©2015 MasterCard.
 Proprietary and Confidential 42 December 2, 2015 KEEP CALM HACK ON AND