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Brunswick Group is expanding in Germany

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Creative agency Merchant Cantos opens office in Berlin

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Brunswick Group is expanding in Germany

  1. 1. Press Release March27, 2017 BrunswickGroupisexpandingin Germany Creative agency MerchantCantos opens office in Berlin BERLIN, March27,2017– BrunswickGroup,anadvisoryfirm specializingincritical issuesandcorporaterelations,is expandingitsofferinginGermany.SinceFebruary1st, 2017the Berlinofficehasbeenhometo Brunswick’screativeagencyMerchantCantos. Specializingincorporatecommunications,MerchantCantos will adviseBrunswick’s clientsin Germany ondigitization,brandandinvestor communications,employee engagementand sustainability. MerchantCantos is a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of BrunswickGroup with officesin London, New York,San Francisco, Dubai and Hong Kong. International clients include Alibaba, HSBC, Merck, Pepsico, PWC,Philipps and Puma Energy. The agency has more than 190 employees worldwide working across multiple units including Advisory, Digital, Design and Film. MerchantCantos had previously supported German clients fromits international offices, including current workfor Bayer AG related to the planned Monsanto acquisition and the mandate for K+S AG in relation to the proposed acquisition by PotashCorp. The continued strong growth in Germany and significant demand forintegrated advisory and creative solutions prompted the decision toopen up a dedicated MerchantCantos locationin Berlin. “Withan officein Berlin we are now closer to our clients and can serve them even better.” says MerchantCantos CEORichardCarpenter. UlrichDeupmann,Partnerand OfficeHeadof the BrunswickBerlinoffice,adds:“For Brunswick,this decision by MerchantCantos is a key driver forour business. It facilitates a broader advisory capability whichis highly appreciated by our clients and in particular, it supports the development of our digital offering.” The Berlin MerchantCantos officeis managed by Philipp Gutmann. Gutmann was previously responsible for Brand Marketing at ImmobilienScout24 and has more than ten years of experience in strategic advertising and creative consulting in Germany and abroad. He worked
  2. 2. © Brunswick Group 2017 | 2 for Publicis,Jung von Matt, and Scholz & Volkmer, where he was responsible for Siemens, Infineon, Mercedes-Benz and adidas. About Brunswick BrunswickGroup LLP is an advisory firm specializing in critical issues and corporate relations. Founded in 1987, Brunswickis an organically grown, private partnership with 23 officesaround the world. For more information, visit: www.brunswickgroup.com. Contact MerchantCantosGmbH Taubenstrasse 20-22 10117 Berlin Germany T: +49 (0)30 206733807 www.merchantcantos.com