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Everest powerpoint final

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Everest powerpoint final

  2. 2. Central Issue  Everest Ecig  Distributor of disposable electronic cigarettes  Launch brand in New Jersey area  Business Decisions  Marketing Research  Branding/advertising strategy  Online promotions
  3. 3. Everest‟s Mission Statement  The mission: To make a positive difference in people‟s lives through the use of high-quality products and our own American made E-liquid.  The purpose: Provide the highest quality smoking alternative to the mass public.  The business: To become not only the first but leading provider of E-cig‟s to the general public with American made E-liquid  The values: Allow consumers to maintain a higher quality of life as well as save money over traditional smoking methods
  4. 4. Environmental Analysis: SWOT Brick and mortar retailing Disposable e-cigs with American made liquid Disposable Healthier alternative to cigarettes Multiple flavors No social media No Website No brand image No rechargeable e-cigs Growing e-cig market People being more health conscience Local night life Corner stores Changing government regulations Many competitors like Blucig, PremiumCigs, Squaresmoke, and Xcig STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS
  5. 5. Our Objectives Inform Persuade Motivate Evaluate
  6. 6. Marketing Strategy Target Market Strategy Marketing Mix: Four P‟sImplementation, Evaluation, Control
  7. 7. Target Audience: Demographics Generally males (can be female) aged 19-54 White (77%) and African American (14.9%) Target audience are most likely temporarily unemployed, disabled, or a student making less then 25K
  8. 8. Target Audience: Primary & Secondary Secondary target market: Older audience ages 30-55 Primary target market: Younger audience ages 19-30
  9. 9. Demographic Data 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Index Percentage 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 Employedfull… Parttime Notworking Temporarily… Disabled Student Index Percentage *Both index and % represent general population of cigarette smokers in America
  10. 10. Target Audience: Psychographics Smokers consider themselves headstrong, funny, outspoken, brave, and adventurous They have active lifestyles and crave excitement and this target often believes that other people copy what they do Heavy uses of videogames and internet They are more likely to buy on impulse and are frequent purchasers of lottery tickets.
  11. 11. Marketing Mix: Four P‟s Price Product Promotion Place
  12. 12. Place/Location: New Jersey & Pennsylvania  New Jersey represents 3.69% of the total cigarette smokers with about 1,350,000.  Pennsylvania represents 4.65% of the total cigarette smokers which is about 1,702,000 people.  New Jerseyians and Pennsylvanian‟s are 22% more likely to smoke cigarettes then the average American. Convenience stores/Gas stations • Highest use Local corner stores • High use, needs more research Supermarkets • Medium use Bars/clubs • Needs more local research
  13. 13. New Jersey State Law  Under the NJSFAA (New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act) since E-cigs produce smoke the use of them are not permissible for use in public places and workplaces. (Effective March 13, 2010)  Sale of E-Cigs to people aged 18 or younger is prohibited.  Most health organizations, researchers, and politicians believe more research is needed to understand the actual dangers of E-Cigs.
  14. 14. Prospective Locationas Percentage Of Where People Buy Cigs 7-Eleven BP Connect CITGO Quickmart On the Run Speedway Super America SAVE-A-LOT This is likely due to local corner stores. We need to do more research!! *Underweighted due to the scope of population
  15. 15. Distribution of Company Exposure 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 Total Population Of Cigarette Smokers Total Population Of Cigarette Smokers
  16. 16. National & New Jersey: Market Research 0 50 100 150 200 250 Total Cig market Index NJ Index **Average index=100
  17. 17. Other Important Research Cigarette users are 47% more likely to go to bars, nights clubs and places with a dancing atmosphere More research needs to be conducted on local bars, and night clubs More research needs to be conducted on local corner stores
  18. 18. Four P‟s: Price $8.95 Unique flavors 200 puffs=1 pack No carcinogens
  19. 19. 4 P‟s: Product: Everest Electronic Cigarette Flavors: Fresh Start Coffee Viva Vanilla Peach Parfait Strawberry Shortcake M‟Azing Menthol Traditional Tobacco Apple Pie Upcoming Flavors: Red Velvet Cake Fresh Mint Brownies Frozen Banana Yogurt Shoofly Pie Hemp (Marijuana) Smores Whisky/Alcohol
  20. 20. Product: Packaging  Package reflects Everest Ecig image and brand colors (Green, Blue and White)  Will create a functional package design that will allow customers to use the package as a case to hold the E-Cigs.  Package will be both simple and cool  Create individual package designs for each flavor (ex: strawberry shortcake flavor will have a red stripe on the package)
  21. 21. Additional Product Research  E-Cigs can improve working memory according to Lynne Dawkins, Professor of Psychology in the University of East London, UK.  E-Cigs are changing the line drawn between good and bad forms of nicotine. (Kirsten Bell Department of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada).
