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8.3 sportsmanship case study

  1. 8.3 Sportsmanship Case Study Brian Forsberg
  2. Sportsmanship Introduction In my opinion, sportsmanship in professional sports should be defined as; contributing to the sport with respect and dignity while harboring the desire to succeed. This is important in professional sports because it keeps the game unspoiled and played in a way that is right to both athletes and fans.
  3. Owners and Coaches Owners and coaches have one of the most strenuous jobs in the sports business. Their job is always on the line; which could be why their tempers often flare up. Owners and coaches directly affect the attitude of their team. Many coaches believe that when the coach gets mad - the players will too. Texas’ Coach Brown explains why sportsmanship is important
  4. Owners and Coaches cont. Like Coach Brown said, Coaches are always in the public eye. Especially in professional sports. Owners also need to abide by a moral code so-to-speak. LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, failed to be respectable and conscious of his actions when he made racist comments and views in a phone call. He paid a 2.5 million dollar fine and was forced to sell his team as a result. angeles/nba/story/_/id/10857580/donald-sterling-los-angeles- clippers-owner-receives-life-ban-nba
  5. Health Health is extraordinarily important in the realm of professional sports. The athletes are the focal point of any sport and it is imperative that they stay healthy. In recent times, mental health and stress has been increasingly analyzed in sports. Big advancements have been made but questions still remain. College students are packed with responsibilities and jobs
  6. Safety Nowadays, a huge emphasis is placed on keeping athletes safe. Everyday, new advancements are made in keeping players safe. For example, over the past few years, hundreds of new football helmet prototypes have been created to improve the safety of the sport. helmet-may-save-players-brains/ The Zero1 helmet may save the brains of football players.
  7. Athletes and Community Athletes have a huge part in pop culture, social media and their particular sport. Athletes have a responsibility to uphold a good image as they are role models and public figures. Athletes are a large part of sports communities and the lives of their fans. A great event was hosted in teaching kids values
  8. Fan Behavior Fans have a responsibility to behave at games. This is not a difficult task, yet it seems some cannot control themselves. Thankfully, most fans are control themselves and uphold sportsmanship values as fans. Too often there are cases of disrespect and even crimes that fans commit. position-in-professional-sports-fan According to bleacherreport, fans are the most important
  9. It’s possible to support your team without being a fool!
  10. Conclusion The future of professional sports looks pretty similar than what it is now. Aside from safety improvements, new stadiums and hopefully lower prices!, sports is looking pretty good. Players will continue with overall good ethics and fans will too. In this day and age, you can get the experience of sports right in your own home. That’s why 167,000,000 people tune into the Super Bowl. This is and will be, a good time for sports.
  11. Conclusion This website wowed me with all of the in depth coverage of so many topics under the broad term of sports. I really enjoyed sifting through it, I think you will too.
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