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Bulk sms used in car rental business

Bulk SMS Used in Car Rental Business. Bulk SMS service in car, Texi and bike rental services.

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Bulk sms used in car rental business

  1. 1. Bulk SMS Used in Car Rental Business Few car rental businesses use Bulk SMS Service to send remainder SMS. This is very easy way to inform user to return back time so they won’t be late. Even in some tourist place few provide bye cycle for rides and cycle rides get SMS just few minutes before their return time. These car and bike rentals businesses are trying to make things easy so it will help them even to promote their business. Car and bike rental industry is experiencing many changesit’s turning more digital with help GPS and with other mobile device. Devices Used: GSM Modem GPS Receiver GeoFence Data Transmission Computed Odometer reading With help of this device vehicle owner get a SMS of car location and few other details. Security and service plays important factor is this business model. Business owner tend to take service as a backup and track vehicle. Pre-Paid Taxi use SMS to send pick up pint & timings details for booking conformation and traffic details through SMS. Increase in Mobile phone user helps such business to contact or track right person at any point of time. Get more details on http://kapsystem.com/bulksms/index7.htm Need Demo click on http://kapsystem.com/freedemo7.php For further assistance mail to info@kapsystem.com or call on +91 97380 10000