  22. 22. Promotions and Advertisements Interactive Print Ads Personal promotions Creative Brief
  23. 23. Creative Brief  Who is our target?  I am generally a white or black male aged 19-55. I am typically not working at the moment but I am active in looking for a job. I am a experiencer and am motivated by self-expression and excitement. I am an impulsive consumer and like having “cool” stuff. I am also an innovator and continue to seek challenges, with confidence, because of my high self-esteem.  Where are we positioned in the mind of the target?  I have never heard of Everest E-Cig but I am aware of electronic cigarettes. I am loyal to my favorite cigarette brand but I have no attachment to any specific E-Cig brand.  How does our competition fare in the mind of the target?  Our competition has a head start in brand awareness. Companies like TOTAL, NJOY, or Blucigs have been on the market and have already have market penetration.
  24. 24. Creative Brief Cont…  What is the ideal positioning we seek with the target?  Everest is the brand I want when I buy an E-Cig. Being a better alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, this American made product is full of different flavors and exactly what I need to quench my nicotine cravings.  What is our consumer promise, the „big idea‟?  Everest E-Cigs are a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes with no carcinogens, no chemical agents, no tar, no benzene, and no carbon monoxide.
  25. 25. Creative Brief Cont…  What is our supporting evidence for the „big idea‟?  I have continually looked for ways to make my smoking habit healthier. I like to try new things and I have a very active lifestyle.  What is the tone of the advertisements?  The advertisements are focused on the benefits of E-cigs and inspiring people to join thousands of others who have already made the healthier switch to E-Cigs. The tone is cool and stimulates real experiences/lives.
  26. 26. Business Essentials: Business Cards
  27. 27. Business Essentials: Business Cards $ Business cards: regular Business Cards: Circle
  28. 28. Business Essentials: T-Shirts
  29. 29. Campaign 1: Join the Climb! Targets adventure seekers and people with active lifestyles. Entices them to join a network of like minded individuals who share the passion for excitement. Campaign Slogan: Join the climb!
  30. 30. Campaign 2: Because You Care More likely targets older generations aged 30-55 Appeals to parents with young kids & people trying to have a healthier lifestyle Promotes the benefits of no carcinogens, che mical agents, and other dangerous chemicals These people have likely been smoking for years and are looking for ways to quit. Ads will always promote the American made e- liquid
  31. 31. Website Advertising
  32. 32. Online promotions: Website, Social Media, & Hootsuite Website Facebook http://masacompetition.wix.com/everest#!Home|mainPa ge
  33. 33. Website Advertising 0 50 100 150 200 ABC.com CareerBuilder.cm Monster.com MySpace.com NFL.com Ticketmaster.com Yahoo.com YouTube.com Index Index **Average index=100
  34. 34. Website Advertising 3.60% 5.11% 2.50% 11% 4.85% 3.70% 28.30% 5.18% Percentage of population ABC.com CareerBuilder.com Monster.com MySpace.com NFL.com TicketMaster.com Yahoo.com Youtube.com
  35. 35. Next Step!  Implement marketing and advertising strategy  Evaluate advertising awareness and general public perceptions  Change strategy to meet the new information from the evaluation
  36. 36. Executive Summary  Mission Statement  Situation/SWOT analysis  Objectives  Marketing Strategy  Target Market Strategy  Marketing Mix  Product  Promotion  Price  Distribution  Implementation/Control/Evaluation
  37. 37. Works Cited  Simmons OneView  Global Advisors Smokefree Policy (GASP)  FDA  ABISC databases  Scientific databases  John Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health  Various articles from newspapers and magazines  Personal Observations/Surveys