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Join Us As Lab Designer

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Due to an expansion of the number of innovation tests Bromford wish to conduct - we need an additional Lab Designer. If it sounds like you please apply at www.bromford.co.uk/jobs

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Join Us As Lab Designer

  1. 1. We’re recruiting for a design lead Want to become our next lab designer?
  2. 2. What are we looking for?
  3. 3. Think big - we need someone with the creativity to ask questions, rethink services, processes and products
  4. 4. Lead, don’t follow - An ability to influence groups of co-workers and collaborators to help them reach solutions
  5. 5. We move forwards quickly So we need someone to turn talk into action by constructing low cost test plans
  6. 6. Tell a story - we need you to be able to work out loud on any concepts that are being developed
  7. 7. You might have skills like these ..
  8. 8. Test it ‘till it breaks - The ability to analyse all potential avenues of an idea to extract the most promising potential solutions to test and explore
  9. 9. Ready, Steady, GO! - the ability to construct tests and use lab methodology to get them running quickly
  10. 10. Hands on - A background in user experience, testing or design is desirable. Either at a community level or in a business setting
  11. 11. Enthusiasm is king - you have an ability to adapt communications and keep people engaged in concepts
  12. 12. If that sounds like you - message us. If it sounds like someone you rate - pass it on #BromfordLab Job Profile is our pinned tweet @BromfordLab Also available at www.bromford.co.uk/jobs