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Kp event presentation_steph

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Kp event presentation_steph

  1. 1. Community management for social learning
  2. 2. o Social learning theories – education o 70:20:10 – applying models to the workplace o Social media and networking o Mobile and multi-device The rise of social learning
  3. 3. o External social networking platforms o Internal networking - Yammer o Integrating social features with a traditional LMS o The Social LMS The rise of social learning tools
  4. 4. o Ability to support geographically dispersed communities o Increased knowledge sharing – less time knowledge searching o Reduced time spent administering formal training o Accessible anywhere o Self-directed not dictated o Content sourced by community The benefits
  5. 5. The challenge How do we as L&D professionals: o Harness the power of social, o Provide the tools to support it, o Help implement it successfully within the workplace and, o Identify, assign and upskill people in the roles needed to do so?
  6. 6. The community manager
  7. 7. o Brands adopting social media recognised need for someone to manage and develop new social communities o Umbrella of Marketing o Recent surge in field of community management o Skills being transferred to L&D? Background
  8. 8. Framework
  9. 9. How does this framework translate to L&D?
  10. 10. Launching a social learning community
  11. 11. Phase 1: Considerations o How will social learning help meet your business needs and reach your learning objectives? o Will social learning fit with your existing culture? If not, how can you change it? o Do you already have a social platform or similar system? o Do you have the resources to implement a social learning strategy?
  12. 12. Phase 2: Choosing a tool o Integrating all social and collaborative initiatives into one common platform o Functionality over design o Analytics – does the platform have the capability to provide the quantifiable data you need to measure your objectives?
  13. 13. Phase 3: Defining roles o Who will support these aspects of the framework? o Do you have the internal resource as an L&D team or does your L&D provider?
  14. 14. Phase 4: Launching o Rolling out the community and driving initial engagement o Pushing out relevant content o Supporting individuals as they adopt to this new way of learning and working o Modelling behaviours of use o Developing ongoing programme of activities and events
  15. 15. Phase 5: Developing the community o Managing all aspects of the framework via a community management calendar plan.
  16. 16. Phase 6: Proving ROI o Measuring the success of the community in terms of business performance and not just in terms of social activity