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Praedor english2017

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English-language presentation slides about the biggest Finnish fantasy franchise, Praedor.

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Praedor english2017

  1. 1. PRAEDOR Praedor The Biggest Finnish FANTASY FRANCHISE
  2. 2. Praedor FAMILY PORTRAIT • The Ferron Comics • The Roleplaying Game • The Old Dog Arc • Falac Brightfeather Arc • Hills of Vengeance Arc • Short Story collections • 12 publications by now • 5 more in the pipeline
  3. 3. Praedor The authors Jaakko Alamikkula Erkka Leppänen Petri Hiltunen Ville Vuorela • The current authors • An all-Finnish cast of Old Geeks • Short story anthologies include dozens more • …a bit of a viking ship…
  4. 4. Praedor The evolution of PRAEDOR •In the beginning, very pulpy fantasy •No coherent setting •King’s Children was a turning point •Lion and Butterfly was another •And the RPG opened the floodgates •Social issues, sexual taboos, politics •Fantasy adventures for a mature reader •And I am proud!
  5. 5. Praedor Setting 1: Jaconia •A round patch of habitable land •Roughly 2000 kilometres across •13 ancient city-states •Monarchs, conflicts and conspiracies •Renaissance Italy meets Imperial China •Wild borderlands and barbarian tribes •Devastated regions •Extremely long history – Untold millennia under the Sorcerer Kings – Merely five centuries of mortal rule
  6. 6. Praedor Setting 2: Borvaria •Ancient beyond history •Vast beyond reckoning •A civilization built on magic and science… •…until the worlds collapsed on each other •Cursed Lands •A world of Ruins •Monsters, ghosts and wild magic •Treasures of an ancient civilization •The roots of Jaconia, like it or not •Nobody knows what lies beyond Borvaria – Pilgrims and nihilists
  7. 7. Praedor Praedor genre guide •Good and evil are nearly always relative •No saving the world •No elves, dwarves and so on •Monsters rarely rooted in our mythology – Although almost any old beastie can be ”praedorized” •Gods and religions truly a matter of faith •NOT the same old European Middle Ages! •Magic is real, sorcerers are weird and unrelatable •Pulp fantasy with a conscience •Realistic within the bounds of its genre •Entertainingly violent at times
  8. 8. Praedor WHAT ARE PRAEDORS •Professional adventurers – What would it really mean? •A caste set outside the ordered society •Privileges and oppression •Social climbing, or a way to escape? •Valiant heroes? •Honorless tomb robbers? •(Anti)heroes of many sad ballads • Italo westerns, Roadside Picnic and ”stalkers”
  9. 9. Praedor In the beginning… •Summer, petrol station and Petri •Anti-Hyborian fantasy world •Is that Latin?  •Conan magazine •Magus magazine • The King’s Children (1998) • Dead God’s Servant (2001) • Mark of Vengeance (2002) • Great Wolf of the Sky (2016)
  10. 10. Praedor Praedor: THE RPG • Conan-magazine and ”Love in the Air” • Burger Games • Ropecon 1998 • Comics vs. roleplaying games? • Christmas miracle 8.12.2000! • The Long Boil (Stalker RPG) • The Book of Secrets (2016) • Gamemaster’s Screen (2016) • The Cursed Book (2017) • Adventure Cards (2017)
  11. 11. Praedor Written fiction • Old Dog (2004) • Travellers of the Cursed Lands (2014) • Knight of the Cursed Lands (2016) • Snake Dancer (2016) • Hills of Vengeance (2017) – The world is growing – Canon is being debated – Praedor-franchise controllers: Petri, Ville ja Erkka – Petri has the last word
  12. 12. Praedor Now and tomorrow •Tell us if you want to do Praedor stuff! •More books and authors in the pipeline •Merchandise, music, short films •At one more supplement for the RPG •…and some duds… •WWW.PRAEDOR.NET •WWW.BURGERGAMES.COM •ville@burgergames.com
  13. 13. Praedor Any questions?