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Hacking Traditional Knowledge

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Empowering young people to become advocates for traditional knowledge throught ICT.
A TMC hackathon at a North Slope STEM camp in Barrow AL 2014

Arctic Circle Edinburgh 2017

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Hacking Traditional Knowledge

  1. 1. Hacking Traditional Knowledge An Arctic Science Hackathon Brian Fuchs, TMC Diana Mastracci-Sanchez, ESRI Arctic Circle 21 November, 2017
  2. 2. The Idea
  3. 3. ● Native peoples: Inupiaq / Inuit ● Many possible synergies with science ○ Wildlife ○ Ice ● But also tensions ○ Need for privacy (i.e. hunting grounds) ○ History of exploitation of local resources by outsiders Traditional Knowledge: Alaskan North Slope
  4. 4. Students + tech + challenges = new ideas + new advocates
  5. 5. The Hack Arctic Science
  6. 6. Summer 2014 STEM camp North Slope High School students Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska
  7. 7. Picture of students from blog Activities Hands-on hacking with Arduino Learning about traditional knowledge App brainstorming
  8. 8. Design an app which Helps the local community and scientists Uses local traditions and scientific information Minimizes tensions between scientists and community The Challenge
  9. 9. Follow-on The App
  10. 10. Stakeholders ● Students/Schools ● Local community (hunters) ● Scientists ● Environmentalists
  11. 11. Design Requirements ● Photos ● Location ● No server-side storage ● User controls all information/sharing ● Easily configurable by provider
  12. 12. Read more... The course wiki http://arcticscience.pbworks.com/ The blog post http://mobilecollective.co.uk/barrow-hacking-for-climate-change-ii/ The app (Sara Coleman) https://github.com/bcfuchs/animal_spotter_2
  13. 13. Contact brian@mobilecollective.co.uk